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Old 08-17-2017, 03:10 PM
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Smile In The Mountain


Today with our beloved Master we went on a springtime hike which we all loved so much. We departed at early dawn, climbed the steep path while it was still cool and met the rising sun high up in the mountain. We performed the Paneurhythmy exercises, after which we sat down near the brook that flows through the young greenery and the flowers. One could feel the closeness of the mountain peaks from which a fresh coolness was descending upon us. The big snowdrifts were shining in the sun here and there. Everyone was feeling the pulse of the great life, the surge coming from Nature.

In conversation the Master said:

"When climbing in a high place - because the path varies and there are flat and steep places - all organs are activated and man becomes healthier.

"In the early spring, observe the violet color of the snow on the mountain slopes. This is a result of the influx of prana, this is the color of spring.

"Many people are climbing the mountains today. The young generation in Bulgaria who is visiting the mountains is to be relied upon.

"The high peaks are dynamic centers. They represent a reservoir of power which will be utilized in the future. The mountain peaks are connected with the earth's internal forces and the cosmic forces as well. At the same time, they are pumps which suck up toxins. If you feel indisposed, climb a high mountain and you will feel refreshed and invigorated.

"When we built the fountains in the Rila Mountains, we instilled in them the new ideas. Whosoever drinks from this water will perceive something from these ideas.

"There was a time when elephants, mastodons, lions and tigers walked here in Bulgaria.

"All of the mountains of the Balkan Peninsula will undergo a certain leveling; and after a time they will become fields, while the fields will become mountains.

"In the past, Vitosha was higher than at present.

"When you go into a mountain, remain in that place to which you feel drawn.

"When impure people try to go to pure places, they are not admitted there: the weather worsens, and they must return home.

"If you are walking in the mountains, keep only one thought within yourself. If three or four thoughts come into your mind, you will stumble. Never think about bad or negative things while in the mountains.

"Places exist where when one sits down, he receives inspiration. There is a great benefit to such sitting down.

"Ideas and thoughts exist which manifest at an elevation of 3000 meters. Others manifest at an elevation of 3200 or 4000 meters. Every one of you can verify this Law!

"Should you climb the Himalayas to a certain elevation, and through your mind, pass those ideas characteristic for an elevation of 5000 meters, then you can say that the elevation at which you are standing is 5000 meters. For example, a meat-eating person climbs the mountain and suddenly the idea not to consume meat any longer comes into his mind - this indicates that he has reached the elevation at which this idea was born. This elevation is 8000 meters. When one reaches the elevation of 9000 meters, one forgets his nationalism. The higher you climb the more sublime are the ideas which occupy your mind.

"Beautiful are those places where no man has set foot. Seek out such places. There exist in some places in the Rila Mountains some of this primordial element, and should a man walk in such a place, he will rejuvenate instantly. Some day you should walk in such a place. At that moment, a new epoch in your life will begin. Living vortices exist in Nature which transmit the sublime forces to man.

"If we climb a mountain in order to perceive what God wants of us, such climbing is meaningful. And when we descend into the valley in order to bring to the people that which we have received in the mountain, this descent is meaningful.

"We have come to the mountain to enjoy the domain of our Father. Since you have come, forget everything old. A transformation in your outlook must take place. The one who comes to the mountain should set himself free of a bad habit, shortcoming or pain.

"The Divine World is far more beautiful that the most beautiful mountains, than the most beautiful places in nature here.

"All spiritual centers in the Rila Mountains, the Alps, the Himalayas and other mountains are interconnected. In the Rila Mountains, great diversity exists. There are places in them upon which no man has ever set foot.

"Thousands of years ago, the Intelligent Beings knew that we would go to the Seven Lakes in the Rila Mountains and they prepared them for us.

"The 'Roupite' peaks are beautiful. They look like a big city. Roupite are the most sacred places in the Rila Mountains. The word 'Roupi' has in its root 'rouh' which means 'the dwelling place of the Spirit.' In the Roupite there is an occult school.

"The region from the River 'Beli Iskur' to the Roupite - the so-called 'Skakavtsi' - is the sanctuary of the Rila Mountains. Inaccessible places exist within it.

"The oldest occult School is situated within the Rila Mountains. The Himalayas are newer mountains. From the Himalayas, initiates are coming to the Rila Mountains to study. There is an ancient University within the Rila Mountains. The initiates from the Himalayas come to study in the libraries of Rila. A school exists in the Alps as well, but the oldest School in the world is in the Rila Mountains. The Beings who dwell there have ethereal bodies.

"Knowledge is stored in the Rila Mountains. The cultures of Egypt and India originated from the Rila Mountains and later became widespread. The future holds much to be learned.

"What is the significance of these sacred centers? They are working for the new culture. These luminous Beings of the mountains do not appear to people, except when people have Love for them."

The Master pointed to the great valleys and peaks in front of us, and said:

"If your eyes were open, you would see pictures here from A Thousand and One Nights. Intelligent Beings are present here. You should make contact with them. Address them and greet them with the following words, 'Luminous Brothers, we greet you and desire that God blesses you! ' They will then answer you, 'That which you have said to us let it come back to you as well."'

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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