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Old 10-04-2008, 12:57 AM
summerops77 summerops77 is offline
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Default SuperTools for Forum Users...

A couple years ago I became frustrated with the length of time it took me to accomplish repetitive tasks that I was conducting on the computer.

Here are some tools that I have found indispensable

1. MB-Ruler - MB-Ruler - the triangular screen ruler
- An on line measuring ruler. However it comes with a free screen razor which can take immediate partial screen crop shots of anything on your desktop.

In the above photo I used the razor icon, to take a snapshot of a portion of my desktop (the razor icon)...

But you can take a snapshot of anything really...

Get the idea? - Pretty handy for free software... Especially for those 'disappearing news articles' when your local media accidentally wrote the truth and is madly dashing to remove it from public view...

2. AutoHotKeys - AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText

AutoHotKeys is a super powerful handy keyboard / mouse accelerator. For example if you create the following script:


;Here we want to handle some common web addresses
Input, OutputVar, L1
if OutputVar = i
send images.google.com{enter}
if OutputVar = g
send www.gmail.com{enter}
If OutputVar = y
send groups.yahoo.com{enter}
if OutputVar = h
send http://www.hotmail.com/{enter}
if OutputVar = t
send http://www.youtube.com{enter}

And run it - if you hit Win+W then one of the keys above - it will automatically type the corresponding address for you. So for instance you want to quickly get to youtube but don't want to click on bookmarks or type it in - you simply click inside the browser address box, and hit Win+W then press y - and it types it out for you and presses enter.

You can get it to do SCADS of stuff...

;Here we want to handle a script to do different logins for us...
Input, OutputVar, L1
if OutputVar = h
send bob@hotmail.com{tab}mypassword{Enter}

In the following code snippet instead of manually logging into my email account, I simply 'accelerate' the function by pressing WIN+L and then hitting h - which will type in my email address, hit tab for the next entry box, and then enter my password. You can easily combine these scripts into ever more powerful functions...

AppendString = AlexJones
Send {altdown}f{altup}
sleep, 200
Send m
sleep, 200
Send, {ctrldown}c{ctrlup}{del}
sleep, 50
WorkString = %clipboard%
Length := StrLen(WorkString)
StringMid, Month, WorkString, 1, 2
StringMid, Day, WorkString, 3,2
StringMid, Year, WorkString, 5,2
StringMid, Hour, WorkString, 7,1
if Length = 10
OutputString = 20%Year%-%Month%-%Day%%AppendString%.mp3
if Length = 11
OutputString = 20%Year%-%Month%-%Day%-0%Hour%%AppendString%.mp3
clipboard = %OutputString%
Send {ctrldown}v{ctrlup}{enter}
send {down}
sleep, 200

The above code snippet will automatically rename a GCN MP3 File from the mindless 030407.mp3 naming convention to a much more useful file format such as : AlexJones2003-04-07.mp3. Simply highlight the file name and activate this code snippet with a Win+V

MouseGetPos, x, y
MouseClick, right,
Sleep, 100
IfWinNotActive, Enter name of file to save to…, , WinActivate, Enter name of file to save to…,
WinWaitActive, Enter name of file to save to…,
MouseClick, left, 522, 367
MouseMove x,y

This code snippet will automatically download whatever file is under the mouse cursor. So if you are downloading lots of GCN files, you do the first one manually to set Firefox to the right download directory, then the rest you simply hit WIN+D thats it!

3. Virtual Dimension Virtual Dimension

Virtual Dimension is extremely handy for those who have TOO MUCH STUFF on there desktops as in open applications, etc. It automatically allows the user to have multiple desktops, which again can be set to accelerator keys. Mine is set to have 10 desktops, all activated with a WIN+1, WIN+2 accelerator. Each desktop background can be customized...

In the above example I have made a custom background for my desktop 1, and assigned it a particular usage. For those trying to surf the web, edit a video file, check email, do a spreadsheet - you can assign each task its own desktop, which organizes your activities, and once you have your own 'system' you can become highly organized.

4. Ditto Clipboard Manager Ditto, Clipboard Extension (Almost there - not quite)

Ditto Clipboard Manager is 'almost there' allowing the user to review multiple items in their clipboard (instead of a single item per Ctrl-C). The own 'weak' point is it does not let you preview images inside of it, and then save them later - this would be the ultimate 'feature' If anyone knows of a software that is opensource or freeware that can do this let me know.

5. TrueCrypt TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux (super Crazy High Free Encryption)

Don't like a police state reading your email? Save it inside a True Crypt encrypted volume. With 768-Bit Encryption and the ability to compile it from the source code if you like (proving authenticity of code and no 'back doors') it makes for a incredibly powerful and handy privacy tool. Make encrypted volumes that are 500GB if you prefer (although I wouldn't hard to back up...)

Please copy this infomation freely and send everywhere. An informed public is a empowered public. A knowledgable public is a discerning and critical thinking public.

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