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Old 08-17-2017, 02:49 PM
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Smile Love Will Give The New Culture The Structure


The Master observed one Law in life: wherever he was, he improved the conditions - not all at once as if according to a plan made ahead of time, but gradually, naturally. It appeared as if by chance, yet in reality, everything corresponded to the inner Life. He used every opportunity which arose in the ordinary workplace to teach a lesson. No better method than work exists for people to get together, to become better acquainted, to grow closer and harmonize. The Master encouraged every good initiative and supported all in it. He was pleased when the disciples manifested resourcefulness, awareness and focus.

The yard and the entire farmstead were gradually cleaned and put in order; the paths were repaired. On the steep slope where the path led down to the house, a retaining wall was built. The stones were arranged in such a way that they represented the rising sun. The idea for this came from the disciples.

The Master gave this interpretation, "This rising sun is a symbol for that Sun which will rise in all awakened Bulgarians, in all awakened human beings."

Stone steps were built - a seemingly simple task, commonly done everywhere, but in the presence of the Master it gained deep meaning and significance. After finishing all the work on the homestead, the Master said, "In life, there will always be improvement."

Then someone asked, "How will the new culture be structured?"

The Master answered:

"A human order to the world exists at present. But this will be destroyed. From the way in which people have worked in the past and how they work today - the world cannot be improved."

"Someone will say that God has created some people to be masters, others - servants; some rich, others - poor. This is a misconception. This world - this order in which some go hungry while others eat lavishly - has not been created by God. Others will say, 'Why does God allow all these evil deeds - all these social injustices to happen?' All these are done by people but they blame God for them.

"The verse, 'Everything that has been made has been made through Him' - relates to the Eternal and the Great Acts in the world; but the temporal, transitory things are not of God. Everything that man does of his own will is not from God.

"Some cite the verse that every authority is given by God. In this verse, something is omitted. It should read: every righteous authority is given by God. And in every righteous authority, the Law of Love must be included.

"Modem culture is being put to trial. The culture which has been built on sand is not stable. People do not know how to live, how to eat. They do not know how to build their homes, etc. What expectations can you have of such a world? And yet, everything will be transformed.

"The new Teaching gives the right methods as to how the future society will be built.

"Those cultures which have been based on power have disappeared.

"The Teaching which I bring to you is tried. Within it are hidden the basic methods which show people how to live. I bring to you now that Divine Teaching upon which the future order will be based. This Teaching is upheld by the Law of the Intelligent Nature.

"When the right time comes, the caterpillar will say, 'For such a long time now, I have been eating and drinking; I need nothing more. I leave the leaves for the others.' She cocoons herself. From out of the cocoon, the butterfly flies into the wide world and begins to feed off the sweet nectar of flowers. When will the world improve? When all of the caterpillars transform into butterflies.

"Society's problems can be resolved in a very simple way. They will be resolved when the new Consciousness enters into man.

"You may say that all people want a new order. This is well I agree with you. But what will happen if a new order comes, but your old character - your shortcomings - remain? It is easy to destroy the old, but what can be achieved with your bad character? How would you benefit if you tear down your old home but cannot build a new one? Nature does not permit this: She destroys and builds simultaneously.

"The moment in which you err you enter the night. The tragedy lies in the fact that people desire to do all things in the night.

"It is not the external conditions which create hardship for man, but the internal. God created this world with all the proper conditions for man's existence. Everything which they desire is provided. That is to say, that with regard to the external conditions, everything is favorable; but the internal conditions are missing: for example, the new Consciousness is missing. The cause of this lies hidden within the spiritual realm. Your mind and heart must pass from one state into another.

"Some seek to give structure to people. The world has order. Every man whose consciousness is awakened belongs to the World of Order. However, this world whose consciousness has not been awakened has yet to begin to prepare itself to enter the World of Order.

"Contemporary people wish to build, to restructure the whole of the humankind first, then the society, after that - the home and lastly man. Yet this way is not correct. I will. give you the following explanation. Take the most prominent musicians who have completed their education in music. They have mastered their art, and with them, you can put together any kind of orchestra that you wish. Within ten to fifteen minutes - or a half an hour at most, you will see that you have the best orchestra with the best performers. Why? Because each one of them knows his score perfectly. And yet, should you bring together people who have no knowledge of music and try to set up an orchestra with them, even if ten of the best conductors come to conduct them, nothing will come of it.

"People seek a material improvement in the order. But a spiritual improvement must take place as well. Someone will say, 'In order for the world to be a better place, a material improvement is necessary.' Make an experiment, and you will see.

"What kind of consciousness am I speaking of? Man must set Love as the foundation of his life and through Love, create the new Consciousness.

"The suffering of people today is greater than it was at the time of Christ. The resolution of the most difficult problems will come through Love. Love will come in a real, living form and will sweep away everything old.

"The nations of modern Europe exist in the phase of destruction. They do not apply the Teaching of Christ, but the teachings of a distant past. War is a remnant of the most ancient beliefs. This is the old culture which appears in new forms.

"My basic idea is the following: all social problem must be resolved through Love. How are we to resolve the social problem? Replace the absence of love with Love. Love resolves all contradictions: mental, emotional and social."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 02:50 PM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
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Smile The Future Order


These were the difficult days of war. The future was unclear, disturbing and filled with danger. Many of our friends were asking the Master where all this would lead, what would be the outcome of this situation.

The Master said:

"The earth now enters into the new conditions. The whole world is awakening. The one who wishes to remain in the old conditions can do so. The whole world, the whole solar system, the whole Universe -everything is moving in a new direction. The human consciousness is expanding. You shall be witnesses to that Great Event for which God now prepares the whole of humankind. The world will come to know that God shall not be mocked.

"Some will say, 'Once the world is set to order, all other things will fall into place on their own.' This is not so. You cannot wait for the world to improve, but must enter into the new Life in this very moment. If one wishes to wait for the whole of humankind to improve - for this, a long period of time will be required.

"Many hermits have lived in the woods for fifty, sixty years - and after receiving enlightenment, have returned to their fellow man that they may show him that Love is the only Path which leads to the real Life.

"The future culture is of the heart. For this reason, we need to be attentive to our hearts and nourish them.

"You will say that you know Love. In reality, you do not know Her. What kind of love is this which does not endure all trials?

"Those in whom the Divine is made manifest - these are the ones of that great new culture which is now in the making. When we enter it, we will be as free as those who are our Advanced Brothers: the Angels, the Archangels, the Cherubim and the Seraphim. Love will provide the sap for the new culture. It will provide the material which will be in accordance with the forms of the future order. Today the old forms are falling away, and the new are being created. When this great culture comes, all will have such freedom as when God first gave it to them.

"That culture in which the Idea of Love is not yet formed within man is not a real culture. In the place of Love man has set laws, money, torment and power first and foremost. In the future order, money will be a servant of Love and power will serve Love: all things will serve Love. She will teach them what they need to do. Love is the lever of all things:

She may appear to be the least of all powers, but in Reality, She is the Greatest Power.

"If only you were able to perceive the World of the Advanced Beings! At present, you are a part of that humankind which errs, but at one time you belonged to a humankind which knew no error and which now desires to participate in the improvement of the life of man today.

"In the world of human law, there is little freedom. In the world of money, there is but a little more freedom. At present we are departing from the world of money and entering the realm of Love. It is God's Will that laws and money should become His servants - we must teach them what to do. Under the reign of human law, you are being commanded. You are being told, 'Move along!' And so you move along. Money, too, gives you commands: you are offered a certain amount of money to do a job, and so you do it. However, in Love you have freedom.

"Man has a lower nature and a higher one. When the lower nature begins to serve the higher, the world will then become a better place. Love destroys the consummate union between good and evil. This union must be broken. Love destroys this contract.

"Today contradictions exist everywhere in life: in the individual, in the family, among the nations. In the end, Divine Love will resolve all problems, and all contradictions will disappear.

"As long as you work in accordance with Love, everything will be resolved: you will expand and become free. Otherwise, everything will be constricted, condensed, oppressive. It is difficult to move without inner freedom.

"There exists no better Order than that of Love. It is the most natural Order and the greatest. And when we are woeful and sorrowful -it is for the paradise lost: the World of Love. We must rely upon the Divine which is within us, rather than the cash register which is external.

"Abundance will contribute to the resolution of social problems, because abundance is connected to Love. If Love is missing, you are outside of the Law of Abundance. The nations have many laws, but have they used them to improve life? They have improved it in certain respects, but the Divine within man remains undeveloped and so the nations have lost faith and have become totally materialistic. Life has become mechanized. Due to the absence of Love, error came into the world. And because of Love, Goodness has come into the world.

"At one time, the consumption of alcohol was prohibited by law in the United States of America, but people found ways to obtain it and drink. The conclusion is that the law is not the answer. The human laws are not the way to educate people. A new way is needed for man's development. Laws exist in Nature which we need to discover that we may improve life in accordance with them.

"If a culture cannot uplift the human heart - is it really a culture? We need to come to that culture which satisfies the needs of the mind and of the heart. This is the Law of Nature. You give a certain kind of food to a child and he becomes ill. Instead, you must give the child such foods which will provide the required nutrients.

"If we set Love as the foundation, life will change radically. Today public order is obstructed: in its pipes exist sediment, sand, stones, etc. A new system of drainage for this public order needs to be installed.

"Suffering will force man to take up the path of Love.

"No culture can uplift humankind; but the Divine can, and its foundation is Love. Therefore, instill Love as the foundation of your life, and She will rightly resolve all your problems.

"The new Teaching can be verified by experiment. Let them give me a village of one hundred homes in order that I may apply the Law of Love. Then let them see what the result will be after ten or twenty years. Let the Bulgarians see such an experiment.

"I would consider that a society has applied the art of how to love under the following conditions. When a man enters a town, he will only meet people who are satisfied and content: he will hear no complaint nor see a single tear. Try to find such a society in this world. We cannot boast of such a thing. Everywhere in the world suffering exists - sorrow and misfortune. Let those people with the greatest intelligence come out now and instruct humankind on the new Path.

"People wish to know what the future order will be. The future order already exists. You take in as much air as you desire; you take as much light as you desire. This - here and now - is the Divine Order. The same will be with the bread. In the future order, the strong will be the servant of the weak.

"We concern ourselves now with a most important issue: the issue of Love. All are discontent, because this most important issue of Love is not yet resolved.

"God is telling you, 'Go out and bring My Light into the world. Tell all that the Love of Sublime Intelligence which comes from Above has now come down to earth. She is the soil out of which all good seeds shall sprout.' And so, we will tell the people, 'Love exists in the air which we all must breathe, in the light which we all must take in, and in the bread which we all must eat.'

"All contradictions in the world result from the absence of Love.

"Order will come into the world only through the Word which is Love! That which can set the world to right in one moment - this is Love. With Her, all things proceed rightly. If you do not have Her Power, nothing can be attained. No Teaching can be applied without Love.

"For a man to enter into a dispute with the Divine is like Jacob's wrestling with the Angel. How can people dispute God's Will? What has any nation achieved by this? That which all nations desire is of the human. Should a nation desire the Divine - this is a different matter. But all desire that which is human.

"The Divine Order is Eternal. No man can stand against it. Man can oppose it, but he cannot stop it. It shall be realized!"

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 02:51 PM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
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Smile The Great Connection


The question about the future of humankind - its social problems and struggles - was raised.

The Master said:

"God's Love is now coming: that Love which will unite all people into one. All are searching for the One Great Law which will unite all people, all beings. This Law is Love. No other law - no other system - exists which can improve your life other than Love. You can apply it in practice, but it must be applied rightly.

"In the world, only one Power exists: the Power of Love. I recognize no other authority. There exists no other government greater than Love. Every other power bows before Her. For the building of the new order, the Law of Love must be applied.

"The second Law is the Law of Wisdom. Love brings Life, whereas Wisdom brings Light and Knowledge.

"The third Law is the Law of Truth which brings Freedom.

"Apart from these Laws, no society or nation can be built. They are the fundamental principles upon which the future life will be based. Apart from these no teaching exists. They have their application in the whole of Nature.

"The Bulgarians have a motto, 'Unity creates the power.' Two words are missing in this motto. It should read as follows, 'Unity in Love builds Power.' Love unites. Unity without Love is mechanical. People desire unity, but unity without Love is impossible. The Law states:

Love creates a universal bond among all beings. There exists a fundamental link which connects the whole of humankind - this is Love. A few merchants can unite for a common work. If business interests have brought them together, this union is temporary and will fall apart. This is not a genuine association. If, on the other hand, you are united with one another through Divine Love - then no power exists which is able to destroy this bond. If this connection is absent - then everything you do will turn to dust and ashes. Until Love comes to dwell among men, they will continue to speak to one another in alien tongues."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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