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Old 08-17-2017, 03:12 PM
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Smile The Divine Teaching


With the Master, we were in the mountains. Someone asked what the new Teaching is about.

The Master answered:

"The new Teaching comes now into the world to bring the New Culture and to reveal the inner side of Life. The new Teaching comes from the Invisible World and will come to be established in and of itself. These are the things which have been tried millions of times, and now they must be applied. The Teaching of the White Brotherhood is founded upon their testing: the Principles, Laws and Methods of the Divine Teaching can be tried. How can you prove that an object is sweet or to what extent it is sweet? Can you describe its sweetness alone? You can, but with that alone it will still not be understood. Yet if you taste it, you will immediately gain knowledge about its sweetness. This means that the experiment is authoritative. Man needs to try things - to test them that he may understand Reality.

"Love brings Life; Wisdom brings Light; Truth brings Freedom. These are the fundamental Principles of the new Life, of the new Teaching. This Teaching is not our own: it is Divine. First, it is applied in the physical, then the spiritual and lastly the Divine.

"What is the new Teaching? The Method for managing one's obsolete habits. What does the new Teaching consist of? The correction of the transgressions of past centuries. The new Teaching which I profess has the purpose of eradication all conditions for error and disease in the human existence. At least seventy-five percent of all diseases need to vanish. If the new Teaching cannot do this, then what is its power? If it cannot balance the forces of the mind and the heart - if it cannot give people peace - then what can one expect of it?

"If the Teaching which is being taught to you gives meaning to your life, gives you health, mindfulness, illumination and sets you free - then follow it. It is that Teaching which every soul bears. It directs man to the real Life.

"There is no 'teaching of Mr. Dunov'. There is only the Divine Teaching which has been made known to me. It is the Great Teaching of Life. I have been acquainted with it since time immemorial. Christ said, 'That of which I speak - my Father has taught me. As for myself, I speak of nothing.' This means that He did not preach His own teaching.

"The Divine Teaching is recognizable: it brings Joy, Peace, Light and every sublime Inspiration. Which teaching is right? The Teaching which gives expansiveness to the mind, the heart and the will, that which gives the impulse for growth. This Teaching is Divine.

"People exist who are paying off an old debt and are not concerned with the present. Power lies not in the old, but in the new understanding. People need to understand that yesterday's knowledge cannot help them. Today a new Knowledge, a new Science is needed for the people.

"In the future, people will have the need for new ideas. I will give you an example. A colonel had an aide who was a well-read, erudite man with a science degree. The colonel always treated him abusively. The aide endured this. Once while traveling, the colonel fell from his horse and dislocated his foot. The aide said to him, 'I know how to heal this.' 'How do you know?' 'I have graduated. I have knowledge in this field.' He fixed the injured foot. Since then, the aide became [like] a colonel, because the colonel understood with what kind of a man he was working. He never abused him again and did not permit anyone else to abuse him either. After the colonels understand what knowledge we possess, they will come to study with us: they will correct their relationship with us.

"The new Teaching will travel to the people like the air, like the water, like the light. When someone asks what the new Teaching is, give them The High Ideal to read. In it is shown in a practical manner what Nature's method is. The deep mystical questions will follow later.

"What is the new Teaching? To eat without a sword hanging over your head.

"Some old people have lost their teeth, and when apples and pears are offered to them, they cannot chew them. People exist who do not have teeth for the new Ideas. One needs to give them pabulum. The new needs to be given to the people a little at a time.

"Whosoever declares himself against the Divine will lose the favorable conditions. Everyone who does not desire to serve Truth, Justice, the Good - who goes against the service to God - will receive retribution.

"Our friends should exert care in their lives and hold only to the sacred - the Real - that they will not suffer.

"All who listen: prepare yourselves for the new and teach the others as well. Now you need a profoundly awakened consciousness to work with that you may serve and work for God. And while working in this way, be glad that you are fulfilling God's Will and everything else will work out by itself.

"We must maintain the eternal fire. From your candles, all people will light their candles.

"Some people threatened us, 'We will chase you out of Bulgaria! ' When it comes to banishment, who is it that you will drive out? This land is not the Bulgarian's: it belongs to God. England does not belong to the English: it is God's.

"Our Brotherhood has passed through the greatest obstacles.

"The Invisible World considers Izgrev to be an oasis. At Izgrev, you have the most favorable conditions for coming to know and to apply the Divine Teaching. There is no better place on earth than Izgrev. Izgrev has the most favorable combination of conditions, a unique combination.

"I desire that Izgrev be a model in order that whoever comes here will begin to understand what the new Teaching is. During the evacuation you went into the country so that you could appreciate the value of Izgrev.

"A disharmony in our brotherhood is mirrored in the world situation. For this reason, peace and harmony must reign at Izgrev."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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