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Old 03-04-2010, 12:45 AM
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Default Comet Vitani-Saromme is coming- Information you need to know

It's called Vitani- Saromme.
It was discovered on December 9 2009.

It will crash into Earth on January 19 2011 , according to the latest calculations.

Now, here are the things you will see happening in the next weeks:

- A global announcement will be released on March 20 2010.

- Immediately after, a human-made disease will be released to divert the attention of population. Its expected that half the population of the world will perish from this disease.

- All prices will be frozen, as if nothing happened. Water and bread will cost the same of the day before.

- By April 2 2010 the government of all the world's countries will choose ONLY the people in perfect health and with a job, and those people will be asked if they prefer stay with family or to be taken away from their homes to be sent into enormous bunkers where approsimately 1 million people for every single country will live for many years to come.
People with no perfect health, included those wearing eye-glasses will be required to do a IQ test to find out how they are intelligent and a test to find out how they are practical.

- By March 21 you will not be required to attend school and by April 13 you will not be required to attend your job.
All air-water-train travel activities will be required to stop by April 12 2010.
Normal activities on Earth will be stopped by April 13 2010.

- By April 14 2010 only government and military vehicles and pullman that chosen people will take to go to the bunkers will be allowed to travel onto the world's streets.

- Every kind of man-made disease will be than released on Earth by government to annihilate the remaining people.
You will be saved by those diseases if you stay home.
People walking on the streets will likely catch those diseases and die.
People from the bunkers will be free to walk again out of them by July 2012.

- For people in the bunkers, you will attend school lessons and you will get a new job or you will continue with the old one by April 21 2010.

- The comet will crash near the Wichita Falls zone.

All the similar information you will see about this is clearly misinformation and this is the real thing that is happening.

further information I can give you:

- Bunkers zones will be surrounded by electric fences and soldiers with tazer weapons.

- Every person that is in the bunker that catches a disease or he/she is found out having a disease will be cured if possible, but people with HIV and tumours will be sent back to their cities immediately.

- Young people from the age of 19 will be required to get/ask for a job into the bunkers to help his/her society. University level- College level lessons will not be practised into bunkers.

- We are thinking about orphanages and young kids/teenagers without families and parents. If they have brothers and/or sisters is more likely that they will be chosen to be sent into the bunkers.
The elder ones will be required to act like a father or a mother for their siblings and they will be responsible for their actions and health status.

- Young people with a family will be required to do a IQ test and a test to find out how they are practical to be accepted into bunkers. This is for young people from age 16 to 18 only.

- Children with families from the age of 6 to 13 with artistic abilities and high intelligence ( IQ test will be required ) will be sent into the bunkers even without the consent of their parents.

- Children from age 1 to age 5 will not be allowed to be sent into bunkers. Only if they are members of families which are important to society will be allowed into the bunkers.
This includes doctors, scientists, engineers, artists, actors, politicians, teachers of high-schools, colleges and universities.

- No animal will be allowed into the bunkers except for cats and dogs possibly.

- People that will be sent into bunkers will be required to take with them only suitcase or one bag for every single person. Don't take food. You will eat into the bunkers.

- People that will be sent into the bunkers are required to take with them at least one important book ( for society ) to save it.

All further information you need will be announced on March 20 2010.

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