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Old 10-05-2005, 07:53 PM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
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Default Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Don't Buy Into American Slave System; Washington 'Free Man' Shows How To Opt Out
Terry Lee of Washington was tired of being a slave. Since the American system is voluntary, he decided to become a sovereign citizen by using the U.S. Constitution, common sense and a lot of legal hard work.
6 Oct 2005

By Greg Szymanski

Terry Lee is a man with conviction and a sense of dignity, a hard working American who has had it up to his eye-balls with being a slave to the Corporate Republic of America.

And make no mistake about it, whether you like the term slave or not, most Americans are exactly that to a system created to benefit the rich while taking advantage of the poor.

It’s a system geared at using the labor and talent of many to benefit a select few, a system that Lee, who calls himself a “true patriot and free man,” decided years ago he no longer wanted to be a volunteer.

A wise old man once said: “Son, if you wanna get ahead in this world, never work for another man as long as you live.” Although Lee says that’s sound advice, he adds it’s imperative to go one gigantic step farther by never working or selling your life’s blood into the “corporation as long as you live.”

But before understanding how Lee, a homebuilder and land developer by trade who lives near Spokane, Washington, figured out how to buck the system, he says first it’s vitally important to comprehend that each and every America volunteers his servitude to the system from birth, albeit volunteering without full knowledge or consent.

And just as a citizen impliedly and implicitly volunteers, according to Lee, he has the same ability to release the chains and bondage by following a method he is perfecting, Lee admits, however, his method is no “overnight fix” but is difficult, time consuming and more like a total lifestyle makeover instead of a quick fixer-up course in being a so-called free man.

Although there are many patriot movements taking place all over the country, Lee says he has taken the best from each, while adding more detailed legal steps and procedures, in order to help others effectively work and live outside the jurisdiction carved out by the corporate government, rights he claims fundamentally protected by the constitution.

“I’ve been a hard working man all my life and when you go through life accumulating things and then don’t know how to protect yourself, it makes you stop and think,” said Lee this week in an extended conversation from his home in Spokane, where he now lives free from the bondage of what he calls a controlled and manipulated corporate-driven slave system.

“When I finally realized I had been lied to and technically I was not a free man but a slave, I decided to do something about it. I also realized that the rich men of the world really want to capture all the living beings and take 50 percent of their labor for their own benefit. The system is designed to control and dominate the people and I didn’t want any part of it.”

Lee said it’s important for a person deciding to leave the system to understand what’s going on in the world as well as fully understand what a person’s birth right really means and what he can become if he truly believes freedom is more important than being a slave to the government.

“We are created by pour creator to be free with inalienable rights as long as we do not harm our neighbor. There are really only two basic rules to follow, being no trespass and love thy neighbor as thy self,” said Lee. “In Isaiah 45, God created good and evil. But in my case I realized a long time ago being honest wasn’t good enough.

“I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life and once this is mastered it is our responsibility to teach our young the same beliefs in order to stop evil from being passed on from generation to generation.”

With these high moral standards to attain, Lee said out to free himself from the jurisdiction of being under the thumb of the U.S. government, starting out by first getting judicial acknowledgement from the court he was no longing volunteering his services to the system.

Lee said the process of confronting the system head on needs to be carefully thought and worded, as it is necessary to make it clear to the court system the real purpose for taking up the court’s time.

He added that the real purpose for filing the initial court papers isn’t adversarial like most court proceedings, but merely a legal venture into admitting errors were made in entering the corporate-driven government system and that these errors need correcting inorder to get out.

“This distinction is important because the law says it can correct errors but not a mistake,” said Lee, adding the first thing he wanted the court to acknowledge was that he wanted to be known as simply Terry Lee instead of the name listed on his official birth certificate.

“I presented a five page brief and 50 pages of supporting evidence proving that I can carry a name of my choosing as long as I don’t use it fraudulently and, of course, it’s not necessary to have your name legally changed. The judge agreed and I still carry the court order with me, which now replaces any type of ID card or driver’s license issued by the state.”

Lee said the court order recognizing the right to carry a name of his choosing, free from the state recognized name, is only the first step in a myriad of legal maneuvers needed in order to break the contract with the state, a contract binding most men to a life of servitude and government slavery.

“...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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Old 10-05-2005, 08:38 PM
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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Sorry, but, it's impossible. We are owned by the Bankers. The bankers own us.

Our homes, our cars, etc., etc., etc.
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Old 10-05-2005, 08:48 PM
freeman freeman is offline
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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Sorry, but, it's impossible. We are owned by the Bankers. The bankers own us.
I agree, BA. This is more of that UCC hogwash.
From what I can determine, it is sheer suicide, just pinning a target on yourself for the NWO to shoot at.
...and no crooked, Masonic-controlled court will acknowledge it, anyway.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.” George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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Old 10-07-2005, 10:06 PM
Barbara Barbara is offline
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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Imagine you are tooling along, just doing the double nickle and a zealous pair of cops spot the fact that your car doesn't have a tag? That's part of the "freeing up" process.

You get pulled over and the cop demands license, registration and proof of insurance. Without a current tag they can't run the alpha-numeric code through their onboard computer to check for insurance. Oooops, don't have those either. While one cop is writing furiously, ticket after ticket, the other one has his stun gun out and ready.

Without proper papers, you are told to exit the vehicle, hands in plain sight. BUT, you say, I have this paper from a judge that says I am well on my way to becoming a free man. They don't even want to see it, they don't even want to HEAR about it. You might as well be speaking Greek or Swahili. For your impudence of disputing a Police Officer you get hit with a couple of jolts from Office Dudley DoRite's brand new stun gun, handcuffs applied while you are trying to get your heart started again and then you are thrown into the back seat of their cruiser that smells like the bathroom in a flop house, or so I've been told.

You protest some more from the back seat, once you're able to breathe again; under the Constitution I have the right to travel. Sure you do, ever heard of walking or taking the bus or a taxi? No bicycle, even, without proper documentation and safety equipment for riding in public on streets and highways, where allowed.

The "grandfather clause" was our last best hope and those who could claim it are now dead or in their dotage, present company excluded of course. Hmmm

Anyway, back to the story. You can either pay your fines and call someone to come and drive your car for you after it has been towed to the impound lot, another 2-3 hundred dollars and an 8-10 hour wait, or you can ante up several thousand dollars in bail OR whatever the Bail Bondsman will take as collateral including but not limited to your car, your house, your first born, etc., and wait for a court date.

The rest is just too sad for words as you try to tell a judge that he has no jurisdiction over you as a free man and you wind up pleading your case anyway in propria persona(can't have a lawyer and still be free) before a jury of today's idiots who get stuck with jury duty. They hate you going in. You will be lucky if you don't get the death penalty.

Twelve months as a paralegal was 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 1/2 days too long for me.

WE ARE NOT FREE AND WE WON'T BE FREE UNTIL EVERYTHING THAT IS LAW NOW IS NO MORE. BTW, that includes the Constitution but that is for another posting.
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Old 10-07-2005, 10:11 PM
freeman freeman is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Well said, Barbara.
This "living outside the system" stuff is all a farce.
Using your excellent example, look how much good driving without tags did for Tim McVeigh... :roll:
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.” George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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Old 10-07-2005, 10:33 PM
Barbara Barbara is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2005
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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Freeman, another little true story. Back in the latter '70's - early '80's when it was THE thing to do to buy gold (sound familiar?)and junk silver to use when the currency failed, I found myself out of bread and cash at the same time.

No problem, I thought, I'll use a silver quarter and that should more than cover it. Off I go, just as if I had good sense. Get to the store, get the bread, get to the checkout - that's when it got interesting.

Of course the cashier had to call the manager over and I patiently explained AGAIN that I was paying with a pre-1965 silver quarter that more than equaled the price marked on the bread. Poor guy, I actually felt sorry for him - he had NO CLUE as to what I was talking about.

To make a short story even shorter, I left the bread, got in the car and went back home.

Moral of this story is:

1. Gold may be fine for larger purchases providing you can get someone to take it in payment for whatever you are trying to buy.

2. Silver is for smaller purchases. See #1 for caveat.

3. When the poop hits the fan (currency collapse) and you are standing there trying to use your silver to pay for bread, hoards of hungry people break down the door and loot the store.

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Old 10-07-2005, 10:52 PM
Shannow Shannow is offline
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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Reminds me of Ragnaar Benson talking about currency.

His currency of choice .22cal bullets, that can be turned into meat fairly readilly.

One of his stories goes along the lines of hoarding gold, to use after the crash...then finding out that someone who hoarded ammunition owns both their ammunition, and YOUR gold.
Liberate \'em all
and let God sort \'em out.
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