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Default Hello

I guess I should introduce myself here.

Anyways, I'm NHY and I am from the little seemingly forgotten nation of Ireland. ( I have to reason to believe that it will turned into a garden by the NWO if they succeed, something that apparently the Colonial British and the Nazis wanted to do ) So what brought me here? Well, if your talking about a website, I followed a link from Save The Male.

I always find myself questioning everything. I seemed to know instinctively that well, something is seriously wrong with modern society. Actually, what got me more interested in looking into the whole NWO thing was reading a load of Anti - Feminism blogs that are around the Internet, one of them included a link to save the males which led to here.

To me, some of the information going around on such sites like this are just well... head - spinning! I can't really spend to long reading such material as it leads to to think that well....everything I've seen, heard, read, studied and even eaten is potential brainwashing material!

Needless to say, I still support most of the ideals that are presented to me in regards to the NWO and whatnot.

A problem I've found with people over here in Ireland is that because most of the sites I go to are American, they cite things like feminism and the NWO as . an American problem ' but if they succeed, it isn't going to effect just America!

Another problem is that many people think that people who support anti - NWO are crazy nutjobs! Certainly, a video I saw recently about what every anti NWO activist should know in which the guy talking tells us that by eating processed meat, we're eating Satanic Ritual, something that would immediately cause most people ( nearly even me, admittedly ) to dismiss the guy as a nutcase!

Wow, I went on for much longer than expected! Thats just some of my ideas and philosophies I bring here. I don't I'll be a regular here but I'll still check in here every now and again.

Anyways, later everyone.


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