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Old 06-04-2005, 01:46 PM
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Default The Feminist Army : Blue Gun-thugs

Criminal gangs in the streets.
Somebody asked Bob about the blue gun thugs. Why is it that Bob is so opposed to gun thugs in blue suits. "Aren't they really good people, good fathers, and all the rest of it?" he asked. "Aren't the (blue gun thugs) just doing a job tough job to protect people?"

That's the fiction they like to pump out, but when they come to your door, beat the crap out of you and destroy your family you get the real picture.

The Mayor of Albuquerque, Marty Chavez, became concerned last year because his city was losing tourists due to blue gun thug violence being repeatedly shown on the reality TV show COPS. Instead of doing something about excessive blue gun thug violence in his city, he stopped allowing COPS to be filmed in Albuquerque. One night in Albuquerque a distraught mother asked the blue gun thugs for help. Her mentally troubled teenage son had been playing with a BB gun (non lethal) and had gone off down the street. She asked the blue gun thugs to help locate him and assist in bringing him to mental counseling. The son had found a church a few blocks down the street and stopped to pray with a women's church group. When he came out of the church he was shot to death, gunned down in the street, murdered by the blue gun thugs. That's what they do. They are trained to kill. The blue gun thugs, of course, called the murder "justifiable." The mother will never have to worry about her son again. She won't be needing any more of their "help."

But Albuquerque is no different at all from any other city. The blue gun thugs everywhere are much the same. In NYC they can shoot an unarmed man in the back 40 times and call it "justified." In LA they surround a drunk and beat him senseless and call it "justified." In small towns or big cities a blue gun thug is the same everywhere. He is a member of an armed gang trained to hurt, kill, and destroy. Government cause of death statistics lump "murder and police" into one category so the public never can learn how many unarmed citizens are callously murdered in the streets by the blue gun thug gangs.

A friend told me that when he was younger he had become a blue gun thug, but had quit because he couldn't stomach the brutality and continual mistreatment of "civilians." He was a good family man like you and me. He quit. The rest of the blue gun thug gang that he couldn't stomach are the ones that Bob is talking about.

"Isn't it just a few bad apples," he asked. "Isn't it just a few bad (gun thugs) making the rest look bad?"

It's not a few bad apples, it's the whole bad system. You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. If a man is a truely good man he wouldn't be working there long. He would get out, like my friend. And the whole thing is probably illegal, unconstitutional, as well. http://www.constitution.org/lrev/roots/cops.htm

It's a amazing how some men can live a double life. A man may be a good father at home, but if his job is that of a blue gun thug, his job is robbing, beating people, hurting families, destroying lives. Even a "routine traffic stop" is armed highway robbery designed primarily to take people's money and fill the budget of the local authority, it pays the gun thugs' salaries. Some call it the "traffic tax." When Bob lived in Seattle the city budget was 1/3 financed by traffic tax. A special "traffic" division of blue gun thugs specialized in tax collection, and all the other blue gun thugs were required to rob one motorist every shift. In most cities they keep these figures secret, but they are not different. There was a time when armed highway robbers were rounded up and hanged by decent people. Now they work for the femernment. People got along fine without them for a million years. Blue gun thug gangs were only invented about a hundred years ago, and every year they get worse. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would all be a lot better off without them.

The rise of blue gun thugs in western civilization mirrors the rise of feminism. They are the feminist army. Their job is to take away the power of husbands and other men, break up families, and enforce feminist state domination.

"Shouldn't we fight back against the parties truly responsible for the wrongs done to us and our children, instead of the blue gun thugs?" he asked.

When you are in a war, you have to kill the private in the other army. It may be that a private or a blue gun thug has no ability to decide who he attacks and kills, he's just following orders, but he is very much the enemy. If he's a conscript you may feel sorry for him, but he's the enemy you have to kill. The blue gun thug gangs are all volunteers. No one should be sorry to see any of their sorry hides rotting in the sun. It would be nice if you could fight all wars by fighting only the enemy generals and political leaders, but no war is ever fought that way. The blue gun thugs are the shock troops of a very violent and very evil feminist war on men. May the all be sent to hell.

[Hoists a glass] Here's to all the dead gun thugs. May there be many more.



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Old 06-05-2005, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: The Feminist Army : Blue Gun-thugs

As far as I'm concerned, the military makes "killing machines" out of our children and not their own!!

Our children do their "dirty work" for them!!

As far as blue thugs, kind of along the same theme!!
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