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Old 04-20-2014, 04:46 PM
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Default 13 woes to Scottish Independence

13 woes to Scottish Independence

You are voting for the Calculated-Deranged False Jews who control the Criminal Freemasons (lots of branches) who all worship the false god satan/lucifer.

Now, before you shoot the Messenger, know your enemy. You are heading towards a false jewish government. They are not Scottish. I love the Welsh, the Irish and the English, I just hate your ignorance of TRUTH. It is the false jewish, false german royals and their satanic secret societies who own and control the TV, Newspapers and Radio (brainwashing you).

They have been systematically messing with your head, food, beliefs and reality, etc. They have the "PC" brigade (politically correct) who have been toying with (and manipulating) your weekly structure. YOU will pay your (forced) BBC licence and you must put your wheelie bin out on a Tuesday or we will give you a criminal record and take your children into Pedophile Cyril Smith's (aka the masonic pedo ring) care.

You just don't get it, do you. Now, take this on board very slowly. The price of everything is calculated/fixed (Everything). I will tell you again, it is over (for the satan/luci lovers). Only the True God of the Beautiful Bible can save you. Now I hear and see you scoff and mock me. Jesus is knocking on your door, but you can't be bothered. How dare this Jesus try to save me? especially when I am near the tickly bit (drugs, money or sex) me me me and of course, more of me.

Modern man has developed two brains, unfortunately his Penis brain (also his agent) is in control.

This happened. I was having a conversation with someone close to me. I mentioned that many thousands of people world-wide are dying due to starvation or thirst. This person? replied "Do you know what Joe? I could not give a fuck about these people, I am only interested in me and my family".

If you as a person do not think or ask questions as to why you are here, then what purpose do you serve?. The educated criminal elite will seek you out. You are a useless-selfish eater but they can (and will) use you as a puppet in their secret societies.

Satanic Scottish Independence will affect the whole world because Scotland is the spiritual home of criminal freemasonry. Fight legally to open closed doors for the criminal puppet-masons will get to count the votes. You do not have to be a Christian to fight for your future. You only have to fight for what is right. Do nothing and the satanic false royal jews win.

Before you vote, checkout who wants your vote…..







This report brought to you today on Easter Sunday 20th April 2014 by joseph stirling christie (no upper case, research Admiralty Law). Love, Peace and FR33DOM (from evil).

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