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Old 06-07-2017, 10:19 AM
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Default A Woman's Rape Accusation Reminds Me of "Japanese Style Rotation of Office".

A Woman's Rape Accusation Reminds Me of "Japanese Style Rotation of Office".




I am now listening to her accusation in the Internet radio.

And I am being surprised by the similarity between her difficulties and my ones.

I have been annoyed by a variety of stalker groups for more than 40 years.

For some time, I called, went to and argued with the police, probably more than 100 times.

There were always the "Japanese Style Rotation Office".

When I said about the crimes, the policeman, the government worker or the lawyer asked me all sorts of things attentively.

They seemed to be very curious about my accusation.

I invariably had to continue my accusation for two or three hours.

And when I was exhausted from speaking, they invariably said.

"Excuse me, I am not in charge of your accusation, please got to the other office and talk about the same thing to the officer in charge."

And when I went to the different office and talked about the same thing to another officer for two or three hours.

Then the officer finally said to me.

"Excuse me, this office is not in charge of your accusation, please go to the other department.

This kind of "Japanese Style of Rotation" always continued until I gave up.

And later I tried to repeat the accusation, there always appeared a new officer and I had to repeat the same rotation.

After more than 100 times of a variety of accusations, I finally new it was meaningless to complain to the police or governments.

And now I am complaining to the human beings all over the world through the Internet.

I have been confuse about the rotation system for many years.

But the rape victim's story bitterly reminds me of my past experiences.

And now I am convinced that the "Japanese Rotation System" is never a delinquency but a special manual which is strictly followed by the government workers, in other words the Japanese Imperial clan.

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