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Old 08-29-2009, 05:09 PM
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Smile The Background Of Paneurhythmy


From the preoccupation of today we can recognize certain indications which present the tendencies and directions for the future development of humankind. We must be very mindful in order to distinguish the characteristics of the driving forces of the epoch among all the variables today. These indications are only signs, but from them, the far-sighted person can determine which processes are penetrating the depth of society and foresee the coming future. Such an indication is the Paneurhythmy [Not to be confused with Eurhythmy of Rudolf Steiner].

Before discussing the background of Paneurhythmy, an explanation of the word itself is useful. Etymologically, "Paneurhythmy" is derived from three roots:

Pan - meaning whole; universal and cosmic.
Eu - meaning true or supreme; the essential and substantial in the world.
Rhythmy - meaning correctness in the movements and in every other external expression in life. The prefix "pan" denotes that this is the expression of a rhythm present in the whole of nature and underlying the whole of creation. According to this etymological derivation, Paneurhythmy can be translated as "Supreme Cosmic Rhythm."

Let's talk about the background and principles of Paneurhythmy. It is a harmonious creative Manifestation of the Divine Origination within the whole cosmos.

At the beautiful sacred hour when all of nature is filled with joy for the sunrise, the living circle of Paneurhythmy is formed. Early in the morning, amid flowers and trees in bloom the rhythmic movements start. Who are these people who are forming the living circle of Paneurhythmy? These are the ones who strive to enter a world of poetry, freedom and creativity.

The following seven principles underlie the Paneurhythmy:

1. The Law of Supreme Intelligence
This states that everything is infused with Mind and supreme Intelligence. Everything in the world is manifestation of supreme Intelligence.

2. The Principle of Correspondence
This principle can be explained as the existence of correspondence or analogy among all things. In hermetic philosophy there is a saying, "As it is above, so it is below." For instance, there is an relationship between idea, tone, form, movement, color and number. There are correspondences among the chemical elements in the periodic table, among the colors of light and between natural processes such as: birth and death, the ebb and flow of the tides, the changes of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the inner life of man.

3. The Principle of Vibration or Movement
Everything moves, everything vibrates. Nothing is absolutely still These are facts confirmed by contemporary science. The vibrations of matter, energy, mind, even of the spirit are at different frequencies which increase as they move from matter towards the spirit. There is a multitude of types and levels of vibrations according to their frequencies. Natural phenomena can be investigated from the perspective of vibration as well as by other methods. For instance, one can study the vibration of light, sound, electricity, magnetism, the vibration of matter in its different states, in various organisms.

4. The Principle of Polarity
Everything in nature is dual and polarized. Duality is a basic Universal Law. For instance, there exist masculine and feminine principles in nature and positive and negative electricity. The earth, the human body, plants, eggs, crystals, etc. all have two poles; they are polarized.

5. The Law of Rhythm
Another Universal Law in nature is rhythm or periodicity. Everything in nature is rhythmic. For instance, there is a rhythm in the vibration of light, in the changes of the seasons, in the ebb and flow of the tides. There is also rhythm in the movements of the earth: the terrestrial axis makes fine little vibrations which form a whole circle around the poles for 25,000 years. Periodicity exists in the movements of the comets, in human life, in human history, etc.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
Everything in the world has a rational cause. Sometimes we think that the cause is irrational, but there is always a rational cause behind it .

7. The Law of Unity or Relatedness
All things in nature are similar and related to each other on the basis of unity. For instance, although the chemical elements seem very different at first, they are all based on electrons and condensed ether. All elements in reality are only different combinations of the same electrons. The relationship is more obvious with things in close connection to one another, but with those further apart, the connection simply lies deeper.

From the second principle, the "principle of correspondence," it follows that there is an interrelationship between tone and movement. From this special perspective, isn't tone a specific motion? The deep insight to this relationship is implanted in every human being by Nature. If he follows Nature's impulses, he will find the correct combination of words with music and movements for himself. A person with a developed sense of rhythm and tone will unconsciously move his arm or leg while listening to music. Some children who have a sense for rhythm, tone and grace will start to make movements in harmony with the words and music when listening to songs. They might be young - three to four years old - but intuitively they recognize the relationship between music and movement. In such moments, the universal forces and Laws which underlie all Creation are manifesting through these children.

Let a person try to transform any song by movement, and he will see what an enormous impact it will have on him. Then the words and tones are enlivened and obtain new life. They start to reveal to him a deep hidden meaning, a new content, which he did not suspect. He recognizes the hidden potential power in the words and music. He, himself, changes and transforms. Words, tones and movements, when combined, have a miraculous effect on his body, thoughts, emotions and will. They deeply influence his core essence and activate all his forces physical and spiritual. In such moments, he starts to better understand himself, other people, and the world around him. Every form in nature star, stone, grass, flower, insect, human being - everything starts to talk to him and reveal its hidden higher meaning.

The movements of Paneurhythmy are taken from Nature, itself. Only those movements that are taken from Nature are powerful, strong and rejuvenating. The Laws of the paneurhythmic movements are written in the whole cosmos. These movements are based on the deep knowledge of the forces behind the human organism and the whole of Creation.

The combination of the paneurhythmic movements with music, words and ideas is not coincidental, but based upon the second principle, the principle of correspondence." In these movements there is a strict, Law-governed relationship between the ideas and the music. Paneurhythmy is based on the Law of interrelationship between idea, word, music and movement. That is why we experience the rejuvenating effect of the movements only when they correspond exactly to words and music.

Paneurhythmy exists in the whole of nature. The earth is orbiting the sun at 29 km per second. The entire solar system moves towards certain constellations. The earth and other planets, the sun and the other celestial bodies move according to the paneurhythmic Laws. The earth has more than 10 different movements. If we imagine them as combined together, the result would be a beautiful form of motion. This fact is reflected by life on the earth and manifests in all forms and processes around us. For instance, in the upward spiraling of the plant shoots, one can see a reflection of the spiral cosmic path of the earth. There is Harmony and Rhythm in the whole of Creation. The whole cosmos is permeated by music and movement which form a unified whole. This is Paneurhythmy. During the movements of the celestial bodies, a harmony of the spheres takes place, a music which permeates the whole universe.

The light is also Paneurhythmy, because it contains motion, rhythm and music. It is proven in physics that the light from the sun pulsates, i.e. it possesses a rhythm similar to that of the human heart. As the heart rhythmically pulsates blood through the whole body, so the intensity of the solar light also pulsates. The motion of the etheric light-waves is Paneurhythmy. The red, orange, yellow and other rays of the solar light have specific motions - their own music - which, when combined, create that great Harmony that permeates the whole universe.

The mechanical investigation of phenomena does not yet include data on Paneurhythmy. It possesses only facts which cannot be used in such a way as to substantiate Paneurhythmy. For instance, the mechanical method does not understand how the body should move with a certain song, which movement corresponds to which tone, word and idea. A more profound Science with a different approach studies the Laws of this correspondence. In the movements of Paneurhythmy, the arms, legs and head - the body as a whole - take part in movements and postures corresponding to the words and tones. In Paneurhythmy, all different geometric lines straight, curved, wave-like and mixed - come into motion. The movements are strong, soft and bright. In the soft movements, the curved lines predominate; in the strong - the straight lines; whereas the bright and glorious movements are a combination of both. There are movements of electricity and magnetism, of cold and warm currents.

There are three types of movements: mechanical, organic and mental. Mechanical movements are those in which the supreme Intelligence works outwardly, not inwardly; organic movements are those in which the inner self participates, but not as a clear consciousness; and movements of the mind are those which are connected with a specific idea.

In Paneurhythmy, there are no superfluous movements, i.e. movements which are not mindful or with no positive effect. Its movements are the most economical, because they are the most expedient and give the best results. In Paneurhythmy, every line of movement strictly corresponds to certain forces in the human organism and consciousness and awakens them towards creativity and action. In this way, Paneurhythmy acts as a stimulus that activates the physical and spiritual forces in man. Therefore, one can say that Paneurhythmy is a Science which regulates the physical, spiritual and mental processes in man. It can be referred to as the Science of harmonious movements and their interrelationship with human thoughts and emotions.

During Paneurhythmy, one needs to think, feel and move at the same time. If the thoughts and emotions of a person are not present and do not relate and participate with the movements, then the movements are mechanical only and will not have that powerful, revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on his body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

The following universal cosmic Law is true: there exists one Rhythm of the Whole, one pulse of Life of the cosmic organism. Man is a part of that Whole. He is like a cog - like a small wheel - in the great edifice of the Whole. The Rhythm, the pulse of the Whole, is transmitting and flowing through all his parts. For instance, the heart beat is not arbitrary, but connected with the solar life, and there exists a correlation between the heart and the solar rhythms. When a person is in harmony with the Whole, then everything in his organism works smoothly because the cosmic Rhythm and Pulse flow in his heart, his blood stream, his breathing - in the functions of all his organs - and they work properly. As a result, one is healthy; he creates and builds in life. Then the Rhythm and pulse of Nature are transmitted to him in a way similar to the transmission of the movements of a very complicated mechanism to every small cog or wheel which is a part of it.

One may ask: when is a person in harmony with the Whole, with this cosmic organism, that he may receive its Rhythm and Pulse? It is when one is good, just and conscious - when love is flowing through him - because supreme Intelligence and Love are the universal principles in Nature. They are the wellsprings from which all other creative forces flow. Everything in Nature is Love and supreme Intelligence! When one is in harmony with the Whole, then the Rhythm - the lines of the cosmic Paneurhythmy - flows within and manifests through him.

From this explanation the following Law of Paneurhythmy becomes clear: one can perform the paneurhythmic movements with grace and beauty when one is thinking and acting rightly.

Paneurhythmy energizes man; it organizes and harmonizes his inner forces, coordinating and directing them towards the mindful life. Therefore, it can be said that Paneurhythmy is a method for self-development and the education of all conscious being. Paneurhythmy is the supreme Law which should be applied to the selfdevelopment and in the education of individuals and society.

In the ancient esoteric schools, the songs were accompanied by movements. In these schools, it was known that a powerful force could be awakened by the combination of words, music and movement. The chanting of certain sublime sentences has been accompanied by songs with special movements, and this had an enormous effect on the performer as well. In the ancient mystical schools, Paneurhythmy has been used as a method of spiritual growth for all students. They learned through the rhythmic movements which correspond to specific ideas and were combined with singing.

The esoteric schools exist not only on earth but on all planets. The sojourners on the planets and the Sun perform Paneurhythmy. Nature is not a dead mechanism. Everywhere there is life. Intelligent Beings inhabit the whole cosmos.

Regardless of whether or not we are cognizant, around us exists a World of Beings of supreme Intelligence. We are surrounded by their thoughts, power and life. We need to be conscious of this. Some of them have finished their evolution long ago; some are finishing it now. Humankind traces the higher path mapped out and traveled by them. Humankind follows them on their beautiful path of progress and enlightenment. Now it is the human race's turn on the great ladder of evolution. These Beings of supreme Intelligence are workers and servants in the great laboratory of Nature. It is they who are the intelligent forces working in the universal World where great Harmony, supreme Beauty, extraordinary Order, Exactness and supreme Intelligence reign. We need to connect with their World in order that they may transmit their ideas and impulses, their power and light. And when we obtain inspiration, enlightenment, illumination and flashes of higher ideas, we are receiving gifts from their World. In such moments, we have accepted some of their higher thoughts and ideas.

It is especially through Paneurhythmy that we have started to become receptive to the Higher World. We know that it is only when the radio receiver's antenna is attuned with the radio transmitter that it receives thoughts or music sent through the ether. Through the harmonious movements of Paneurhythmy, we become capable of perceiving the thoughts of Evolved Beings and we come into contact with a World of Supreme Intelligence. Radio is a device and a condition for sharing among nations. In the same way, Paneurhythmy is a condition for receiving the thoughts of these Souls of genius.

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