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The Master used every opportunity to teach a lesson to his disciples. The slope in front of brother Temelko's home was steep, rocky and without water. Observing it, the Master discovered some moisture in one place. He asked us to start digging, and he worked with us until some dripping water was found. We built a basin and lead the water to flow into it; the basin began to fill up.

This was the second wellspring that we captured and the Master named it The Wellspring of Health. With this the Master taught us not to neglect even the smallest of Divine Gifts.

The wellspring was made beautiful: a path was made, and beneath it a small vegetable garden was planted which was irrigated by its water. The lesson was given clearly and with strong imagery. In this way, it would be well remembered by the disciples. Does not a man resembles a small wellspring? When the work was finished, the Master gave an explanation of the third Law: Love for oneself:

"To love yourself means to love God within yourself. To serve yourself means to work on yourself in order to develop the image of God within yourself. To love yourself means to tolerate no bad thoughts, feelings or deeds. To love yourself means not to harm yourself, not to develop bad habits. He who does not respect these rules has no Love for himself. And therefore, you cannot love yourself if you do not love God. To have Love for yourself means to be perfect.

"If we cannot perceive the deep meaning of life, we lose our blessing from the Intelligent Beings who bring the Divine Life and give us knowledge. You need to know what the meaning of Life is. It is more sublime that we can imagine.

"The meaning of Life is the perfection of the human soul. "A man came to see me and asked, ' What is the meaning of Life?' I said to him: in the Universe, there are about one million suns. Around each sun, there are twelve planets. You need to visit all of these suns and planets, and on each one of these suns and planets you need to live 100, 000, 000 years. Only then will you learn the meaning of Life in its depth."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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