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Old 09-09-2008, 03:48 AM
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Default I shall tell you the truth of Scripture

As you have heard, there is the Most High God, and he is Holistic. For this is what the old word 'holy' means. No componant part missing. And yet in the church in recent years, I believe that we have failed from manifesting the consciousness of the Holistic God. I do not understand why this should have been such a burdon, but apparantely I'm wrong.

Now I have said some things about how the church has failed to manifest a correct and rectifide consciousness of sacred and holistic sex. This is absolutely astounding to me. I'm serious, it is simply an atrocity. I cannot believe the church is so ignorant about sex when Holistic Scripture has plainly stated in quite explicet terms all of the true Tantric Yoga.

In my opinion, this may be one of the most necessary elements today in healing the world of it's violations and errors against the natural laws of God. I am telling you, and here as a witness, if mankind understood and believed the truth of God, there would be nothing but perfect harmony. I see God as being the Great Composer. The Great Creator. The Great Orchestrator. His motions and flow are perfect harmony. He is music, and energy. He is Xristos the Annointed in Man. He is Glory not because he simply claims it, but because he actually is. And yes, he is perfect Agape.

I am disturbed to no small degree when I see all of this discord on earth. It is uneccessary. It is needless. It is vain. And yet it is the church which holds to some of these false doctrines concerning the nature of love. All I can say is, this is no church of mine.

From what I read from scripture and the sacred doctrines held therein, the conciousness of love is such that when a man marries a woman there love and passion are supposed to spiral upwards to infinity. This is something of a sacred union and a chemical wedding of sorts to where they actually become both lost and found in one another and are tied to the promised land on every plane imaginable being unified with the seven planets held in the hand of Xristos the Annointed.

And yet what do I see in the world and on television and on the internet except discord of love? It is confounding. And I do not understand why. What is it, for greed? And to what purpose is greed? Is it for lust? To what purpose is lust? Especially when one may have rectified desire conbining one with the infinite.

So I suppose I am ignorant. I simply do not and will never comprehend why the Illuminati would want to lock the world in Tyranny. But I know this, there is no logic to it. It is simply their complete misunderstanding of the nature of the universe, freedom, and all other things.

I have become convinced that the Illuminati is actually and truly profoundly deceived. They have been able thusfar to manipulate things which they think they know and do not to their advantage. But, I say this, there is coming an age wherein there is such understanding of God, such enlightenment concerning the freedom and nature of liberation in Christ, such ecstasy of life and joy in the Reality of Truth, that man simply will have no desire to sin whatsoever.

Now we are not in that time as yet, but it is coming. And all should consider well if they will have a part in making that Aeon of Aeons occur.

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