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The Master would often give new insight on those problems which occupied us even if he had touched upon the subject at another time. He would approach this as a great musician might take up a simple melody and play it with a new harmony, unveiling a still fuller and deeper content as he interwove it with other melodies. In this way the Master would summarize and highlight new relationships and correspondences, opening up an entirely new world, that had been unknown to us until now. The Master would lead the conversation away from the trivial mundane subjects which people often concerned themselves with and turn the thought towards the essential that we might learn something new: that we might grow and develop. The Master told us:

"To be born again - is a reference to Love who is now revealing Herself in a new way. At present, man is beginning to be born again in Love. However, the time will come when we will dwell among those whom we love and who love us.

"Embrace Love which is already coming into the world. She will make your heart rejoice. She will lead you to your beloved ones. You tell me, 'Our hearts are trembling.' They tremble, but your Beloved Ones are not come yet. Only now are They descending to earth. That which you now perceive is merely a reflection; and for this reason, you are feeling discouraged.

"Love is coming and will unite all beings into One as servants of God. Thousands of Beings have worked in the material and in the sublime world as well to bring about the favorable conditions that the Great One may come in the name of Love. That which now is coming into the world is so magnificent that all the Angels peak down from Heaven in order that they may see what is coming and what is taking place on earth. All of Heaven - the Whole of Creation - is interested in this. The Great Day is coming into the world. The Coming of the Great One is awaited with anticipation by all good and Intelligent Beings. Those whose consciousness has awakened will perceive the Great Divine Cause and be transformed. The remainder - those whose consciousness has not awakened - will continue to sleep. If you miss the Great Wave of Love which is now coming, you will need to wait millions of years, for the next one. In order for this Great Love to reveal itself to you, you must pass through the Law of self-sacrifice and renunciation.

"This Wave of Love will transform the past adversity into fertile soil that the flowers may blossom and the Fruits of Love may ripen. All of humankind will be nourished by them.

"Humankind is presently passing through a new phase of its development. A new form of Love is coming. We ask, 'When will God come and reveal His Love to us?' This Day is coming. For some this Day has come already. Have you ever raised silkworm? Do all form their cocoon in a single day? No, some do it sooner; some do it later. For some of the 'silkworm', the Day has come.

"Through Love, all accounts between people will now be reconciled. Someone owes you 1, 000 leva - you need to close this account. Tell the person who is indebted to you, So much did I torment you for these 1, 000 leva!' Then give him additional 1, 000 leva. When you give him the 1, 000 leva, ask for forgiveness for having tormented him. Let the one who holds some claim against another give instead. This Teaching is not intended for those who cling to the old ideas. Without Love, man cannot leave behind his old ways.

"Let us all repeat the following mantra:

'From an absence of Love - towards Love;

From mortality - towards Life-everlasting;

From the bad - towards the Good,

From doubt - towards Faith.

Herein lies the meaning of Life.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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