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Old 03-22-2007, 06:32 PM
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Default Walter Reed Hospital is paradise (the other side of the coin)

Walter Reed Hospital is paradise

by The Alchemist, Unknown News March 15, 2007

OK, everyone's got their panties in a bunch about the horrible conditions at Walter Reed Hospital. Boo-fuckin'-hoo. Poor war criminals got to put up with peeling wallpaper and a few rats.

I bet the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians who died screaming in pain would have gladly accepted a few hours of blissful morphine-induced relief despite the decor. And rats? Hell, that's good eatin' if'n your whole country's frickin' infrastructure has been shocked and awed back to the stone age.

Yeah, I know, Go Team America. It is our God-given right to blow the fuck out of brown people and not have to suffer any discomfort. Like a video game or sumpin'?

As so aptly set forth at the Nuremberg trials, "just following orders" is not a defense for war crimes. And acts of violence against non-combat civilians, in an ILLEGAL WAR, would constitute war crimes. Poor little war criminals.

Oh, I hear you now. Those poor soldiers come from (purposely created) economic disaster areas where military service is one of the only ways out of crushing poverty. Crushing poverty, my ass. You want to see crushing poverty, go over to Jordan and take a gander at how some of the 1.8 million Iraqi refugees live. They are lucky to have a tent. Running water? Fuggedaboudit.

Oh, our poor troops, all fucked up in da head with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Well, try watching your infant bleed out in your arms after an American mortar attack. Or your 14-year-old daughter gang raped by some All-American sausage crew. Or your 5-year-old boy shot down like a dog.

Poor, poor Americans? Give me a fucking break.

Oh, this guy "hates America" or "hates the troops". Look, I hate ALL bullies. I hate ALL rapists. I hate ALL war criminals. It is doubly painful when they come from my own nation, which I deeply love, and which has been hijacked by a coalition of the evil and the stupid.

Make no mistake. History will judge this sorry-ass WAR OF CHOICE (ours, not Iraq's) as the ILLEGAL ATROCITY that it is, and judge all the participants (yes, even those "poor troops") as the WAR CRIMINALS that they are.

Don't hate me. I didn't put them in the meat grinder.

And a note for you Christians who support the war -- Didn't Jesus say something about "whatever you do unto the least of these, that you do unto me?"

Just asking.

Anyone who ever supported this war, in any way, needs to question his sanity, his morality, or his motives. Big time.

Most of all I hate the sheep-like stupid docility that the warmongers so easily manipulate in order to perpetrate this fucking hell-on-earth. Wake the fuck up or die.

* * *
And now, a preemptory response to the self-righteous tools who will take offense at the above.

If anyone should venture a gentle reproof that I should not be so inflammatory, well, fuck that! That is what got us here in the first place. "Oh, let's give the President war powers, we trust him to not use them unless absolutely necessary." I saw that bullshit train wreck from a mile away, and so should have every Congressman with two brain cells to rub together -- but I contradict myself ...

The time for polite discourse is long past. But this is for the red-blooded, red-state, pro-war blowhards, who will no doubt feel their collective manhood threatened by the merest hint of suggestion that the American TroopTM is less than the anointed-by-GOD savior of the world. So, to you feckless lackwits, pay attention:

Had Nazi Germany won WWII (as they probably would have had not the meth-addled Adolf insisted upon waking the Russian Bear), the aftermath would have been quite different. For example, at the Nuremberg trials, instead of prosecuting good German soldiers for doing their duty, you would have seen filthy traitors get their proper justice for treasonous hiding of seditious Jews. You would have seen American officers executed for their concentration camp treatment of the Japanese. You would have seen English troops convicted for torture and abuse of captured German spies.

History is written by the victors.

You see the point here? I know you are ignorant, and possibly stupid, but let me try and break it down to you.

Soldiers are hired killers who do not get to pick their targets. However, according to the rule of law (which we whipped down upon the pointy heads of those eeevil Germans), that does not excuse them from failing to refuse illegal orders. Yeah right. Anyone seen Lt. Ehren Watada lately? That is the standard we laid down at Nuremberg, so either we are filthy hypocrites (gets my vote) or we must apply the same sauce to gander as to goose. Am I going too fast for you?

Just because you happen to be born in the land of the illegal war aggressor, does not make that illegal war aggression right.

Remember how everyone treated the good Burghers after the war? No? Well, go read a fucking history book, or three. Germans, after World War II, were castigated and made to feel lower than shit. "How could you let this happen?" the world asked.

So at what point were good Germans supposed to revolt en mass? The Reichstag fire? The invasion of Poland? (Poland had it coming -- they were building weapons of mass destruction, according to the best "intelligence" available to the German leaders) The identification of Jews? (In a recent poll, 36 percent of Americans favored making Muslims use Muslim-specific license plates and carry Muslim ID cards). And once the war was started (by Germany) the good citizens were exhorted over and over again to "support the troops". How could they do otherwise?

Any of this getting through to you, Gomer?

America is Nazi Germany in the late '30s.

The time to revolt is now -- before the concentration camps (which have already been built, by the way) start their grisly work. Picture a Gitmo or three in every state ... but hey, you were counting on getting a good $9/hour job there, weren'tcha? Seeing as how most of the good jobs have been sent to China ...

Maybe it's good for your portfolio? You do have a few mil tucked away in blue chip stocks, right? No? Well then, fuck you for not being rich. You'll need to provide a urine sample, background check and daily anal probe to get that job, but on the other hand, you get all the "private time" you want with the female prisoners ... heh heh heh ...

So, lemme see. You're ignorant, stupid, and not rich -- the first two are no hindrance in this country, but the last most definitely is. Your opportunities are dwindling and you band together with your fellow mouth breathers to bemoan those "awful terrorists". Or watch football and drink too much.

You, my friend, are the ideal American -- an American with no monetary clout, and no informational weaponry at your disposal to enable you to even resist the constant mind control you suck up from the corporate Fox News teat on a nightly basis. You are owned, through and through. So of course you bristle at the very mention of war crimes committed by our sacred troops. And why wouldn't you? There but for the grace of your failing health go thou ... (I'd slow down, but it wouldn't help the comprehension-deprived).

Facts are facts.

Fact is, the Iraqis didn't do diddlysquat to us.

Fact is, unprovoked wars of aggression are illegal according to treaties signed by the US.

Fact is, our military has butchered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis -- 2/3 of which were women and children.

Fact is, our soldiers have been caught and admitted to rape and murder of unarmed civilians.

Fact is, the US military is the biggest terrorist organization on the face of Planet Earth.

Are you mad? Good. Now get up off your couch-potato, sports-watching, beer swilling, provincial, racist, lazy fucking ass and call or write your congressman and demand and end to this insanity NOW.

Or ... see what's on ESPN. Whatever. You cute little "good German" you.

by the author.

I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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Old 04-21-2007, 09:43 PM
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Default Re: Walter Reed Hospital is paradise (the other side of the coin)

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