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Old 06-22-2009, 12:07 PM
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Default An Explanation for Everything

The world is becoming ever more weird. Statistics show clearly that strange events are becoming more common. Of course, some cold be from people seeking attention in an increasingly ignorant world, but this does not explain the scale.

Events listed on sites such as this include:-

- Doomsday 2012
- Illuminatti and the New World Order
- Population control
- Global wraming
- Aliens founding ancient civilisations
- Alien Abduction

Yet no-one seems to consider that these might be linked ourright, driven by a central cause.

Also, in any crime, one considers "MEANS, MOTIVE AND OPPORTUNITY".

People always conclude that everyone will be driven by the same motive as themselves in their own uninformed life and so only conside the means and opportunity of matters.

Try asking WHY and one receives a frightening result. I have been in denial for a bout a year or more as to the consequences of this.


Why would aliens found civilisations across the world?
Why would the no-one ever break ranks with the NWO to have their faces splashed in the newspapers and make a quick buck?
Why would aliens abduct people?
Why did the Mayans go to such length to develop the calendar, yet never invented the wheel which would have been of so much more use to them?
If the aliens are so keen to help us, why are there ancient records of aliens crashing on earth, yet swiftly mending their craft and leaving as quickly as possible?
Why would illuninatti folk worship strange symbols and the Owl?

Try taking things at face value for once.


Before even knowing of the earth, what is the one key fact that any alien lifeform would know as a certainty about our history? What is a certainty?


This is an absolute certainty. At sometime in the next few trillion years, the sun will nova and fry the world. Its a bot a one in a 4 trillion chance each day will be the last, yet, even with the slightest of improvements on technology in the near future, it should be possible to identify when this will occur - such events give tell tale signs, such as an exponential growth in neutrino emissions in the hours before. So just supposing the day the sun is due to denoate was 21st December 2012...

Any aliens with any form of wold be able to know this. Seeing that we are intelliegent, but still "swinging from the trees", their message to us is not some high brow environmental one, but more simple..."get off your fat a**, your out of time, get on with it." So they set up basic civilisations 6000 years ago to accelerate things up.

The Illuminatti are close to the ancient religions in which the Sun features prominently. This is explained as it is important for life, yet in the midst of the Egyptian desert, would not rain be as important? Everywhere, rain is a minor deity... why?

Consider the symbols of the Illuminatti...
SUNBURST - Literally true
ALL SEEING EYE - IN a Nova, there is no hiding from it.

Has no-one considered the quite genuine possibility that in the phrase...


Novus cold be a NOUN and not an adjective? Novus being the male version of NOVA.

The Illuminatti worship the owl as giving them protection. WHY? What does the Owl represent? Death is usually stated, but what else is it so obviously connected to? NIGHT And what icold night give protection from...what is the one thing not there at night? THE SUN. If a Nova occurs, we do not all die at once. Everyone during day dies instantly, and on the night side, a several mile high wall of fire would travel across the globe at near the speed of sound, BUT it wold give those at night , a few hours to act.

Are these really abductions... or just evacuations for the fortunate few?

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