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There is one Master in the world.

There is only one Master who brings real knowledge. He has many manifestations in life, but in essence he is one and the same. If man finds one of the moments of His manifestation, at the same time he will find himself.
It is a law - when you find the only Master, when you find God, you will find yourself as well. When you see God, you will see yourself. To see God and to see yourself - that is the most sacred moment in life. Man lives for that very moment.

Only God can be Master in the world. And when Christ tells His disciples: "One is your Father", he means the Great, the Only Master.

The Master - this is the Father. God becomes a Father and enters into a certain relationship with us according to the law of Wisdom.

Therefore, by Master, in the universal sense of the word we mean the Great Divine Wisdom which brings true knowledge to the world, which introduces all new ideas, all new forms, all new feelings and impulses in life.

Therefore, only one is the Great Master in the world although His manifestations are many.

I have said to you and I say again: there is only one knowledge and only one light. But knowledge does not come from one place only and the light does not pass through only one window.

The paths of knowledge are countless, and the windows of light are innumerable. Everyone who has the mission to make Truth known to men, does not speak of himself. He speaks in the name of the One Master. That is why Christ says: "I came into the world not to do my will, but the will of Him who sent me."

Every real Master, every person Divinely Annointed, is sent on a special mission to earth. According to human laws, which, after all, are a reflection of the laws of the spiritual world, a certain qualification is required of a person who wishes to become a teacher, and it is the same in the spiritual world. Only he who is enlightened and annointed by the Divine Spirit can be a Master. He who is not enlightened by the Divine Spirit does not have the right to teach others, because he will violate the Divine law.

Do not think that the Masters have not learned. They have studied in the schools of the physical, the spiritual and the divine worlds, and have received the revelations of the whole cosmos. They know the inmost laws of Nature, they understand the structure of the world, of man, of his path of evolution and of his great destiny. They understand the strictly defined relationship between man's spirit and his soul, between his mind and his heart. And for this reason, they alone can direct man on his path of evolution.

You might ask: "How can we recognize a Master?"

The recognition of a Master is purely a spiritual process. The Master cannot appear in the physical world as a complete act. Neither can he come as an outer appearance in life. The Master appears as an inner, intelligent manifestation within the man. Therefore, recognition of the Master comes from within the soul of the pupil. Many people perceive certain thoughts through suggestion, and think that this is their Master speaking to them from within. However, there is a great difference between the inner voice of the Master and the suggestion. Suggestion is an act of coercion. The speech of the Master is an act of freedom. And therefore, when the Master speaks from within, the pupil is inspired.

But when the Master speaks from without, through the words of a certain language, his speech has certain definite qualities. The Master uses each word in its right place. He knows why he uses a certain word, and he knows exactly what influence will be derived from its sound.

The concept of a Master is strictly defined in Living Nature.

The Master is he in whom there is no coercion. He is strong, but he uses no coercion. The Master is he in whom there is no falsehood. His exalted wisdom excludes any lie.

The Master is he in whom there is no evil. His goodness eliminates every evil.
If there is coercion, falsehood and evil in a man, he is not a Master, he is a pupil.

This is the simplest characterization of Master and pupil. The presence of the Master is known by the fact that he gives life, light and freedom.

A Master is only he who lives and works by the laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth.

He who does not fully observe these laws is not a Master, he is still a pupil.
The love of the Master is proven; there is no need to test it.

The knowledge of the Master is proven; there is no need to test it.

The purity of the Master it proven; there is no need to test it.

A Master, in the fullest sense of the word, is a perfect men. In him there not a shadow of hesitation, wavering or doubt.

Only a Master can rightly be called a great and powerful man, because his life is reflected in the whole cosmos. And if the life and thought of a man are reflected in the whole cosmos, they are Divine.

Mastership implies a state of higher selfconsciousness. A purely spiritual process must take place between the Master and the pupil. Full consciousness is necessary of the task which they must fulfill. In this case there must be as complete an interchange between Master and pupil as there is between a mother and the child in her womb.

As the human spirit works in the mother's womb in order to construct the body of the child, as it learns during this process, taking part in the work done by the spirit of the mother, thus must Master and pupil work together and with the help of the Divine Spirit construct the pupil's spiritual body, his eternal dwelling.

Therefore, to be a Master means to give birth spiritually.

This is what is meant in the Bible when it is written that a man begot another man. The man must give birth, that is to say, he must be a good Master. And the first thing that a Master must do is unveil for the pupil the spiritual world, which he has not yet seen, as the mother, after bearing the child nine months in her womb, reveals to it the world that is new to it.

Therefore, it becomes plain what a delicate and responsible task it is to be a Master. That is why Christ turned to his disciples with the words: "Do not call yourselves masters." If someone dares, of his own accord, to act as a master and spiritually maims some souls, he will be responsible before the Great Law. The Great Law is kind but also just. All those who impersonate masters are put into jail, and after they endure their punishment, then at last they will take the right path of their evolution. And do you know how many thousands of years are necessary for that?

The Great Law is kind but it is also just!

Shall I remind you of the case of Moses? He studied under the best masters in Egypt. He studied long and completed a certain school. And indeed, the miracles he performed before the Pharaoh reveal that he had some knowledge. But because of one offense - the killing of the Egyptian, something absolutely forbidden to a pupil of the White Brotherhood - he had to go into exile in the desert for forty years in order to atone for his sin. For one murder he had to study and atone for forty years. And only after that did he receive a new initiation.

Reminding you of the grave responsibility that an initiate has for even one mistake, I wish to turn your attention to the very grave responsibility taken by those who impersonate masters and maim the souls of men.

Herein lies the reason for Christ's grave warning to his disciples: "Do not call yourselves masters!"

You may ask me how you might distinguish a real master from an imposter, a master of the White Brotherhood from one of the Black.

The master of the Black Brotherhood does not know the Truth and because of this he pays more attention to outward appearance. He dresses himself in the best of clothes, wears expensive jewelry and rings with diamonds.

He says to his pupils, "You will listen only to me; only in me will you find the truth."

The Master of the White Brotherhood dresses modestly but always cleanly and neatly. He does not wear rings and jewelry. He tells his pupils, "Do not expect great things of me!" In order that the pupil may not be misled, he wants the pupil himself to test the purity of his Master, discover for himself the Master's inner treasures, and see his inner and not his outer, brilliance. Moreover, the Master of the White Brotherhood never restricts his pupils - he gives them full freedom.

The Master of the White Brotherhood, the Master of Truth, conveys three things: freedom to the soul, light to the mind and purity to the heart. The false master brings slavery to the soul, darkness to the mind and corruption to the heart. In order that you may have a full conception of the Masters, I will tell you that there is still another category of Masters - The Great Masters of the Universal Brotherhood - who know the methods of both the white and the black brotherhoods, and regulate their activity.

The coming of a Master to the earth is a wise action of the whole of Living Nature. In order that a Great Master may manifest himself, all intelligent souls must gather in one place. Furthermore on the earth also the necessary conditions for his coming must be prepared.

In order to outline briefly the way in which these conditions are prepared, I will mention this:
Two men of genius must be born in order that a saint may be born - these words are used in the sense given to them by Living Nature. In order that a Great Master may appear - ten saints must be born.

It is plain, then, why the Master, who is a collective unit, reflects the life of the whole cosmos, and why his life is reflected in the whole cosmos.

The Master draws his knowledge and principles out of the great book of Life in which every little stone, every branch and flower, every plant and animal, every human being in short, every living form - represents written words.
When he takes a leaf from a tree and looks at it, he reads where and when and under what conditions that type of plant developed, what kind of men lived then, and what was then the condition of the solar system. He reads also many contemporary events to which that leaf was a witness.

Everything leaves a trace, a mark, on the leaf. The leaves of a tree chronicle everything that happens in its vicinity. They tell what kind of persons passed by, and what their thoughts, wishes, and deeds were.

For a Master there is no inarticulate being in Nature - everything speaks to him in its own language.

Two thousand years ago a rich young man put to Christ the following question: "Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"

"Good Master!" There are no two words in the Bulgarian language that are more full of content, no word more melodious and harmonious than these two words. Much is required from a pupil that he may come to understand their deep meaning.

The word "master" in Bulgarian is flawless in all respects - mathematical, cabalistic and musical.

"Good Master!" These words contain within themselves all Divine blessings. They bring conditions for the realization of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.

They carry within themselves the conditions for realizing all virtues. These words are the key with which to open doors, closed for ages past. They are a magic formula, the strength of which can be tested and proven. Faith is necessary for this!

Two thousand years ago a wealthy young man asked the Great Master, "Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?" But the reply caused him to go away sorrowful, with head bowed.

Lift your heads up now, turn to the Great Master and say, "Good Master, I wish to observe Your Law!"

This is the only way in which you can become pupils of the Great Master and servants of the Living God.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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