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Old 08-17-2017, 02:08 PM
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Smile The Gifts Of Love


There are days when Nature is in an upsurge, bringing a feeling of revival and inspiration to all.

This morning we all went with the Master to a meadow above the woods. On the horizon, the snow-covered peaks of the Rila Mountains were visible. The shrubs around us were opening their leaves, and below us the fields which had been sown were turning green. Springtime was in its full glory.

It was here among the rocks that we camped. We kindled a fire and placed upon it our constant companion, the red teakettle. The Master sat down next to the big round stone and opened his traveling barometer and checked the altitude - it was 1800 meters. Before long, the sisters were serving tea and we had our breakfast. There was a radiant silence. The mountain world spoke with its voiceless beautiful language. The conversation began gradually.

The Master said:

"You are hungry. You want to satisfy your hunger. You are thirsty. You want to satisfy your thirst. Love is such a thing. When it comes into your heart, it will awaken within you the desire for work.

"What does Love represent? It is the Door through which one goes to God.

"Hatred is also a door, but through it one departs from the Presence of God.

"If you cannot enter into the Presence of God in this world, it will be impossible to do it in the other World.

"Only Love can reveal to you that which is sublime and noble.

"It is sufficient for one to take in a single minute particle of Love for him to feel an upliftment within his spirit. In Love, there is Light, Joy, expansion Life, favorable conditions for growth, and the chance to partake of all Blessings.

"Love shares even the smallest of crumbs.

"Wherever there is no Love - there suffering and death exist.

"If you have love for the Immortal, you will become Immortal.

"Whenever you love, you gain something.

"Love brings consolation. If you seek consolation apply Love.

"When Love comes to a poor man, he becomes wealthy. In Love, you expand and rise upward. Without Love, you diminish and descend. In Love, no one falls. The one who loves ascends.

"All beings are uplifted through these three things: Love, Wisdom and Truth. In this, there is no exception. Throughout the entire history of Creation, not one man exists who can say that he has uplifted himself in some other way.

"What is Love? That which always succeeds.

"What is hatred? That which always fails.

"If someone loves me, he benefits. If I love someone, I benefit.

"Why is it that you cannot attain your desires? Because you have not come to know Love in Her Fullness. When one has Love, everything else is easily attained.

"Health is due to Love.

"The lack of Love has never contributed anything. It is power taken away from Love and used in a different direction. This lack of Love will become powerless, grow tired and need rest. The need for rest indicates that we need to come to Love so that we may draw energy from Her.

"When Love is speaking to you, you have everything. There is no greater suffering than that when Love ceases to speak to you. When Love does not speak to us - the reason for this is our lack of understanding.

"When Love comes, everything is within reach. When Love goes away, everything is out of reach. When the sun comes, everything is clear. When it sets, everything is unclear.

"In the Presence of Love, you must make use of the smallest gifts of Love. Do not ask for the greatest gifts.

"To love is the hardest thing, but also the easiest. There is nothing easier and more difficult at the same time than this. Someone says, 'It is easy to apply Love.' For the one who has knowledge, it is easy. But for the one who has no knowledge, it is difficult.

"The man of Love has everything in abundance. It is a wondrous power. As soon as one encounters Divine Love, he connects with abundance and shares it with his neighbors.

"In human love, everything perishes.

"The only thing which gives of itself is Love. All that we have is due to Love. That which is always giving, always flowing, and never ceases to flow - this is Love. Love says, 'I take away everything, and I give everything.' For you to come to understand Love, you need to give.

"In the manifested, revealed and realized Love of God: the Good sprouts, Justice grows, Truth blossoms and Wisdom bears its fruit.

"Wisdom and Truth cannot be understood without Love. Love is that which gives the impulse for Thought.

"Love does not pay attention to the external forms alone. As long as you pay attention to only the external forms, you are in the physical world. When you begin to pay attention to the content, you are in the Spiritual world. And when you pay attention to the meaning, you are in ? the Divine World.

"You can recognize someone only if you love him. Only the one who loves can see. The one who does not love sees as if in a fog. He does not see, and he does not understand.

"When you go to Love, you will give up everything that you know. You will not elaborate upon your hardships; you will tell Her about nothing. She does not desire that you speak to Her about the past. Neither does Love desire to know about the future.

"Every open door speaks about the understanding of Love. Every closed door speaks about the misunderstanding of Love. It is said about someone, 'His heart is closed.' Do not attempt to knock on locked hearts. Someone wishes to be wealthy, famous, powerful. These are locked-up hearts. These things have nothing to do with Love. Someone thinks that if he dresses well or if he has much knowledge that he will be loved. Knowledge is only Love's servant. In no case, can it take you to Love; it is just a vehicle of Love

"You love someone. He is only one word in Love's language. All people are Love's words. And yet, because the people here on earth are not good, they cease to be Love's words. As a result, contradictions appear.

"Love is the freest act of the Divine.

"When one speaks about Divine Love, courage is required.

"What is the meaning of Love? It is to teach man to live rightly.

"Special days of Love exists about which only we [the Advanced Beings] know.

"Love - without being carried away by it. I would like to be able to convey to you the state of that soul which is filled with Love and alive with faith in God. What beautiful garments such a being is wearing! There is nothing more beautiful than finding the man within whose heart the Love of God abides. This is the meaning of finding a precious stone or a wellspring. This is the image which you need to have about Love.

"If you go into a desert with the Divine Love, She will transform it into a garden. Love is the strongest, but is a Power as well. No single external power can oppose Her.

"The Angels bow down before Love. When She speaks through man, he becomes strong and powerful. Powerful is the one who has Love. You can accomplish nothing if Love does not work through you. Without Love there is no power, no health, no life. I am aware of how long a man will remain with me - depending upon the strength of his love. When someone loves, he stays longer.

"Love is springtime; the lack of Love - winter. The lack of Love can be compared to sunset; and Love - to sunrise. Love is a Fire which no man can extinguish. Once you are ignited by the Fire of Love, you will bum for unto Eternity. All bonds will disappear. There is only one which will not disappear - the bond of Love.

"Where there is Love, everything will occur. Where there is no Love, everything will be destroyed. Man must abide in Love in the same way that he abides in the light and the air.

"A man of Love cannot be tempted, nor is he a temptation for others. When the weak obstruct the Path of Love, Love yields and goes around in order not to run him over. For all those who do not know Love, God has special methods. He will teach them.

"If the tree comes to love you, it will bear sweeter fruit. When you go to a wellspring, and if it loves you, it will start to bubble and flow more powerfully. If it does not love you, the rising of the water will diminish. If someone's hand comes to love you, is it the hand that loves you? Behind the wellspring there is an Intelligent Being who loves you.

"The world suffers because of the small love and is blissful because of the abundant one.

"The meaning of Life is in the eternal striving towards Love."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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