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Old 03-09-2005, 10:05 AM
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Default The New World disOrder

What a demonstration! And what a speech!! It is the first time I see
the "Official American and Israeli establishment"... name by name...
including Bush, take such a public whipping live and on air
in the entire Arab world....and we were all watching and listening
to every word! No wonder Western Media didn't DARE broadcast
what Nasrallah said to Bush and Israel, to the Lebanese opposition
and the rest of the world!! What a day today was!!
Cherifa Sirry - 8 March, Cairo

MIDDLEEAST.ORG - MER Editorial - Washington - 9 March: Yesterday's unprecedented massive demonstration in Lebanon was a real sign of the times. And even as the masses were demonstrating against U.S. and Israeli policies and designs, the American President back home was again loudly demanding compliance with his policies and declaring once again from his superpower pulpit "All free nations must stand with the forces of democracy and justice that have begun to transform the Middle East" -- as if he has any idea what the Middle East is, what its complex history is all about, or how much his country and he personally are hated and despised 'over there' and in so many other places as well.

The 'New World Order' of George Bush the First has degenerated badly into the NEW WORLD DISORDER of George Bush the Second.

The GW1 Administration prided itself with comparative nuance and political flexibility -- cautious pragmatism they called it -- but even so it set the wheels in motion to attempt to create in tandem with Israel a Pax Americana New World Order in the Middle East and beyond.

The GW2 Administration is characterized by ideological rigidity, crusading zealotry, and obsessive militantancy and lawlessness -- qualities of course befitting it's double-headed Jewish Zionist Neocon and Christian Fundamentalist hard-core.

Israeli ideology, Mossad operatives, and geo-strategic fingers are all over GW2 policies including the current full-court press to pry Syria and Lebanon apart, isolate Iran, and so weaken the key regimes in Damascus and Tehran that they will fear too much to seriously oppose the rest of the broad-brush American redesign of the Middle East now underway.

At the heart of what is going on is not democracy and freedom for the peoples of the region; those are the rhetorical smiling masks Bush continually wears and beneath which lurk the far more sinister realities.

In addition to further weakening and isolating Syria and Iran and keeping the entire region divided and without the means to block the American advance, the London Conference last week highlighted once again the crucial ongoing importance of the 'Palestinian issue'.

For the Israelis one of the major tasks at hand is to try again to force a severely crippled and false Palestinian Statelet down the throat of the Palestinian people -- using the newly enthroned "Palestinian Authority II" regime they are rebuilding again after the stealth assassination of Yasser Arafat who in the end refused to comply with the Empires demands.

As even the major Western politicians are now admitting in public, what has happened in the once Holy Land, sacred to all the religions of the book, has acted as a political poison infecting many far and wide and in fact leading to 9/11 and what has transpired in recent years since.

But more false and deception and imposed 'solutions' for the Palestinians; more invasions by Western armies, intelligence services, and corporations; more crusading zeal to impose foreign designs and 'values' masquerading with simple-minded rhetorical obfuscations repeated ad nauseum; all of this will only produce and spread new poisons leading to even greater bloodshed and mayhem in the years ahead.

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