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Old 08-17-2017, 01:54 PM
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Smile The Future Culture


This afternoon we spent a few hours filled with music. We sang many songs, and after that, the conversation was naturally about music.

The Master said:

"Music began very well during the involutionary epoch. However, as it gradually descended into matter, the music has become more and more flat. That which man had in the world beyond has become lost to him. With the music of the evolutionary epoch, man must restore that which he lost.

"In his error, man lost his primordial musical existence.

"The music of the East descends; it is of the involutionary epoch. In contrast, the music of the West ascends because it is of the evolutionary.

"Today an upliftment for music is coming: the impulse is an upward one from a denser medium to a lighter one. With the descent of music from a lighter medium into a denser one, the tones are of one kind; and with the ascent of music from a denser medium into a lighter one, the tones become different. In other words, the music of an evolutionary epoch is different from that of the involutionary epoch. The music of the East - in its descent - moves from an understandable melody towards the incomprehensible one. In contrast, the music of the West -in its ascent - progresses from the incomprehensible melody towards the understandable one.

"Our departure from God is in a minor scale, whereas our return to Him is in a major one. In the first case, there is something soft in the voice: there is sorrow and lament in the subject. In the music of the East, the melody dominates; whereas in the music of the West - it is the harmony. The music of the East is a music of the emotions, whereas the music of the West is of the mind and will.

"I divide music into the following categories: that of the frigid zone; of the temperate zone; and of the tropical zone. Slavic music belongs to that of the temperate zone.

"At the sunset of one culture and the sunrise of another, the music will always be different. Today something new needs to be introduced into music. It is no longer possible for man to sing as he did 2, 000 years ago. So how should people now sing?

"The new music needs to serve as an augmentation to that which has been accomplished up to now. If we do not add something new to the music of today - what good would it serve?

"All musicians and singers will be inspired in the future. Their music will be able to cause the total transformation in the fallen souls and will awaken the impulse for science in those who have never desired to study.

"The harmony of the contemporary music is an expression of the entire modern culture: its optimism, pessimism, materialism, skepticism and so on. A new music is coming. From now on, music will begin to evolve. The entire development of music to the present has only been an introduction. The culture of the future will be created through music alone. Those Beings who have made themselves manifest through the music of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and others will once again give the world something new and more sublime than they have ever given before.

"At present, the conditions do not exist for the sublime music to manifest. It is not easy for a man of genius to incarnate. For this to occur, he must first have a perfectly structured body in order that he may be able to withstand the enormous stress of those Forces which will manifest through him.

"Music fulfills its purpose only when it serves for the upliftment of humankind. From the outer music man must move towards the Music of Cosmic Consciousness. The person who has not developed his ear for the Music of Cosmic Consciousness cannot enter the Divine World. Today God breathes the Breath of Life into our ears; and for this reason, all people must learn to sing.

"With the events of today, there will be a greater understanding of music's significance. The impulse to sing will grow stronger. Throughout the war, cruelty has increased and people have hardened. At present, we can hear the harsh sounds of machine-guns, canon, bombs and more. These are the harshest of sounds.

"Music descends from the Invisible World to help humankind. In the future, people will be born with a developed talent for music. In the past, music as we know it did not exist.

"In the music of the Latin race, the feminine principle is expressed; whereas in that of the Anglo-Saxon - the masculine principle is expressed. In the music of the Slavic race, the feminine principle is expressed once again, but to a greater extent.

"The Slavic people have a good ear for music. Because they have experienced a great deal of oppression in the past, their suffering is expressed in their songs. But they have accepted their fate in good faith and are now on the upward path.

"Whenever one sings the songs of a particular culture, he needs to have an understanding of the epoch in which those songs came to life. The Russians - and the Bulgarian people as well - have endured great suffering, and this is reflected in many of their songs.

"The epoch of a new music is approaching. The Slavic people will give a new impulse to music: they provide the good 'clay' out of which better 'pots' will be made."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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