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Old 12-30-2016, 10:45 PM
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Smile Happy New Year!!! One year is ending, and another is about to begin

One year is ending, and another is about to begin. It is the time when everyone makes wishes for themselves, their families, their friends and for the whole world. It is the custom to meet, to embrace, to invite each other, in the hope that this new year will bring us all manner of good things. But before we think of the new year, spend a moment considering the year that is on its way out and speak to it. You are surprised – ‘What, speak to a year?’ Yes. The Cabbalah says that a year is a living being that is leaving, and that you can speak to it. So talk to it and ask it to remember you. Being alive, it doesn’t remain inactive – it has registered not only your actions, but also your wishes, feelings and thoughts. On the last day it will report to the lords of destiny and it will connect you to the new year. Do not fail to acknowledge it before leaving it behind.

Hundreds of years ago a shepherd in the mountains, was absent-mindedly making a small furrow in the ground with his stick. What is a small furrow?... But then came rain, snow, frost, wind, sun... and gradually the small furrow deepened and widened to become the bed of a torrent. This is only an image, but it shows us that the same phenomenon occurs with humans. Every thought, every feeling is like a furrow drawn in their own inner earth, and all psychic and spiritual forces operating in space contribute to digging and expanding it. A new year begins today... Is it not the time to consciously draw a furrow in your soul? Concentrate on a divine thought, formulate a divine wish and live today in such a way that it that it becomes imprinted in you. Celestial powers will be alerted and they will support you in your efforts. Each day they will be there to tell you, ‘Remember, the first day of the year you made a furrow, one that was uninterrupted and deep.’ And if you listen, if you continue your work patiently, one day you will feel a river of light passing through you.

A new year starts tomorrow, and when you meet one another you will say, ‘Happy New Year!’ Yes, but just because the calendar has announced a new year does not mean it will necessarily be new for you. The calendar is one thing, and you are another. If you want the new year to be truly new for you, think of it as a living, wealthy being that can bring you great gifts of joy, peace and love. But you will only be able to receive these gifts if you provide space within you to welcome them. Inspect your head and heart, and chase away all kinds of old things you have allowed to accumulate. The end of the year must be the time for a big clean. So, make space within you to receive the new year in purity and light.

Today is the beginning of a new year. And because the first twelve days of a year are related to all twelve months, do your best to live them as well as you can so as to give a solid foundation to the whole year. Tell yourself that there is not one of your thoughts, feelings or wishes that is without consequence. They are like seeds you sow in the soil of your soul, and these seeds will germinate. It is the earth’s vocation to help seeds to grow. Once they are sown, it feeds them, and water, air and sunlight also play a part in their development. So, take care: if you sow nettles and thistles in your inner soil, through either neglect or ill will, do not expect to see wheat grow. During this, the first day of the year, the seeds you sow can also be words, like ‘joy’, ‘light’, ‘peace’, ‘love’, ‘hope’… Ask yourself what these words really mean, and bury them in the depths of your soul. Watch over them, and you will feel them working to germinate little by little within you. In this way, your whole year will be lived among fertile fields and gardens filled with flowers.

‘Happy New Year!’ We hear these words wherever we go during the first few days of the year. Everyone is full of hope, telling themselves that all their wishes that haven’t yet come true maybe, now… Each new year brings hope even to the most deprived. Deep down they are not under too many illusions, and yet they always wish and hope a little. With each new year hope is reborn: we can’t help thinking something will improve, a door will open. You will say, ‘But if nothing improves, and no door opens, what then?’ One door at least will open if you think there is something you too can contribute. But what? See yourself in particular situations in your daily life, and imagine yourself behaving each day in a disinterested, wise and loving manner. By working like this, you will already be preparing good conditions for the future. If you are sincere and persevere, you will influence the forces of nature and the beings of light in the invisible world, and they will come and help you carry out your best plans.

One year is ending, and another is about to begin. It is the time when everyone makes wishes for themselves, their families, their friends and for the whole world. It is the custom to meet, to embrace, to invite each other, in the hope that this new year will bring us all manner of good things. But before we think of the new year, spend a moment considering the year that is on its way out and speak to it. You are surprised – ‘What, speak to a year?’ Yes. The Cabbalah says that a year is a living being that is leaving, and that you can speak to it. So talk to it and ask it to remember you. Being alive, it doesn’t remain inactive – it has registered not only your actions, but also your wishes, feelings and thoughts. On the last day it will report to the lords of destiny and it will connect you to the new year. Do not fail to acknowledge it before leaving it behind.

It is important how things begin, how you make the first gesture or take the first step, what state of mind you are in and what your intentions are. The results you reap throughout your life – the successes or the failures – will depend on how things began. You are surprised: how can a small detail determine a whole chain of circumstances? Just observe yourself. If you start moving when you’re in an agitated state, you unleash chaotic forces, and if you go to work or visit someone in this state, the closer you get to your destination the more agitated you become: you’ll make clumsy gestures, speak carelessly, and then there’ll be a lot of damage to repair! If, however, you have first meditated, if you have prayed to be calm, serene and full of love, and you take the first step in this state of mind, the further you go the more you’ll feel yourself finding the right attitude and saying the right words. It’s all a matter of how things begin: how you begin a task or a relationship, or how you begin a year.

In a few hours it will be New Year, and tomorrow when you speak about today you will already be saying ‘last year’. Up until twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds, it will be ‘this year’, and as midnight strikes the new year will begin. One second, just one second, separates one year from the next! But there you are – you have to get to the last second. You have to pass through all the days of a year one after another to reach this last second. Well, you should realize that this is how man’s spiritual transformation takes place. In an instant he is totally renewed, regenerated. But it will have taken centuries and centuries of effort to arrive at this final moment. As with the old year, you will say of the period preceding this moment of regeneration, ‘It was the old life’, and as with the new year you will say of the new period that’s dawning, ‘This is the new life’. How long will you have to wait before you reach this final second? Don’t worry about it; it will come for each and every person. So be patient; you have to know how to wait, but while you wait you must work.

On the first day of this New Year, I wish you all the blessings of heaven. May your body be healthy and vigorous, your heart be filled with pure, spiritual joy, your intellect receive true light to make your path clear, your soul become a conductor for divine love, and your spirit, freed from its fetters, escape from all physical and psychic prisons. May you remain linked to the great hierarchy of celestial beings, so you can work with them for the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. And finally, may you be capable of overcoming each obstacle that arises, so each day may be an opportunity to glorify the Creator.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, and when you meet one another you will say: ‘Happy New Year.’ Yes, but just because the calendar tells you it is a new year does not mean it is necessarily new for you. The calendar is one thing, and you are another. If you want the new year to be truly new for you, think of it as a being, alive and rich, who brings you great gifts. And if you are to receive these gifts, you must prepare many places in yourself. Inspect your head and your heart, and drive out all manner of old things that have accumulated there. Yes, it is time to thoroughly clean things out. Before the new year arrives, you must make room for it within you.

How can the New Year be truly new when the people who greet it continue to stagnate in their same deplorable thoughts, feelings and habits? The New Year is like fresh, pure water, and if you want it to preserve its freshness and purity you must tend to the state of the containers in which it will be received. Isn’t this what you do every day in your kitchen? When you pour clean water into a saucepan, you first check the condition of the saucepan, and if it is dirty, you wash it. Well, when it comes to receiving the pure waters of the New Year in the containers of your heart, mind and soul, you must apply the same rules as you would in your kitchen. In other words, you must undertake a thorough inner cleansing.

Be vigilant, and strive to spend the first day of the New Year in the best possible state of being, because this first day is as important for the rest of the year as the moment of birth is for the rest of your life. The life of every human being is marked by the planetary influences which were in effect at the moment of his birth. The development of a life is thus contained in seed form from the start, which explains why we have a horoscope. On a smaller scale, the first day of a year contains in seed form the entire unfolding of the days to come. This is why you should be attentive and live this first day in light, love and harmony. Every hour – through prayer, meditation, songs, good thoughts and good feelings – try to record luminous impressions which will have a positive influence on all the days of this year.

On New Year's Day in some countries it is traditional for children to get up very early, go out and knock on their neighbours' doors. As soon as the door is opened, they offer a blessing so that the whole year may be favourable for the people who live there. I also knew this custom in Bulgaria. On the morning of the first day of January, children were sent into the streets to the houses in the neighbourhood to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In their hands they held a small branch of dogwood to which they sometimes tied ribbons, and they had to touch everyone in the house with this branch and wish them well. Because children are pure and innocent, they are thought to bring only good things, and it is important that the year should begin under the auspices of purity and blessings. These are traditions that should be respected, if not outwardly, at least inwardly. On the first day of the year, you too must think of the first visit you will receive, of the first presence you will welcome within you, and prepare yourself. Make sure that this first visitor is the light, so that the whole year will be luminous.

Today people gather all over the world to celebrate the first day of the year. In what state of mind do they gather? What idea or projects do they have in mind? Are many of them conscious that the most essential work heaven requires us to do is to participate in the coming of the kingdom of God and his righteousness on earth?

I have talked to you so many times about this important work! Try not to let your thoughts wander, always bring them back in one direction: justice and peace in the world. Even if we are not numerous, forces and energies emanating from us will accumulate in the divine reservoir, and one day, will give results. When? That should not be a preoccupation. We gather to ask for the kingdom of God. Suppose our thoughts and desires do not succeed in attracting the kingdom of God for the whole earth, it will at least come and dwell within us. It will be given to us because we will have worked for it. We have nothing to lose if we work for a high ideal.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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Old 12-30-2016, 10:47 PM
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Smile Re: Happy New Year!!! One year is ending, and another is about to begin

I wish all People in the World a Happy New Year and all Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and Divine Light of Eternity in order to work for The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, once and for all ...

I dedicate all my Life, Spirit, Soul, Material Possessions, Love, Wisdom, Truth and Light for the coming of The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on Earth for Eternity!!!

So be it! So be it! So be it!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

You say it is not possible to help the whole world, to bring light and peace to all humans – there are so many of them! Of course, if you present the problem in that way, it is impossible to do anything. But if you know certain methods, it becomes possible.Try, for example, to imagine humanity as a single being. Yes, imagine the whole world as a being right there beside you, whose hand you are holding and to whom you are sending much love. At that moment, small particles from your soul go out into space in all directions, and what you are doing for that being has an effect on all men and women in the world. Gradually, they will begin to have different thoughts, different wishes – better, more generous ones. If there were hundreds, thousands of us doing this exercise, a new breath, a divine breath, would pass among all creatures, and one day they would awaken truly transformed.

More than six billion human beings inhabit the earth, but how
many of them genuinely wish for the peace and happiness of
humanity? So very few! And when these few raise their voices
they are quickly stifled by the clamour of those who,
consciously or not, only want to dominate others and seize their
lands and riches. This is why the celestial entities, seeing how
few people are capable of voting in favour of peace and
well-being for all, have no choice but to leave humanity to its
sad lot.

Without realizing it, human beings are participating, for good
or ill, in a collective endeavour. If the voices of the
altruistic and enlightened increase in number – or even if,
without increasing their numbers they become more powerful and
convincing – the decision will be taken in favour of the kingdom
of God and the Golden Age. But people themselves must tilt the
balance in this direction, for the spirits on high do not
intervene. They are content, shall we say, to register the

To amuse the public, the night clubs, theatres, television and radio in so many countries present their leaders in ridiculous and grotesque ways! ‘Many of them deserve it,’ you say. This may be so, but even if they deserve it, this is not the way to urge them to improve themselves. On the contrary, constantly exposing them to criticism and a lack of respect by their citizens creates conditions in which they make bad decisions and other mistakes. If you truly want to help your country, instead of continually denouncing the person in charge, send him light so that he may always be inspired. You cannot help your country as a whole, because it is immense, but it is enough to help just one person. It is easier, and this one person can do good for everyone, because he is in charge of many things. If he succeeds in having good laws passed for public heath, housing, education and employment, everyone will benefit from the fact that this one person has been so inspired.

I know that the kingdom of God, universal brotherhood, which I never stop presenting to you as an ideal, is seen by many as only utopian. They think this ideal is impossible to achieve in today’s world. No, it is not impossible. It is difficult, because most people are not ready to give up the satisfaction of their selfish desires and devote themselves to achieving a divine ideal, but it is not impossible. All it would take for the foundations of a new society to be established would be for them to study the celestial order and be inspired by that, instead of always taking the earthly order as their reference. The day Christians begin to take seriously Jesus’ words in the Lord’s Prayer – ‘Your will be done on earth as in heaven’ –, that in itself will be great progress. ‘As in heaven’: this means that there is a celestial order that has to be respected first. But for two thousand years they have been muttering this prayer while continuing to obey their own selfish and fairly unenlightened will. It is not that the kingdom of God is unachievable; it’s that humans, starting with Christians, just don’t want to make the effort to achieve it.


The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

There is one thing you have to learn, my dear brothers and sisters, and that is not to be in a hurry. Instead of waiting impatiently for these few minutes of meditation to end, you must learn to remain in silence for longer and longer. I have often told you that the thing that causes your brain to seize up and prevents the full flowering of your spiritual faculties is this deplorable habit you have of always being in a hurry. Of course, I do not deny that rapidity, activity, and dynamic energy are very desirable qualities, but you must not concentrate on them to the exclusion of others which, on the contrary, have to be developed through patience and greater inwardness and receptivity. When you achieve this inner state of peace and harmony, you will sense that forces, powers, and entities are beginning to work within you, and what they accomplish is so prodigious that most of it cannot be seen or understood; it surpasses all imagination. Of course, this reality has many different degrees, but even if what you experience is no more than the first, the lowest degree, you can already sense that an unknown, inner force is beginning to forge something within you, and if only for a few minutes, you rise above the commotion and worries that restrict you and enter into that 'secret place' that Jesus talks about.

It is important to understand these two aspects within every human being: the mortal being, who is subject to so many limitations, and the immortal, eternal being, who is free of all limitations. One of these aspects has to retreat and diminish so that the other may grow and flourish. This is exactly what St. John the Baptist said with reference to Jesus: 'He must increase but I must decrease.' Yes, these words are symbolic. When you are here in the Brotherhood, you must detach yourselves from the habits of your everyday life. What is all the hurry about? You have not got to go and type letters in an office, or collect taxes, or plead a case in court, so why not tell yourselves that for a little while at least you are finally going to come face to face with eternity, with the sun, with nature, with a multitude of luminous beings—face to face with yourself. Those who manage to change their attitude will, at last, feel divine forces awakening and dwelling within them in order to transform them.

Many people have told me, 'I want to concentrate, I want to pray, but I can never do it.' They do not see that they fail because they set about it the wrong way; they are too tense. They keep thinking that they have not got much time because they have so many other things to do. In these conditions concentration is impossible. There is an obstacle in their unconscious or subconscious mind, some element in their habits, that prevents them from meditating, and it is worth looking into this and trying to analyse it. I know that they will object that it is life that dictates the situation, that when you have to work and provide for others you cannot waste time. Yet if they could get into the habit of not being in a hurry—if only for half an hour or an hour a day—they would soon see that everything would go ten times, a hundred times better once they got back to work.

There is a time and a place for everything. While you meditate you must not think of anything else; there will always be time to take care of other things afterwards. But what usually happens is this: while you are here listening to a lecture or praying and meditating, in reality you are somewhere else. And when you are somewhere else, instead of concentrating on what you are doing you think, 'I should be meditating or praying.' This is why nothing really works. It is not while you are preparing a meal, washing the dishes, or driving the car that you should be thinking about meditating. You must be present at what you are doing at each moment, for there is a right time for everything. Otherwise, there will never be time for anything; your mind will always be somewhere else. How true this is. When you are here you are still at home—or goodness knows where—and when you are somewhere else, you are here. Finally, you are never wholly anywhere, and that is very bad.

How many bad habits still need to be corrected. Yes, very, very bad habits. The first thing you have to learn in our teaching is just this, to correct your bad habits. Once you have done this you can go much further and much faster. You will say that now that I have explained it, you understand. Perhaps, but I think that without any explanations at all, simply by sitting in silence, you would have understood better still. Believe me, if you were not always so engrossed elsewhere, you would understand a million times more from that silence than from my explanations.

Words are not really so important. It is because you have not managed to establish close contact with heaven that you need words. The day you truly know how to meditate and contemplate the splendours of heaven, I shall continue to speak to you, but in silence. Already, during our moments of silence, I continually talk to you, but what I tell you is of a different nature; it belongs to a different dimension. Does this astonish you? Even during the night I continue to speak to you. In fact, this is why you sometimes experience a sudden illumination; it comes from something you have heard during the night several months or even years before, and it is beginning at last to filter through into your brain.

You will perhaps ask, 'But why does it all take so long? It is very discouraging.' It does take a long time, that is true. It is the same for everybody. A great deal of patient, persevering work is necessary before human beings finally begin to understand. But think how many billions of years it takes for stones to become plants; how many millions of years it takes for plants to become animals; and how many millions more for animals to become human beings. Of course, as you go up the scale from one kingdom of nature to the next, the tempo increases. Stones need a stupendous amount of time; plants need a little less; animals need less still—and even less time is needed for human beings to become superhumans or angels. This is because, with each step upwards, the potential is greater. But even so, even if human beings evolve more rapidly, it still takes them hundreds of thousands of years to reach the level of evolution of the angels.

There, that was just a few remarks about the attitude you should have while you are here. It is always one's attitude that needs to be improved. A few minutes ago I mentioned the 'secret place' that Jesus spoke about. This is a magnificent and very profound symbol, and it was certainly known long before Jesus. Every initiate knows that one has to enter this place in order to pray, for if your prayer does not come from there, heaven cannot hear it. Why not? Well, it is as though you were out in the street and you wanted to talk to a friend in another town: you can only do so by going into a telephone booth and dialling his number, and then the telephone will put you in touch with your friend. If you like, you can stay in the street and shout and scream for all you are worth, but your friend will not hear you. Similarly, if you want heaven to hear you, you must go into that secret place that Jesus talked about, for it is equipped with a 'telephone' by means of which you can communicate with the higher worlds. Then there is another similarity: when you go into a telephone booth in a busy street, you close the door because you need silence in order to hear and be heard. This secret place must also be quiet; no inner work can take place in the midst of noise.

It is important to understand that you have this secret, silent place within you and that you must go in and shut the door firmly behind you. To shut the door means to shut out all other thoughts and desires, otherwise they will interfere with your communication with heaven and you will not get an answer. It is only if you are in this secret chamber that your call can go through correctly, that you can hear and be heard, that you can ask heaven for something and get an answer. If heaven's answer does not come through clearly, it is because you have forgotten to close the door. The secret place, therefore, is linked to the idea of silence, of secrecy. You must not let anyone else hear what you say, how you say it, or to whom you say it. Naturally, you cannot always be sure that someone will not see that you are praying, but the less obvious it is the better. The Gospels speak of the Pharisee who prayed ostentatiously in the Temple, and this is a good example of the exact opposite of the secret place.

You could say that this secret place is the heart, the silence of the heart. If you are still unable to attain true silence it means that you have not succeeded in reaching this room. There are so many 'rooms' in man, and very few human beings have ever discovered which of them is the one that loves silence. Most people stray into other rooms and try to pray in them, but as those rooms are not equipped with the proper instruments, heaven cannot hear their thoughts and prayers. If you want your prayer to be heard, you have to respect certain conditions.

Why, for example, did the initiates of the past teach people to join their hands when they prayed? The gesture is symbolic. True prayer is a joining of the two principles, heart and intellect. If your heart is alone in what it asks for and your intellect refuses to join in, your prayer will not be heard. If you want your prayer to be heard, it must come from both heart and intellect, from both thought and feelings; that is, from the masculine and feminine principles. We have all seen innumerable paintings that show people—even children—with their hands joined in prayer, but people have never understood the profound significance of this gesture. I am not saying that you must necessarily join your hands physically when you pray, for it is not the physical gesture that counts; it is the inner attitude that is important. It is the soul and the spirit, the heart and the intellect that have to be joined, for this is the union that gives prayer its power and enables you to project something truly potent. You give and receive at the same time; you are both active and receptive.

Christians still have a great many misconceptions about prayer. They imagine that what counts are the words they use. No, words often fall short of the mark; they never manage to get up to heaven. A person may recite words, but he is not really praying if nothing vibrates within him. Of course, as I have often told you, it is important for the realization of your prayer to put it into words. Yes, but your words will be effective only if your desire and your thought are already powerful on the spiritual plane. Then your words will act as a signature which releases the higher forces and sets them in motion.

If you want to awaken sentiments of love for God in yourself, for instance, you can do so simply through the strength of your desire. In this case words are unnecessary, because feelings are a purely psychic reality. If you want to obtain something on the physical, material plane, on the other hand, the spoken word is necessary, but even so, it is the intensity of your thoughts and feelings that is the essence of prayer. Without that intensity, you could recite words for hours on end, but you would not get any results; your prayer would not be answered. As a matter of fact, it is possible to feel whether a prayer has been heard or not. There are days when you experience such a sense of strength and fulfilment that you know that heaven has heard you at last. This does not mean that you will see immediate results on the physical plane. No, the realization will not be immediate, but your prayer has been heard, your request has been noted. And that is what counts: to know that your prayer has been heard.

Everything depends on the intensity of your prayer, therefore, and this intensity is linked to the ability to disengage your thoughts and feelings from every preoccupation that is foreign to your prayer. This is why you have to learn to leave everything else to one side and immerse yourself in intense spiritual work. Only on this condition will heaven answer your prayer.

But I know what you are thinking. You are wondering whether I, who teach you these things, receive what I ask for in my prayers. Yes, I get what I ask for because my requests are more unlike yours than you could possibly imagine. My requests are always granted. Perhaps you are also wondering why, since heaven always gives me what I ask for, I do not ask for a lot of money, for instance. I will tell you: because it is not worth asking for. What are a few billion dollars? If I shared them out among you, none of you would get very much. No, no, you cannot begin to imagine what I ask for. And, as I say, my requests are always granted. I am always astonished to see the kind of requests human beings pester heaven with. How can they waste their time on such nonsense? I assure you, it really is a waste of time—and all for what? The day I saw that there was only one booth in heaven without a queue of people waiting in front of it, I decided that that was the place for me. Nobody else wants to hand in their requests at that booth, so that is where you will find me every day. More and more often, in fact.

Now it is up to you to discover what I ask for. In any case, I can tell you that it is neither houses, nor money, nor worldly glory, nor a wife and children. This is why my prayer is always heard. Yes, always, without exception. Since what I ask for is not for myself, I receive it at once. If you ask for something for yourself, you will be told, 'You will have to wait. We have to study your file. Where are you from? What is your father's name? Do you think you deserve what you are asking for?' and so on and so forth; there is no end to the questions. Whereas I am given what I ask for immediately. You will say, 'But you possess no more now than you have ever had.' Exactly, because possessions are not what I ask for. And I am not going to tell you what I do ask for; all that takes place in my 'secret chamber'. It is none of your business. It is my secret.

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