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Old 08-17-2017, 02:59 PM
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Smile The All-embracing Love


The Master addressed every person and being with attention and respect. He revealed to his disciples the great unity of Life, pointing out the place and significance of everything in the whole of Life. In this manner, he gave us a guiding idea with which to study Nature.

The Master explained:

"Each leaf needs to love all of the other leaves on the tree because of its dependence upon them. An interconnection exists among all beings. You need to have an intrinsic relationship with all living beings. We are searching for that relationship which existed among all souls in the Beginning.

"Within every being - plant, animal or man - you will find at least one good quality for which you can love. For as long as some people are agreeable to you while others are not agreeable, you will regard things from outside of Love.

"Even within the least form, an Angel is hidden who after thousands and millions of years will transform this form and reveal to it the knowledge that it carries within itself

"Now you will study the Love towards the whole. This is the Law which God will teach you. By yourselves you will not be able to learn this Law. Someone else will need to teach you. Who? Only the One who has Knowledge can show you how to love the whole. Who is this scholar? God. If you do not learn from Him, you will remain ignorant.

"What does a river need to do while it passes by the trees? It needs to leave something of itself. What does a man need to do when he passes by other people? He needs to leave something of himself. If they are dead, he must awaken them, ignite them, set them aglow. If you enter into the all-embracing Love, when you find yourself in Nature, you will listen to the singing of the birds, the humming of the insects, the flying of the butterflies, and you will rejoice. You will then look at the flowers in bloom, the trees that bear fruit and the sun that shines, and again you will rejoice. And lastly, when you go among people and listen to how they speak, you will again rejoice.

"In the all-embracing Love, all beings will become your friends. The reptiles as well as the frogs that are looked upon with revulsion will become your friends. You will look at them with sympathy rather than revulsion. When you encounter a turtle, a frog or a snake, you will know why the turtle carries its shell on its back, why the snake crawls, why the frog is cold. To apply this Love - this Knowledge - means to become a sublime, great spirit.

"In my opinion every heart which is not open from morning until night that it may give everything it has and accept everything which falls upon its lot is a heart that is not normal.

"When you enter into the all-embracing Love, you become connected with the whole Universe. You will then feel the suffering of all living beings.

"You love one person; God desires that you love others as well as you do this soul. This love you have for one is a model for God to show you how you need to love the others as well. "If a grocer has only one customer, he will go bankrupt. If a man loves only one person, it means that he is a grocer with only one customer. If he loves one hundred people, he is a grocer with one hundred customers. The more people you love, the more profit you will have. The greater the number of souls which you are connected with that much more your consciousness will be invincible and your memory - stronger. Man's success depends upon the number of souls with which he is connected. If you love one person, your knowledge is equal to one. If you love two people, your knowledge is equal to two. The number of people that you love will define the degree of your knowledge.

"In the all-embracing Love, you will feel an intrinsic joy. The consciousness of all beings forms one unity, and you will communicate with this collective consciousness.

"The great Love is like a great water. The great water is not murky; it does not produce silt. The small water is murky and does produce silt.

"The Teaching which I give is not a teaching of ordinary morality. It is a Teaching of great Love. She can improve the health, enlighten the mind, expand the heart, give impulse to the spirit. To whatever party you may belong - from whatever nation you may come - make use of this Teaching.

"When I see a man, I do not wish to know any details from his past. This is not of my concern. Why impart any negativity to myself?

"The one who plays music or sings - be it to an audience or to one person - must be loved by them.

"One soul who loves you is sufficient for you to be supported in the times of hardship in your life. Imagine then what can become of a man when not only one soul but countless souls direct their love towards him. Such a man can become a singer, a musician, an artist, a man of science: whatever he wishes - he can become.

"We can imagine then what progress - what sublime culture - will exist on earth when the Love of all towards all does come."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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