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Old 08-17-2017, 02:46 PM
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Smile The Law Of The Parts And The Whole


We worked the entire day in order to capture the water which was flowing into a nearby ravine and collect it in a pool from which water for the vegetable garden could be drawn. It was the Master's idea to use this water. At the end of the day when we had finished the work, we gathered around him as he began to speak about the Law of the parts and the Whole.

The Master said:

"Some people say that the world is bad. This is a misunderstanding of life. This is an incomplete consideration of things. As soon as the hand rejects the body, it becomes ugly: it begins to decompose. If we look at the world as a whole, it will be beautiful. Man needs to perceive the whole of life. He needs to look at each phenomenon as a part of the whole. The world appears to us as being scattered because we see it not as a whole, but as separate parts.

"An intrinsic connection exists among all things. Each question regarding humankind needs to be addressed from the viewpoint of the whole. Humankind is one great organism: the nations are its systems; the communities - the organs of these systems. Man needs to understand his destiny as a part in the whole organism that he may find his place within it. What will happen to the organism if each cell wished to live for itself independently of the rest? It would fall apart. This idea is drawn from the Scriptures in the words, 'All are represented in the Body of Christ.' If one leaf of the tree falls, would it retain the same relationship as the others which remain on the tree? The whole of humankind is the tree and each man is a leaf on this tree.

"Every change in the whole is reflected in its parts as well, and vice versa. Much of man's suffering and joy is the result of change in the Universe or in the joy and suffering which other beings experience and one absorbs.

"Everyone needs to perceive himself as a part of the whole organism that he may work for the good of this organism.

"The individual life gives rise to evil. If only one finger of the hand wants to participate in a task without the participation of the other fingers, it can accomplish nothing. Do you know what isolation is? There is nothing more terrible in the world than this. The one who is lonely can be compared to the finger which is cut off from the hand and thrown away somewhere. No greater misfortune for a finger exists. Likewise, no greater happiness for a finger exists than to be part of a hand and to do its work in service for the whole.

"If you put into your mind the idea of living only for yourself - this is the same as instigating your own death.

"Beautiful garments are made of fine threads. Should you separate the threads - in and of themselves - they will represent nothing. But if the threads are well woven, the result will be something beautiful. Each being is significant only with regards to the life of the whole. One must live for the whole of humankind, for the whole of the Universe. That is to say, a higher ideal exists than that which you now live for. Then man will be of benefit to all. Should one stray from the path - all will abandon him, all will forget him. The one who desires to be benevolent, let him direct his energy for the upliftment of the whole of humankind: that is to say, for the good of all. In this way, you will connect with the Intelligent Beings who are helping you.

"And so, write, play music, work - not for yourself, not for your own glory, but for the Glory of Him who has provided the conditions for you to manifest yourselves. If you do not work with this idea in mind, you will lose everything.

"You expect upon completion of a task to receive a large payment, to become famous. But this is the ordinary life. When you share your apples with others, keep the smallest for yourself. If you should set aside the biggest, most beautiful apple for yourself, a great misfortune will come to you even after thousands of years."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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