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Old 08-17-2017, 02:37 PM
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Smile Divine Science


We were conversing on the subject of modem science. One brother spoke with much enthusiasm about the wonderful achievements of the biological sciences, physics, chemistry and technology.

The Master explained:

"We are only beginning to make use of Divine Science. From this time forward, we will begin to apply its Laws. Man will learn how to free himself of his mental and emotional weaknesses that he may develop an illuminated mind, a pure heart and a will as hard as diamonds.

"Science is a manifestation of the human spirit. The science of today will vanish: only those things which provide the greatest benefit will remain of it. Everything else which we have busied ourselves with as little children will be gone forever. Do you believe that the Angels occupy themselves with the modem laws? Do you believe that chemistry and physics will remain at their present level?

"Do other Laws exist in addition to the natural laws? Indeed, other Laws exist which have not yet been discovered. Today's science is based entirely upon the material. A man stands next to a wall and tells you, 'There is nothing behind this wall.' Not so. Behind this wall, many wondrous things exist. Just because one cannot see them does not mean that they do not exist.

"Modern science is merely an introduction to Real Science. The Real Science is not in opposition to the authority of the science of today and contemporary scientists. Contemporary science provides the data which enables the rational mind to evolve. The rational mind must evolve, and it cannot do so without this data.

"Man's knowledge is limited: it only relates to the material world. Modern science is concerned with the study of minerals, plants, animals and so on. I do not disregard this science, but a new Science with a new Knowledge is now coming into the world.

"When man is lacking in Knowledge and is focusing his attention on the outer appearance, he only sees how the book is bound. And yet, the disciple should direct his attention to that which is written within. Real Knowledge is not to be found in the forms, but in the understanding of its Laws.

"Some knowledge is required for the human existence; other knowledge is as an adornment to this existence; yet another is the Blessing which gives power and vitality to man.

"Man should complete his human studies in order that he might enroll in the Divine School. When I speak of Divine Science, I am referring to that Science which studies the Essence of Life. The Purpose of Divine Science can be stated as follows: to study the Supreme Intelligence manifested in Life; the external and internal conditions of Life; and the living evolution. The one who is fearful cannot be a student of Divine Science. For this, courage is required.

"Divine Science is alive. The words 'Divine Science' refer to that Community of Intelligent Beings who have attained Real Knowledge. You need to learn how to commune with them. And then you will accomplish something for them, and they will do something for you in return. Each day I meet and commune with these Beings.

"Why does man need science? In addition to its applications in the physical existence, it develops a person's capabilities and shapes the human head as well. By examining a person's cranium, one can determine which science he has occupied himself with predominantly.

"Divine Science offers the ways in which the body can be made healthy and strong; the thoughts and feelings may be restructured; and the nervous system fortified. This can be applied to the individual and the entire nation as well. Occupy yourselves with Divine Science and its methods that you may comprehend them and apply them in your daily life.

"Great Knowledge awaits you in the future. Today's knowledge is beneficial as well. And yet, man is a student who must progress from one level to the next: from the one of the present to the one of the future. I have not yet spoken of this Science, because it must not be contaminated: Divine Science is only for those souls who know real Love.

"The technology of today is very limited, unlike that of the people of Agartha 60, 000 years ago. The vehicles with which they traveled through the air were called 'dragons of fire'. This technology, however, was available to only a few. In contrast, the technology of today is made available to all of humankind.

"It is not possible to comprehend the material world if you are not connected with the Ideal World: in other words, one must be connected with God.

"Man must strive for right understanding which Divine Science provides.

"The adepts of old made use of a magic staff which they would carry in their hands. However, real adepts carry no staffs.

"There exists a science for children; the Science for the Angels; and that Science which belongs to God. Someone tells you that he knows something. I rejoice for him, but his knowledge is only of the material. Do you understand the Science of the Angels? You will study the Science of the Angels in the future. Do you understand Divine Science? I do not begin with the Science of Angels. I do not begin with the Science of the saints. I begin at the Summit with that Science which belongs to God. This is the most intelligent of all the methods which is why I begin with that Science which is the most complex.

"Divine Science is required that man may study the art of living. However, this does not mean that one must neglect his study of the material world. Everyone on the spiritual path must be knowledgeable of mathematics, anatomy, physics, music and so on. These are the introductions to the Divine Science. Study the material world. After you comprehend it, you will begin to perceive the Divine as well.

"A person's level of development is determined by his status in the experiential school of the material world. When man begins to master the conditions of the material world - this indicates that he has begun to master those of the Divine World as well. His knowledge of the Divine determines the level at which he will work in the material.

"You have come to earth to study in the experiential school, and now you are being tested. A professor explains a problem to you. You tell him, 'I understand.' You have not understood. You must solve this problem on your own. A person is able to understand only when he solves the problem by himself. In the natural world, only that which you solve on your own leads to knowledge. The remainder is only a helping tool."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 02:37 PM
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Smile Realization Of Man's Aspirations


Once the Master told us:

"Should a person who is ill tells you, 'I shall not die; I shall live for an additional fifty years that I might complete the work for which I came to earth' - he has addressed his task rightly and will prove himself to be fruitful. You ask, 'Is this possible?' Everything is possible for the one who comprehends the Laws. However, for the one who does not comprehend them, everything is obstructed.

"Something happens to you, and you ask, 'Why did this happen to me?' Because you dwelled upon it.

"When a person desires that his aspirations be brought to realization, he must focus his thought. A strong concentration is necessary for solving the great assignments of life. By focusing your thought, you will draw the thoughts of all similar minds. In such a way, your thought becomes the focus of the thoughts of all who think as you do. This is the way in which great ideas manifest. Every great idea - even the one that is born out of the mind of a single person - is collective. Many minds have focused their attention on this thought before it becomes manifest in a man of genius.

"Someone aspires to something - to become a musician, a poet or some other thing - and yet, he becomes discouraged. If a person aspires to fill his life with Divine Thought, he must begin to work on himself today that he may be prepared. However, a time limit should not be placed upon this. That which man cannot accomplish today, can be accomplished tomorrow. Opportunities will be greater in the future than they are at present.

"Do not feel discouraged when your aspirations are not brought to realization immediately: they might become realized ten years from now. Conversely, an entire lifetime might pass without realization. When you aspire towards something, you must be willing - at the same time -to work for it. Always be assured that you are being supported by the Intelligent Nature.

"The Law states: rejoice when a person realizes his aspirations that you may realize yours as well.

"Should a person desire to realize his aspirations, he must come to understand the Divine Plan for Life Eternal which God has already set in motion. When you walk on the Divine Path, all your aspirations will be realized."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 02:38 PM
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Smile The Senses


One of the brothers related the following experience, "One afternoon I lay down, fell asleep and dreamed of a friend of mine who was starting out towards my home from the center of the town. I followed him the entire time until he came to my door and knocked. Indeed, at this moment, he knocked on my door. I awoke and let him in." The Master explained:

"In the present century, there is a lot of insight. The radio sheds tight on the spiritual world and the television - on the clairvoyance. A school which addresses clairvoyance is needed. However, this would not be for everybody.

"All people do not develop at the same rate: the gifted will learn more easily. For example, you can teach a person to play an instrument, but he might not have the gift to become a true musician. The gifts are given to all, but the degree of their development will differ from man to man. Man must learn. The nervous system in man needs to adjust in accordance with the development of his gifts. A more sensitive nervous system is needed. The nervous system of the well-developed man is more sensitive and is able to receive the short waves, to receive 'transmissions from afar."

One sister shared her fear of visions. The Master said:

"Your fear indicates that you are not yet ready for the other world to be revealed to you. The centers for communication with the other world have not yet been developed in man. These need to be developed. We are already capable of connecting with the Invisible World. The Invisible World has already installed its latest device.

"Man must learn to deal with the two Great Powers: Intelligence and Love. If you have faith in these, your eyes will open. I have the desire that your eyes will open. But when? When you become strong-strong enough that the new world which will appear before you does not cause you to be afraid. For example, an Angel appears to someone and gives him instruction as to what to do. Such a man can resolve all contradictions; he can heal all disease. Because the Angel has appeared to him, this man will become strong.

"As a clairvoyant, you will experience great suffering. You will see not only the good things but the bad as well. Knowing this, the Invisible World does not awaken in man those abilities for which he is not ready. For this reason, do not desire that your eyes be opened prematurely. Begin with the following: to see in man only the good, only the positive.

"The Method of the White Brotherhood is as follows: one must develop the twelve basic virtues before he is ready to develop clairvoyance. If you have a beautiful hallway adorned with beautiful paintings, but it is dark - what significance can it have for you? But when the light comes in, the beautiful paintings and the beautiful hallway will become visible. If the light should come in, but the hallway is not adorned - if there are no beautiful paintings in it - then the view will not be agreeable, but will be ugly. It is preferable for the hallway to be well adorned and decorated before the light comes in. I speak symbolically.

"Should you desire to be in contact with the Beings of the Invisible World, you will need to awaken your spiritual senses. Within the body - and within the brain - powers are hidden which need to be developed. It is sufficient for a man to contemplate for one hour each day on the great spiritual questions in order for him to begin seeing beyond. That is to say, it is sufficient for man to enter into a state of inner peace in which he detaches himself from the physical world for him to be able to perceive the spiritual.

"Everyone is able to become a clairvoyant; but in order for him to do so, he needs to detach and to isolate himself from all impressions of the physical world. Otherwise, in that moment when he would be able to see something from the Invisible World, something from the physical will distract his attention and he will see nothing. At first when one sets aside all things external, he passes through a dark zone: he finds himself in total darkness. If he is not afraid - then after a short while he will perceive a faint light which will begin to increase. This means that he is entering into the Invisible World. The one with the sixth sense can see from behind, from in front, from the side - from all directions. He can see at a distance of thousands of kilometers. And he can see through walls as well. That is to say, if your sixth sense is developed, you will be able to see even through a solid barrier. As you can hear with the help of the radio what is being spoken in far away countries, so too, with the help of the sixth sense, you will be able to see what is occurring in them at that moment.

"In the future, people will be able to perceive thought. The soul and the spirit will then be visible. Today they are invisible; but in the future - the mind, the heart, the soul and the spirit will be visible. People today say, 'The visible will remain visible, and the invisible - invisible.' I say, 'When we meet in the future, you will see my mind, heart, soul and spirit and I will see yours.' This is the new Teaching. The world will undergo a great transformation when all error and transgression come to an end. Everything old will remain in the archives.

"One may study a person not only from the features of his face, but from the colors which surround him as well. This is accessible to the clairvoyant, but not to the ordinary man. For example, if one nurtures within himself sublime and noble feelings, he will be submerged in a soft pink color. The more one's feelings take on a lower nuance, the more the color will darken. Not only do feelings have specific colors, but thoughts do as well.

"The experienced clairvoyant reads from the colors as from a book. From the opalescent color, one is able to discern the degree of human intelligence. If one is loving, one can see a particular, soft nuance of the pink color which emanates an agreeable glow from his heart. When you come to the will - a white light emanates from man. It is the color of virtue. Among these three colors - the opalescent, the white and the pink the other colors are interwoven. This interweaving of the colors forms the human aura. From the aura, the clairvoyant can discern how advanced a man is in his spiritual and mental development.

"If you have developed clairvoyance within yourself when someone speaks the truth to you - you will see a beautiful blue color emanating from him that is not comparable to anything else. Simultaneously, you will see a beautiful pale yellow color emanating from him. If someone is lying to you, you will see darkness emanating from his aura: he will be surrounded by darkness.

"If your ability to see increases, you will observe that the eyes of many people emit dark unpleasant rays which can cause harm towards anyone whom they are directed. These appear as red flames, similar to those which come out from a hot furnace.

"Should a man become very sensitive and directs his gaze upwards at a forty five degree angle, he will see sublime Spirits; and at forty - five degrees downward, he will observe a dark color permeating the ground in which the inferior beings move.

"For a clairvoyant to be able to withstand the sight of those who have passed beyond, he must be able to withstand their vibrations. In order for him to withstand their vibrations, he needs to consider them as living beings.

"Oftentimes, those who work towards the development of clairvoyance have the following experience. In front of them, a ball of light with many different colors appears. It rises up, and when it reaches a certain place, it transforms into a sublime Angelic face which smiles and then disappears. The Angel is saying, 'Go and learn. I will study at another place. Farewell.'

"In the future - when people are using their sixth sense - they will read the Book of Nature and comprehend it.

"According to some philosophers, one is able to perceive through the five senses alone. Those who have Knowledge say that man has twelve senses: that is to say, twelve doorways. Man has five senses at present, the remaining seven are locked away from him. When I say that man has twelve senses, I refer to those which man will develop first over the course of his evolution. According to the Divine Science, man has altogether forty-nine senses. In addition to these, man has others as well; man's senses are innumerable. Man will come to know God as God knows him only when he has developed within himself all forty-nine senses.

"I say to a young man, 'Tomorrow you will meet a wealthy man, and you will talk with him. He will like you and will help you to continue your education.' The young man asks me how this is possible. I tell him, 'You will see for yourself and will believe my words. I do not tell you about something which will come to pass in a month or in a year, but tomorrow.' For the one who can see, all things are possible.

"The ordinary sounds which are accessible to the human ear have approximately thirty-five thousand vibrations per second at the most. And yet, sounds have been discovered which have as many as three hundred thousand vibrations per second. These are the so-called 'ultrasounds.' That is to say, many sounds exist which are not perceived by man."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 08-17-2017, 02:39 PM
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Smile The Law Of The Parts And The Whole


We worked the entire day in order to capture the water which was flowing into a nearby ravine and collect it in a pool from which water for the vegetable garden could be drawn. It was the Master's idea to use this water. At the end of the day when we had finished the work, we gathered around him as he began to speak about the Law of the parts and the Whole.

The Master said:

"Some people say that the world is bad. This is a misunderstanding of life. This is an incomplete consideration of things. As soon as the hand rejects the body, it becomes ugly: it begins to decompose. If we look at the world as a whole, it will be beautiful. Man needs to perceive the whole of life. He needs to look at each phenomenon as a part of the whole. The world appears to us as being scattered because we see it not as a whole, but as separate parts.

"An intrinsic connection exists among all things. Each question regarding humankind needs to be addressed from the viewpoint of the whole. Humankind is one great organism: the nations are its systems; the communities - the organs of these systems. Man needs to understand his destiny as a part in the whole organism that he may find his place within it. What will happen to the organism if each cell wished to live for itself independently of the rest? It would fall apart. This idea is drawn from the Scriptures in the words, 'All are represented in the Body of Christ.' If one leaf of the tree falls, would it retain the same relationship as the others which remain on the tree? The whole of humankind is the tree and each man is a leaf on this tree.

"Every change in the whole is reflected in its parts as well, and vice versa. Much of man's suffering and joy is the result of change in the Universe or in the joy and suffering which other beings experience and one absorbs.

"Everyone needs to perceive himself as a part of the whole organism that he may work for the good of this organism.

"The individual life gives rise to evil. If only one finger of the hand wants to participate in a task without the participation of the other fingers, it can accomplish nothing. Do you know what isolation is? There is nothing more terrible in the world than this. The one who is lonely can be compared to the finger which is cut off from the hand and thrown away somewhere. No greater misfortune for a finger exists. Likewise, no greater happiness for a finger exists than to be part of a hand and to do its work in service for the whole.

"If you put into your mind the idea of living only for yourself - this is the same as instigating your own death.

"Beautiful garments are made of fine threads. Should you separate the threads - in and of themselves - they will represent nothing. But if the threads are well woven, the result will be something beautiful. Each being is significant only with regards to the life of the whole. One must live for the whole of humankind, for the whole of the Universe. That is to say, a higher ideal exists than that which you now live for. Then man will be of benefit to all. Should one stray from the path - all will abandon him, all will forget him. The one who desires to be benevolent, let him direct his energy for the upliftment of the whole of humankind: that is to say, for the good of all. In this way, you will connect with the Intelligent Beings who are helping you.

"And so, write, play music, work - not for yourself, not for your own glory, but for the Glory of Him who has provided the conditions for you to manifest yourselves. If you do not work with this idea in mind, you will lose everything.

"You expect upon completion of a task to receive a large payment, to become famous. But this is the ordinary life. When you share your apples with others, keep the smallest for yourself. If you should set aside the biggest, most beautiful apple for yourself, a great misfortune will come to you even after thousands of years."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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