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Old 08-17-2017, 01:51 PM
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Smile Right Breathing


Springtime had now come. Nature had awakened, and her essence flowed freely. The Master used every opportunity to guide us into her realm. He introduced us to the methods for mindful living which give man the opportunity of making use of Nature's bounties and of communing with Her. The following Law applies to Her: the more that one's consciousness is awakened and illumined, the greater will be the bounties which Nature will provide.

One morning the Master discussed the idea of proper breathing:

"The air is the most fundamental element of life which we must study under the present conditions. Man needs to understand those laws by which the air abides.

"Right breathing is understood to mean the complete extraction of the energy which is present in the air. If I can accomplish this, I will have accomplished a certain task and I will rejoice.

"During breathing, one must observe the following Law: love the air and receive it with joy. This is the only way in which we can receive those bounties which the air provides.

"When you exhale, no air should remain in the lungs. The cause of many diseases results from leaving considerable quantities of air in the lungs during exhalation.

"Shallow breathing shortens one's life. If you were to breathe more deeply, your life would be prolonged. When a person's respiration is rapid, he will die prematurely. The one who is ill with tuberculosis makes 20-25 inhalations per minute; the one whose health is intact will have three inhalations per minute. There are those whose respiratory cycle has only one inhalation per minute. And then there are those adepts who only make one inhalation for every twenty-minute period, and others - one per hour.

"The one who desires patience must breathe deeply. The longer that a person is able to hold his breath, the greater his patience will be. Through right breathing a person can rid himself of any morbid condition - physical or mental; gradually bringing balance into his life force, and at the same time becoming revitalized. Once he has achieved internal balance, no external condition - no external influence - can obstruct him in his path.

"In addition to oxygen, man also receives life force - prana -through right breathing, and new thoughts as well. This can be accomplished by following certain guidelines.

"I recommend deep breathing to you. Direct your consciousness towards God and begin to breathe rhythmically. As you inhale and exhale, repeat a mantra or a prayer in your mind. This will increase your ability to receive the more profound forces hidden in the air.

"You must be thankful towards God. The air has been provided by Him. It is required that God enters into you continuously and that you enter continuously into Him. When I inhale, God reveals Himself to me; and when I exhale, I reveal myself to Him.

"The air is a transmitter of Divine Thought which first penetrates the respiratory system and then - the brain. This means that man cannot receive Divine Thought directly, but only through the air. The air is the fundamental transmitter of Divine Thought. I speak of the air's real Essence, and not of that which the chemists analyze as a mixture of four-fifths oxygen and one-fifth nitrogen. The air is the primordial element which serves man as the origin of his life force.

"When a person breathes, his consciousness needs to be vigilant: because Thought - after it has been received from the air - is received by the consciousness. As vigilant as your consciousness is, that much will you be blessed with the life force of the air. In this way, you will be connected with the Intelligent Beings whom you will be helping and who will be helping you.

"As soon as spring comes, go out each morning for a walk in the fresh air - away from the soot of the city - and devote at least one hour to right breathing and exercise. If you take these walks, your affairs will be in better order than had you stayed in your room.

"Many methods of breathing exist. It is best done through both nostrils simultaneously, but it can also be done through one nostril at a time. I will give you an exercise: inhale for 15 seconds through the left nostril, hold the air for 40 seconds and then exhale through the right nostril for 15 seconds. When you inhale through the left nostril, the right should be closed, and vice versa. While you are holding the air, both nostrils should be closed. Then, inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left.

"If you desire to become a poet, breathe. Real poetry is dependent upon right breathing. As you breathe, so will you write."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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