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Default mk ultra

he was taught as a child to manipulate the imagination, cognitive thought, and feelings to the point that it scares you. he can mimic the feeling of pain; for instance make you feel like you are being cut down the leg, arm, or body even feel like you have a bruise. in fact because im writing this he is threatening to do this.
he gives you your dreams, in which you are in a suggestive state. you believe what is happening is real no matter how bizarre a bad dream can effect your mood a bad dream will give you a bad day and vice verse.
he scares me with my imagination so i talk about it....he doesn't like that i talk about it so he scares me with my imagination....so i talk about it. its a vicious cycle....he just doesn't learn.he let me know it was the mk ultra-project monarch then told me he was not supposed to tell me that.
he can mimic all of your sences . he is able to let you feel objects that arent really there. like i can feel velvet. or wind that isnt there.let me smell anything he wishes. hear and see also. i will only post what he can do when he uses it against me!so, me posting this means he messed with my head again. he knows what will get me to stop talking about it. but he can erase short term memories. he might be able to erase long term memories too but idk. once again im letting him know this is his fault im writing this.he can alter your perception of reality. for instance he can warp the objects you see around you like make them look bubbly. all objects or just the one
they have ability to control your body in precise movements I.E. make you talk, walk and, even go limp . to make you think you are bipolar.
they all gain access through extremely low frequencies, probably emitted out of a satellite. im not sure what there plans are probably to spy on our own citizens. and there are a countless number of victims both in the military and not in the millitary, most of the ones that are not think they are schitzofranic.he has the ability to move my voice box. heighten my metabolism andcreate the sensation to hav to go to the bathroomthey have the ability to trick you in to thinking anything if you not careful. most just think they are schizophrenic, but there are those that think there are aliens they are talking to, or they themselves are aliens. anything you can imagine they can trick you into thinking, so if your hearing voices do not listen to what they say just know it is the government.
he can prevent me from thinking and make it difficult to think.once again i only post when he is an ass and uses my imagination against me!
he can give the sensation of coldness, heat, and numbness! he wants me to stop typing these but he has to stop first.
im not sure what the reason "they" have for seeing/hearing out of the eyes and ears of the citizens, but they can turn a person into a super soldier. i have not been told this but im sure it can be done.
they can completely paralyze you or just ine part of your body. focus/unfocus your eyes, and make you throw up on command
they can control your breathing too.
they can mimic the sound of your heartbeat to make you think it is speeding up.
he can even shift the objects in the room to look like something else. using there imagination
he cann give the sensation of heat and cold all or any part of the body.
he can actually make it feel like you are being burned or frozen
he can make it feel like there are needles poking into me.
with some of these abilities combined he create a person you can see hear and feel

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Default Re: mk ultra

he can create his own dream inside your head using your imagination and prevent you from waking up its like a coma state in wich you cant move or feel anything from the outside world. he made to where if i move my body it just moves in the dream. while your dreaming it is difficult to tell if your in a dream or not and you are in a very suggestive state.
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