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Old 08-17-2017, 10:42 AM
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Smile The Path Of The Disciple


With our beloved Master, we were in the mountain sitting around a fire. The weather was foggy, damp and cold. The flames of the fire rose high and strong and spread warmth all around. These were the only things which interrupted the stillness of nature. During such moments, the small life melts into the Great One. The last conversation was about the path of the disciple. Now there was silence. Everyone examined himself. There were many questions waiting to be answered. Then the Master spoke again:

"The disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood walks simultaneously on the Path of Love, Wisdom and Truth.

"The first thing in the world which man needs to understand is Love. He needs to make a great experiment regarding it. If you do not meet your obligations with Love, you are neither friends nor disciples. If the disciple has no Love within his heart, he is not accepted into the School of the Great White Brotherhood.

"If you cannot sprout in Love like little seeds - if you are not prepared to sacrifice everything for Love - you will remain ordinary people. You can become everything else, but never a disciple of the Brothers Initiate, never the Sons of the Kingdom of God. If one small act of your friend can tempt you, you are not ready to be disciples.

"Your first task for this entire year is to learn to love. The second task is to find a way to manifest this love; and thirdly - to learn under which conditions your love should be made manifest. If the students in a class at school like each other, they will stimulate each other. An interconnection through Love needs to come about between each of you.

"For the disciple, one thing is important: to have the right connection with God. The forms of Love are manifold, but their purpose is one: the Knowledge of God. To come to know God - that is to say, Love in its Wholeness - this is the task of the disciple. The disciple must try to come to know God.

"In the Scriptures, it is said, 'If you do not become like these little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.' This means that if you do not become pure, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. By 'child' here, it means purity of heart. A man needs to carry within himself the characteristics of a child, that is to say: Divine Purity. "The Path to the Kingdom of God is Purity."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 10:43 AM
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Smile Qualities Of The Disciple


In the morning, a minor incident occurred. The world of personal feelings sometimes claims its rights. In the afternoon, the disciples stood slightly embarrassed in front of the Master, feeling uneasy. The Master was silent for a while, then said:

"When you enroll in the School, the first two requirements are humility and obedience. If you desire to become disciples of the White Brotherhood, you need to have humility.

"In addition to humility, four more qualities are necessary. The first of them is absolute honesty. That which one promises, he must fulfill. The second quality is goodness. This virtue makes a man steadfast. Thirdly, the disciple needs to be intelligent. His mind needs to be flexible so that he may immediately grasp all the subtleties. The fourth quality of the disciple is nobility.

"Honesty, goodness, intelligence and nobility - these are the four qualities intrinsic to the disciple.

"Follow those great ideas which you have had since your childhood. The disciple must have a high ideal and pursue it steadfastly. This ideal leads to Knowledge, Freedom and Love.

"In order for a man to give purpose to his life, he needs to be imbued with the great Ideas of the Spirit. The greater the Ideas which he accepts, the more meaningful his life will be.

"The disciple needs to have one basic idea. This does not mean that he needs to think about it from dawn to dusk. It is sufficient to take a few minutes each day to think about it in order to bring it to realization in his life.

"The disciple needs to cultivate his faith and hope. He must be prepared for every suffering. He needs to develop sublime thoughts and feelings within himself and endure all trials without hesitation.

"If you follow the ways of the world, you will attain nothing even if you were to walk there for thousands of years. God gives blessings to the humble; that is. He gives them right understanding of life.

"I speak to those of you who are ready to be disciples, who are standing in front of the door of discipleship. You say, 'We are disciples.' Of course, you are disciples. The grade which you are in is significant. There are people in the grade school, in the junior and the senior high school. In addition, there is also a difference from one student to the other.

"Work without letting external conditions disturb you. When one feels discouraged, this is due to those souls who have fallen behind and whose state of mind one has perceived.

"Work and perseverance are required of all disciples.

"An ill child cannot learn in school. As long as unhealthy issues exist within you, you are not in the School. In order to be accepted into the School, a man must free himself of disease. Disease - this is wickedness. The moment that man has freed himself from it, he will be able to properly understand all things. You all need to progress, to be strong, to be able to bear insults and contempt.

"When man does not express his feelings - when he suppresses them - they ferment. In order to avoid fermentation, one needs to transform and ennoble his feelings. If one does not make a conscious effort for that, he will be in stagnation.

"Man's salvation lies in nothing less than the incinerating of the residues which he carries within himself from the past. When man renounces the transitory desires of his flesh and yields to the striving of the spirit, only then can he evolve. True achievement lies in vigilant work on the earth, so that the Invisible World can take an interest in you and help you.

"A fairy tale is told about a certain hero who was digging a tunnel between two kingdoms. If, while he was digging, someone would come and engage him in a conversation, he would turn his head to look back and the entire section that he had already dug would collapse and he would need to start all over again. Therefore, dig and never turn back until you have dug the tunnel between the two kingdoms.

"The disciple must abandon the state of moodiness and enter the state of positive thoughts which bring inspiration. For this purpose, he needs to contemplate. To contemplate means to connect with the Consciousness of the Advanced Beings. People of the new Teaching need not be exalted, but they must be inspired.

"Once you have entered the School, you need to be aware that you will undergo trials - small or big ones.

"What is the position of the disciple who has Knowledge of the Laws? Each day he knows what awaits for him to be resolved. As disciples you have much knowledge, but a part of it you still need to apply. I will give you an example. A certain disciple went to see his Master. The latter said to him, 'The first and most important task is to love God; the second - to love your neighbor.' The disciple said to himself, 'Now I have that which I need to work on.' He left, and for several years he studied these Laws. After that, he came for new instructions.

"All of you have enough assignments, but you go here and there for someone else to solve them for you. There are assignments which you may not be able to solve by yourselves, but the assignments which you can solve you should do by yourselves.

"Do not hasten. Do not eat cherries which are not yet ripe: leave them to ripen. For as long as certain things have not yet become ripe, work on them. Reap the cherries when they are ripe. Until the grapes have ripened, take up the hoe and cultivate.

"Could you be accepted as a member of a choir, if you do not sing? Could you be admitted to an orchestra, if you cannot play an instrument? In the same way, you cannot be accepted into the World Beyond if you are not ready. Otherwise, you will come to its gate and you will be sent away."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 10:44 AM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
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Smile The Disciple


On another occasion, the Master said the following about being a disciple:

"To live as a spiritual being - this is the task which every disciple must resolve. The assignment is difficult, but attainable. The disciple sees the soul in his fellow man but not his shortcomings, because he knows that the soul has no shortcomings.

"God's Love alone can perceive the one who, whether he dwells in hell or in Heaven, remains one and the same.

"The one who can reconcile sorrow and joy within himself is a disciple.

"We easily become discouraged in times of contradiction. Things may change on the surface, but we should remain unchangeable.

"It is expected of you to be self-controlled. Should you be ill-disposed, that you may retain your peace - say to yourselves, 'I live in the world of Absolute Harmony. I am surrounded by Sublime Intelligent Beings who are ready to help me.'

"Man needs to understand one thing: the extraordinary in life is that which brings joy. Someone asks, 'What will man do when he becomes perfected?' After man has become perfected - only then will he come into his real Work.

"The disciple carries the new within himself. Wherever he goes, he brings light and a good fragrance. Without needing to speak about God, everyone will recognize that God dwells within him. He never speaks about the ordinary things, but whatever he says carries weight. The Bulgarians call such people fortuitous. Within their beings they carry a sublime idea. They are helpful to everyone and wish everyone well.

"In the springtime of the life of the disciple he resembles a garden with beautiful flowers, visited by butterflies: the human beings. In the fall the soul of the disciple is like a garden full of ripe fruit."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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