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Old 01-01-2009, 11:28 PM
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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
what is your view on the bridge he and others are trying to build between the abrahamic religions and the eastern religions??? I'm incredibly frustatrated by this and once saw a woman on youtube who claimed that Krishna was a spin off of horus (which I think is bullshit according to my research) and said that the information wasn't on wikipedia but you had to do 'real' research on location for that shit. So I'm basicaly stuck right here it is very importart for the truth movement to understand the importance of a connection between the abrahamic religions and hinduism since it could almost make or break the entire thesis that all religions are spin offs of horus. If we all concentrate on that and get the truth out we are a step further wouldnn't you agree?
Well, I know "horus" as an entity in Egyptian mythology. I've read about Egyptian mythology casually but am not an expert. Ancient Romans were interested in "Eastern" religions much as westerners nowadays. Somehow the "east" or "Egypt" seemed to offer mysteries that offered answers to mysteries. What do we know of Hinduism? It began many, many centuries ago and currently does not seem to be inspiring a particularly progressive, humane culture. Yes it has some entertaining and spiritual aspects for individuals, but people who think every ill is "karma" will never achieve a society based on seeking justice. How can it? Same with Islam. It was a progressive faith 1500 years ago. Now?

Indeed, neither does Christianity inspire culture as a whole. We are not producing any Michaelangelos or Da Vinicis or Augustines or St. Theresa's. The errors of Dan Brown's pop-culture read are too numerous for comment. He knows what people want to hear and he wrote it down.
Buddhism is neutral if anything. All religions are failing in their primal goal of reanimating the soul and inspiring the minds in a collective, constructive way. The religions aren't wrong, but they began at a time when people were in an earlier stage of evolution. I'm talking only recorded history--perhaps 8,000 years or so. Civilizations have arisen and fallen long before recorded history.
My belief about religions is that religions are evolutionary and the prophets who found them are like channels for the divine word. If they are for real, their teachings will endure. If not, their teachings will never take. Fanaticism and remaining stuck in the past is the great enemy of religion, of humanity and of progress. If religion is the cause of strife and enmity, it is better not have it.
OTOH, I do believe that people need to have spiritual beliefs and guidance, and common beliefs around which they can unite. That is what creates civilization. Science and religion are the wings of a bird--both are necessary. Anyway, Maxwell's take on religion, as on so many aspects of life, is absurdly negative. Evil people have used religion, but Stalin and Pol Pot managed to be quite evil without religion.
I must say--the illuminati and weird factions of Masons are alive and well. I know they infiltrate religions to undermine them by commiting evil deeds. Who is more discouraging and demoralizing than a clergyman or inspirational speaker who turns out to be a child molestor, which seems to be the prime crime of our day. I know of a respected religious speaker who was murdered years ago. Later on I found out that the murder had hallmarks of a kind of rogue masonic execution. Some people were aware he was a homosexual child molestor yet felt powerless to do anything because how to prove it? How could any sane human be such a hypocrite? Perhaps he wasn't sane.
Or perhaps he was. My take is that he was a sort of undercover infiltrator instructed to earn his degrees. Rogue masons/illuminati hate religion and this is how they make their grades--by infilitrating, undermining, destroying. It is not enough for them to go their own atheistic way--they must destroy it for everybody. The worst thing about clubs, religions, oranizations, etc., is secrecy.
So the illuminati is at work, they do evil things, they may be members of a religion. But if the religion survives and inspires a significant number of people then it has something good to offer.
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