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Old 08-17-2017, 02:32 PM
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Smile Guidelines For The Earthly Existence


At times, the Master would give us rules to live by. All may attempt to apply them. These are the jewels from his great knowledge of Life.

The Master told us:

"Man needs to come to the realization that he will always be in school. After finishing one school, he will enroll in another. One might complete his grade school or university studies, but there is another University which has no beginning and no end. Man's earthly existence prepares for another and greater existence. It is a laboratory in which different experiments are being performed.

"Man must dwell on the sublime for a long time that he may have sublime thoughts, feelings and actions, in order to build that which is virtuous in his character.

"Whenever a sublime thought comes into your mind - disregard it not. Welcome it instead that you may bring it into realization. If you do not receive it, an evil thought will come in its place. In such a case, inferior beings will vandalize you through their psychic vampirism.

"You need to sort through your thoughts, feelings and actions.

"When a Bulgarian places a duck's egg under a brood-hen and a duckling hatches, the hen does not become its mother. Those thoughts which we disagree with are not your own. Eliminate the ducklings: permit only the chicks to remain."

The Master told one of the brothers:

"Your deceased mother and father are working through you. Sometimes they suggest negative things to you. You need to educate them. Someone offends you, and your father tells you, 'Do not tolerate this! Rebuke him! You must defend your honor! ' Your mother whispers similar things to you as well. Tell your father, 'What good would it do if I were to quarrel with him? I would raise a scandal. The result would be regrettable; and in the end, should he tell me that I am a so and so, nothing will have changed.' Tell your mother, 'He is not such a bad man. He said these things while he was agitated. When he gets over it, he will be a good man again.'

"Scripture tells us, 'You will tread on vipers and scorpions.' This means that you must become a master of all of the negative elements within you. The least transgressions conceal within themselves the potential for larger ones. This indicates that transgressions can multiply. It is of no significance whether the transgression is large or a small: it is only significant that the seed of error is not found within you.

"In the correction of an error, your will can become empowered. The one who cannot correct his error has a weak will."

The Master told one of the sisters:

"You are quick-tempered. When you feel that you might become enraged, take up a watering can and go water the flowers. In this way, a change in the flow of energy will occur.

"Should a person be impatient, let him journey to a mountain region upstream of a crystal clear river.

"When you listen to people who are arguing, an imprint of this image is recorded. Time passes, but the tape remains in you - and from time to time - it plays forward: it hums. For this reason, it would be better that you did not listen or give your attention to the bad words and actions of others in order that they might not be recorded by your consciousness.

"Imagine that your pocket is filled with coins. Yet after a while, 'you reach into your pocket and discover that it is empty. Your heart must not wince: it must remain silent and calm. This is how the advanced Beings educate you. Some Beings will tell someone to put some money in your pocket. A little while later they tell someone else to take the money. Or perhaps you are given health, and a little later it is taken away. The purpose of all these experiments is your fortification.

"You pass by a beautiful and well-furnished home and tell yourself, 'I wish I had such a home!' This is incorrect. Another time, you say, 'I am not such a bad person; I am not like him!' Again you are mistaken. Rejoice that this person has a beautiful home.

"Scripture tells us, 'Resist not evil.' This means do not resist the negative within yourself, but instill the Divine instead and the negative will vanish.

"One must eliminate all knowledge that is not significant that he might not harm his innate gifts. Adversity often besets people today, because they do not know which things have significance and which are of little significance.

"When your disposition is good, you build your world; whereas when your disposition is bad, you destroy it. When a man does not give proper expression to the spiritual forces within himself, he will eventually harden. A person will say, 'I am not well-versed.' In such a case, sing or play an instrument. Use the gift which God has blessed you with. For example, you are a tailor. You might not be handsome, but make clothes for the people and they will befriend you. If you are a farmer, go to someone's garden and plant. If you are a violinist, play for people and they will befriend you. If you are a cobbler, make shoes for people and you will come to know them.

"There are some beings who emit cold: when they pass by us, they draw our warmth. There are others who emit heat: when they pass by us, they take away our cold. If you emit heat, then - wherever you go - you will be well received. But if you emit cold, you will not be well received.

"Do not speak about those things which you plan to do: speak about them afterwards. Should you speak about things ahead of time, you will meet with opposition.

"If you desire to express your opinion, do not hasten: contemplate on it until you have found a more sublime mode of expression.

"I will suggest to you a guideline: each time you have a book to read, you should extract an idea of significance which you can apply.

"Be gentle and considerate to one another, because Divine Thoughts and feelings only grow where there is reverence, respect and thoughtfulness. When you are approached by a person who is gentle, you have a good feeling. You have a good feeling, because he is enveloped in warmth. Health is dependent upon suppleness. If one loses this, he will become brittle and become easily ill. When I say 'suppleness', I refer to the manifestation of the soul in the physical world. When I say 'gentleness', I refer to the manifestation of the soul in the astral world.

"Should someone offend another, he offends the Divine within him. He will make amends for this with suffering.

"When you see a withered flower with its head hanging down, attempt to discover the cause. Should you feel despondent, you will then have something in common with this flower. Seek a way that you may help it. Should you perceive that it needs watering, go and get some water for it. The moment that you do this, the flower will raise its crown and joyously look to God's Domain. If one is intelligent, he will comprehend that water is a symbol of Life and is capable of improving the conditions of all that lives. Therefore, should you become discouraged, hesitant or full of doubt, instill the Divine Life within yourselves.

"If you are able to transform negative states into positive - this means that you are an erudite person. What do these negative states represent? The Universal Law for transformation states: man must rise above despair. If a person who is sorrowful would elevate himself into the World of the One Reality, his sorrow would transform into Joy. In the World of the One Reality, there are no contradictions."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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