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Old 11-18-2008, 02:27 AM
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Cool thought you might be paranoid ? think again !

Many people have often wondered if they are being monitored or recorded during their life time .

Not because they are paranoid , no not at all , but mainly because the amount of "coincidences" that surround their everyday life , ranging from "coincidences" that cover ;

1 ) Telephone conversations .
2 ) Just a subject bought up in everyday talk maybe in the living room
3 ) Something that was said maybe in a bedroom .
4 ) A business idea that may have seemed stolen
5 ) Emails stopped
6 ) Pc viruses after talking to some one on the net about something controversial .

There are many "coincidences" that will surround their life in many ways before they come up with the conclusion that they are some how being watched , which is why it is a very good reason not to think that these individuals are paranoid , because it's more than likely , that they are correct in their conclusion .
The strange thing is that through out history including today , a 7000 year program of "assessing the individuals mentality" and not the actual "situation at hand" is always the case . It's never ever the situation being investigated .
We would then have to question ; "Why this is so ?" , when more and more people are now suspecting this to be true especially since the early 80s .

Myself and a few others I know round my way have all complained about the same "coincidence" factor of gang stalking and big bro surveillance upon them . Not just because it bothers them because of privacy issue but because it is being used to either drive them paranoid and/ or use information to totally fkup their life .

Think it cant be true ?
Think again .
I have had personal experience of this horror and will give you my experiences and what I have learned from these sick and very depraved desperate authoritarian bodies who have an incessant insane need to control people .
If they cant control them , they fkup their lives instead . So with a little humility I now give you some of my personal experiences , and just remember , they don't just belong to me , many thousands experience this harassment too . So I begin with saying ;

At 1st , many individuals don't realise that they have been targeted .
This is because they usually trust the system and those in power and have no reason to suspect them . At 1st its not always obvious to the "T,I" ( Targeted individual ) that they have been targeted .

common factors that may arise in their life , is the "coincidence" factor .
it's the 1st thing they notice and is very hard to ignore .
Gang stalking and electronic surveillance usually ends up being turned into harassment . This is how it can start /

One day they talk to a friend about a certain subject .
The next day , whilst walking into a local shop , the individual could experience a complete group of strangers , who then brings up the subject in almost the exact same way , as was previously done by the individual behind closed doors when they thought it was in private .

This is done so that the "T,I" is made aware that something isn't quite right .
At 1st this seems as a coincidence , but later on , these coincidences happen time and time again , in more detail . This is a tactic to make them feel insecure which will then eventually make them worry . if they voice their concerns to others they know they will look and appear crazy , but to their friends and family around them , nothing seems out of the ordinary , thus
the individual starts to feel or could feel paranoid. this tactic is played out over a long time , so that it is obvious to the "T,I" but to no one else .
It is a very horrifying situation for those who experience it .

I have mentioned this on another thread but feel it necessary to do it again as it is very fitting to this situation .

Also during this "coincidence" time the "T,I" ( targeted individual ) will see an increase to services around the area and an increase of persons wishing to have access to their home .

These can come in the forms of ;

1 ) Jehovah witnesses
2 ) Double glazing sails
3 ) Water companies
4 ) Gas meter readers
5 ) Electric meter readers
6 ) Local council officers
7 ) TV licence personnel
8 ) Avon
9 ) Better-ware
10 ) door salesmen for sanitary stuff

this sudden increase in traffic and personnel happens for a few reasons .

1 ) An end agenda of a quick peeky boo in the "T,I"s property .
2 ) To asses the individuals personality traits.
3 ) To test whether the "T,I" is weak or strong minded.
4 ) Find habits of likes and dislikes.
5 ) To assess their every day routines .( whether they are out or not etc )
6 ) To make them aware that something around them is focusing on them .

A way to spot it is to remember when the last time these people came to your area .
for instance a "T,I" would know something is wrong when - for instance ;
They may have just had their new kitchen fitted by the local council and had the electricians in to do the electrical work , after which a test procedure was carried out , yet 3 weeks later another engineer insists something wasn't filled in right and needs testing again . Then a week later another engineer comes round to see if you are happy with the work . Then yet again another 2 weeks later another person comes round and says they are the supervisor of the electrical team and need to know a few things or check something out .
Simple excuses like "well i don't know mate , must have lost the paper work"
or "well you know these office boys , cant get nothing right" are usually the tactic played upon targeted individuals .

Including the "increased personnel and traffic" will be an increase of "strangers" walking past the house , sometimes looking directly at their windows , or just , so happening , to want to walk up the ally next to their house , to go a long way round , just to go the other way .
little things like this and im not talking about now and again , its usually when the "increased personnel and traffic " tactic is enforced .
These patterns of behaviour again only appear to the "T,I" during these times . part of the stranger routine is an increase of strangers in their cars .
like , a car pulling up just down the road , they stay there , then go .
For instance ; Later on during the week , you are on your way to work and see that car in a layby . This is the tagging tactic as the "T,I" will then see them again within ten minutes down the road . It wont be an ordinary family car because that's not how it is done . What usually happens is an expensive sports car turns up , turns around as though lost and then go away , yet 10 minutes later your on your way to your brothers and there it is again , just down the road from him . The cars are not usually normal cars as said , although they can be , usually it's a car that is fantastically smart and expensive , thus again , only the "T,I" will know that they have seen it down their road before just doing nothing . Again to an outside observer , its all nothing to worry about but to the "T,I" , they know better .

During this time there are also strange sentiments in others around them .
This can be noticed by the individual who sees people getting all funny ,like starting an issue then backing out of it the lazy way and leaving them to pick up the mess of verbal abuse that could follow just because they stuck up for them self , and whilst that was happening , a reasoning mind would know they are innocent yet every one around them suddenly joins in as though the individual started it all .
It can seem very strange to the individual and long term exposure to this crap can really mess them up , which is why its actually used .

There are ways to see this uncanny behaviour and spot it as it arises around them . Here is how to spot those who start it and those who are easily influenced by it .
These tactics are also known as "gas lighting" in the gang stalking departments,hence they put the gas on for others to ignite . I prefer to call it "fire starting" and always have done because of the way that good practices of gang stalking and shit stirrers .

1 ) Will start a misguided issue out of nowhere .
2 ) Then Become incredulous and indignant - (How dare you say that etc.)
3 ) Create rumour mongers. They will Avoid discussing issues by describing anything in detail , regardless of venue or evidence , and will prefer to stick with rumours and wild accusations , but then refuse to explain why they say it or whom they heard it from .
4 ) Whilst questioning their motives and asking for an explanation they will "Side-track" opponents with name calling and ridicule or go onto a complete different issue .
5 )this is the classic one . The "Hit and Run" . This can be spotted as they make a comment but then refuse to say why they made it and insinuate to others that it should be obvious as to why they said it .
6) They will bring in an authoritative issue over them like so , Well i know johns mother and bla bla bla bla
7) Establish and rely upon fall-back positions i.e. they will turn the issue around and insinuate that because the individual insists on an explanation or detail , that they are blowing everything out of proportion , or are paranoid , or asking too much etc .
8) they will try to Emotionalise, Antagonise, and Goad individuals.
9) they may try to silence the individual . Tell them to "shut up" or "grow up" in attempt to ridicule or under dog the opponent .

this is a hard tactic to stop especially if the individual is out numbered and meet these people in every day routines .

Another routine of a life of a "T,I" being targeted is what i wall the "IN OUT" tactic. This is my own term that i have made my self for reasons i refuse to submit .
The "IN OUT" tactic happens like this .

Imagine MR Smith , hes just got a pay rise . All of the sudden , out of nowhere , comes an urgent tax bill for the sum of £3000. He is told to pay within 2 weeks .He phones up the tax office and protests and insist he has all his receipts and can prove he has payed and wishes to make an appeal .
Whilst on the phone he is told , that he can appeal but that takes 4 weeks . Mr smith tells them that he was told to pay in 2 weeks other wise the bailiffs come round to take his stuff . The tax clerk ( who probably doesn't even know him , or whats happening ) says ,
"OK MR Smith , we see your point and we will review this issue , however we recommend you still pay small sums of money , would you like to make an offer ?" MR Smith , protests but sees that he is fighting a loosing battle , so agrees with small payment plan while the case is being reviewed . However ,
this is happening in November just before Christmas .
Later the Christmas period has come and gone , an when the end of the January and february sales finish , MR Smith then finds that the tax office repays his money back with no apology .To which now Mr Smith finds that his rent has suddenly gone up and he owes some money from somewhere he hasn't seen before .

Now ? You may ask your self "Why the bloody hell would authorities do this ?"
so now , although gladly i don't represent them i can give a few ideas why .

1) To find out if new operatives are up to the job , this means unfortunately , that a member can be picked even if they have done nothing wrong , its an experiment .

2) The individual has been targeted because a slow subliminal program of "seek and destroy" a certain other individual is being enforced . This is a subtle mind control tactic that slowly brings into affect , a slow process of subject , that link other subjects , that then links to one person .
In affect the "T,I" is slowly being mind programmed as an assassin .
Through many many years of being electronically harassed or gang stalked , the person is slowly driven to madness , however !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
these "T,I"s are usually the acclaimed "miss fits" or "drop outs" of society , that way , in the eventual outcome , a Dr's diagnosis of schizophrenia or clinical madness covers up the "T,I"s experiences as delusions and takes away the focus from the experiences to the "T.I"s mentality instead .

3) The "T,I" is close to something very important .they may have accidentally said something important or found something out of grave matters and has accidentally told a person who may have connections else where . This doesn't mean that the person they told has totally betrayed them with an intent , more over it could have been an accidental slip up , or just a comment that as made by the person they told near some one who does think its important . From there the person they told are politely and covertly through conversation asked questions as to where and when they heard the issue , this brings back the whole idea of being laid back to the "T,I" .
Thus, an unintentional process of _ being a loud mouth , gets them in trouble for a reason that was not sinister in the 1st place but turns out nasty in the long run through no fault of their own or their friends .

4) Too much prodding big brother , we know that this speaks for it self .

5) because they started off a ( just a comment doods don't bite me just get the idea of it ) looser in life and have managed to work them self off drugs and unemployment status to become pretty self dependant , which the system does not like because if they can do it , so can every one else .

6 )a mind control experiment has back fired and a slow process of targeting take place to crush the individuals character integrity .

7 )the individual has stuck out like a sour thumb and does not comply to the systems "hold you down" rules and is making a big change in their life . The big bros do not like this as , if one person can do it , so can the rest , so they do the slow process thing hence it can be done in and around a promotion.

8 ) The "T,I" is not liked by some one up top in position of councils , tax offices etc .

So why would so many people co-operate with such a sick idea ?
well the explanation is alot more simple than you might think .

Those who have been highered for this type of operation would have more than likely been lied to by the figure head for them to enlist .

this then makes those concerned actually think they are doing it for the good of society , as they may have been told that the individual could be a terrorist , or a fraudster . To the team highered for the intent , all they know is that they do it for good reasons whilst the "T,I" gets slowly freaked out .
these are cunning smart plans and are hard to stop if these individuals have no idea who to contact about it .

Eventually the person can get paranoid if they are unable to find others who know about this sickery .It is a horrifying situation indeed .
On this note i will tell individuals who experience this is that there is also another situation that rises from this .
Sometimes , during the process , people blabb off news like hot gossip .
So word will naturally get around the area .This means , that some people could be looking at you strangely , or just making a passing comment because of rumors , this too can be widely mistaken as harassment or stalking .

I know this area very well indeed , and although i have seen some cases that are very true and so obvious , i have to admit that , like all subjects , there are also a lot of fake videos on this matter on the utube that do not cover natural gossip in their analysis .
however , lies and gossip does its own damage and is very similar in the way that it can come across which is why the topic of Big brother , surveillance ,
electronic harassment and gang stalking and mind control must be very carefully considered indeed .

If you wish to know more on this issue use the main utube sites to get is by typing in

MK ultra utube gang stalking

MK ultra mind control

electronic harassment utube

gang stalking utube

etc .
look out , some sites are actually controlled by the very enemy them selves .
but , alot of them do have some real good info.

Hope any of you have not endured this bstrd situation however i feel this may not be the case .
I also hope that this information helps any of you who have or are under going this trickery by big brother .

OH YES , Just for some advertised proof on this issue .

I now take you to a slightly different angel to show you true life admittance that local councils have placed servailance on people and trashed their lives using many techniques . This will shock you folks , believe it !
It's from an artical in a local authority magazine made by a local council that fully admits they trash peoples lives , but to see this truth , you have to learn how to undo how they put it together , so bare with me this is real bad stuff . the law actually concerns this situation .
Being "An individual who does not comply to concensors" or "AN individual who is apart from the hured" or is "inconsistant to the norm" of everyday masses .

think its not true , well let me take you to this , 1st read it , see how it works then judge for your self . at 1st the subject seems to have nothing to do with individuals , but after you will see how it actually directly attacks individuals , if you let me explain how .
i now take you to a magazine made by

Ashford borough council . August 2006 .

Artical = (title )
Making the country a safer place to live and do business .

( it says this on page 21 )
Kent trading standards supports the countries 54,000 businesses to trade in a fair , safe and lawfull manner to protect the interests of consumers with officers involved in a range of advice and enforcement activities including

1 ) targeting rogue traders and disrupting their activities .
2 ) reducing the supply of aged restricted goods .
3 ) helping to prevent the easy disposal of stolen goods into the second hand trade .
4 ) conducting focused campains
5 ) carrying out visits to traders and supporting local businesses to ensure that they comply with UK and European trading standard laws and business with complicated technical or indepth enquiries and problems
6 ) helping vunerable consumers
7 ) sending alert messages to warn consumers and partner organisations including , Citizens advice bureau , neighbourhood watch especially about rogue traders who are in their area .
8 ) warning consumers about loosing money to junk mail scams
9 ) encouraging young people to become "confident consumers" through the citizenship curriculum , and through school competitions .

Rogue traders on the increase.
trading standards are recieving more reports than ever about cold callers offering ---block paving / tarmacking / roofing / fascia / gutter repairs / tree cutting / switching energy supplies or perchasing antiques .Trading standard officers work closly with
police / community wardens / banks / volentary organisations to desrupt the activities of rogue traders and cowboys who feel no shame in taking thousands of pounds from suseptable consumers . all information recieved by officers helps identify the traders and the area currently being targeted .

Now folks , readers of this big thread , did you see it ? No ?
well allow me if you will .
definition of rogue found in the collins english dictionary .=

1) dishoenest or unprincipled person . ( but whos principles do they mean ?)
2) mischief loving person ( what ? if i love mischief they can target me ? )
3 ) a wild beast ( so bite me )
4 ) apart from the herd ( hhm , you mean masses then )

so let me straighten this out .
lets gat back to the top and see number 1 =
1 ) targeting rogue traders and disrupting their activities .

so if you are a unique person creating a unique self employed business that is different from that of the herd ( and you dont have to be a cowboy at all , just a unique trade ) you could have as quoted

police / community wardens / banks / volentary organisations to desrupt the activities

so how do they -------------disrupt your activities then ?
well if your van is mot and insured all legit etc , how do they take it away ?
they cant !
so what they do is comunicate with banks and local councils thus the "IN OUT" tactic i mentioned earlier is done on you . they use banks to put a hold on your acount , suspend benifits etc , whilst debting you with big bills in the other and , all creating a very inconvenient situation around you .

and did you see how they use law to allow the use of the word "rogue" and then justify this word next to "cowboy" to insinuate they mean the same thing when actually the 2 words are completly different in nature and name and meaning ?

yes they use the term "ROGUE" in the statute , but then undernieth justify the term "ROGUE" by using it next to "COWBOY" and then give all this info on how bad cowboys act etc . yet when we take it apart , what they are sayinfg is this .

if youve been on the doll for ages , or have never made anything work in your life , and begin to act out of the norm away from the herd , they will totally fkup your life using the above departments to do so .and they will do this in number 4 = 4 ) conducting focused campains and will also use number 5 =carrying out visits to traders and supporting local businesses .

Now if this doesnt sink in that this is real and we are all being fkd , nothing will sink in .

and by the way , this was admitted in 2006 , so this has actually have to had been tested 1st .
also , this is nothing , they have been doing it for years .
so ! if you think they are playing on your life

your probably right , and you only have to be a person away from the herd who does not comply to the consensers of things to have this harrasment .

it is now at the point where The Government have been using here in Britain for the last six month lie detectors on each and every call made to Department of Works and Pensions, offices this included Job Centres as well as Social Security Claimants. So successful are the units, fitted to call operatives computers, that in the four areas that they have been trialled, that government now wants to roll it out across the country ahead of the twelve month supposed trials. The unit and software picks out fraudulent claims and in one area, within two months of its use, a quarter of a million pounds was stopped from fraudulent claims. Just how this is effecting the mentally ill, who may suffer from paranoia, those who genuinely suffer lack of confidence, or the like, has not been measured. Government as I acrulatly reported here in a previous posting, is determined it will reach its target of removing over one million people off Incapacity Benefits and those on long term sickness benefits . People are presently receiving through the post demands for them to be reassessed. After paying G.P's huge increases in their pay the GMC has advised its members not to engage with government plans advising that the plans would lead to a break down in the doctor patient relationship already damaged by existing contracts. In Secret plans revealed, here for the first time and because the British media will not publish information that is being leaked to them by fearful civil servants whose fears are that Britain is beginning to resemble Germany in the early 1930's. It is known that out of frustration the Home Office has put forward plans for what are known as "Revolving Door Patients". This refures to patients who suffer from long term drink and drug related problems or have been diagnosed with a Dual Diagnosisí condition and who are now regularly and openly refused admission into A&E departments, leading to the Police having to be called to hospitals after drunks and drug addicted people who become violent on being refused treatment. This leads to arrests and over crowding of the prison system. Realising the immense size of this problem the Home Office instead of building more prisons, which would not solve the problems it, was decided and cross benches have been aware of Governments approval of the construction of holding centres, which began to be built around Britain. The Home Office using the Mental Health Acts will begin to forcibly detained persons who are presented as having conditions diagnosed as medically termed PD's (Personal Disorders). Parts of the Mental Heath Act allow for the detention of a person who is medically considered to be of a danger to their selves or others . The new holding centres purposely designed securely to hold a patient for periods that allow for the rehabilitation of a patient. Between one and up to five years, has been considered by most experts to be a period that allows the brain to rehabilitate and stop the panging of an addiction. The Mental Health Act is the most powerful detention order HM government can supervise. This was recently spoke about in Stephen Fry's program about bi-polar disorder in which Doctor Liz Miller explained how she was sectioned under the Act it's power can order that a patient forcibly be injected with any drug that a Doctor may wish to administer to the patient, despite the patient and his families objections. This is the most evil of all practices when considering recent event in the USA where it has been shown that the use of anti-psychotic drugs of which a drug called ZYPREXA known as Olanzapine and worth 5'8 Billion (June, 2007)to its makers Ely-Lilly is just one of them used. In a class legal action, brought against Ely Lilly. Eight thousand people who's body organs namely the pancreas where damaged to the point of making them diabetic (See here how the company is still trying to ban website from displaying information which a judge ruled on Olanzapine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) or to develop one of man's most painful conditions that of Chronic Pancreatitis. The company agreed to pay out in an out of court settlement. (Please do your own research because it is important that you understand that even after this our government still allows the use of this drug to be prescribed) Medical staff who work in Mental Health are presently to vote for an indefinite strike action, should on November 1st 2007 their colleague and an extremely brave nurse be sacked for openly criticising new plans being implemented by the former CEO of Ramptom Hospital, and who recently took up the position of CEO of Manchester Mental Health Trust. Sheila Foley is sitting as judge and jury in the disciplinary hearing of CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) Karen Reissmann, who after twenty-five years working in the NHS offered her professional opinion of the new plans. Karen who is a UNISON member studied along with her colleges the plans. Immediately labelling them to be unprofessional and ultimately to be unworkable. Sheila Foley was brought in, pacifically to be used to assist in carrying out governmentís policy. On the very morning that Karen Reissmann was given promotion in her job she was later that day suspended from it. Nursing Staff at Manchester gave their support but were tipped off that the policy behind the reason for which Karen was speaking out against was coming from very powerful men and that it would be wiser to let Karen do the talking. As soon as Karen was explaining to a journalist why she had been suspended she was ordered that she was not to speak to anyone concerning her suspension. News was out and the Bedlam that is now happening in Manchester is just the beginning of what started in the so-called Nazi Germany. Before the Germans started on the Jews they had been carrying out solving the problems of "Personal Disorders" with the full agreement of the German Folk; they told them the problem and then told them solution. In Manchester, the Nursing Staff have held strikes. The nurses offered to cover the wards at North Manchester Mental Hospital. NHS nurses do that even when they go on strike. Sheila Foley acting some say off her own back order the Buses and those patients who could not go home, were injected ordered on to the waiting Private buses and transported out to private holding centres in Darlington and Bury Lancs. On arrival at the Bury centre the patients were woke from their drowsy drugged induced sleep, strip search and placed behind walls that ensure that no child will ever be allowed to kiss their mother or fatherís lips. For the patientís safety and to ensure that no drugs or alcohols may be passed over. A problem that cannot be controlled in the NHS they cannot get nurses or staff to do that work. However, in the holding centres things are controlled by uniformed private security personnel; The Labour Party under Mr Blair and Mr Brown received one million pounds from the owner of the Priory Centre Group. They made him a Lord. When you have seen too much and when you know too much and after being in a war zone and your mind can take no more the British Armed Services place you in the private care of these private organisations. Given enough neuroleptic drugs, you stop thinking about your environment. However, if your body is wounded then you go in to the NHS because Mr Brown sold all the British Armies Hospitals. Remember at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, how could any one forget number 33? The government are fully aware of how intelligent the people with Bi Polar are after all they know of all the master minds who suffered from the condition some say when they go high its like they become super charged. Churchill called it the black dog when he went low. Prof Basanti Puri has proven that by taking fish oil capsules that contains 90% EPA that clears the channels in the brain. He knows this because he is an expert in MRI scanning and he has seen that the brains of those patients who take this oil display changes within their brain and the depressive side, the black dog, disappears. He wrote a book on all this and thousands of patients take the oils. The Prof will tell you that he has had over three threats upon his life by the drug companies. He told the government and the civil servants informed the press. for information see the only two companys that will supply the oil at 90% EPA no DHA www.vegepa.co.uk and www.mind1st.co.uk The British Government are aware of the NHS Prof. B. Puri he works at the Hammersmith Hospital in London.

Benefits savings to fund therapy explosion


An army of 3,600 people are to be trained in cognitive behavioural therapy in order to deliver the treatment to almost a million people suffering from depression and anxiety over the next four years. Announcing the move, health secretary Alan Johnson claimed that the £170 million cost would be paid for out of savings that will result from 25,000 fewer people with mental health conditions claiming benefits
Cognitive behavioural therapy usually involves a course of 6-12 meetings with a trained therapist. The treatment deals with solving current problems rather than trying to discover the past causes of current feelings or behaviour. According to NICE it is as effective, but no more effective, than drug treatments for conditions such as depression and anxiety.
Many claimants will welcome the possibility of receiving such treatment, which is currently often unavailable from GPs surgeries or subject to a waiting list of 18 months or more.
However, there is concern that CBT may become a one size fits all remedy offered to anyone reporting a mental health condition. Not everyone with depression or anxiety will benefit from this type of quick-fix therapy. Even those who do may find that their symptoms return after a short time if the underlying causes have not been addressed.*
There are also concerns about the level of training and experience that the new wave of therapists will have and at the role that unqualified private sector Pathways to Work personal advisers may have in referring claimants for therapy.
© 2007 Steve Donnison

* This was my experience. Conversely, I have found seemingly permanent results to some of my problems with the equally quick EMDR therapy, and have been impressed by the results I have seen in others who have undergone Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. I think that there may be error in putting all the hopes on just one therapy which although it undoubtedly does have results, they are often short-lived.
I also have concerns about the competence of the practitioners, who will often have had little experience if they are to be freshly trained. I fear that the rapid introduction of the programme may result in a similar situation to the original Learn Direct Scheme, where the training offered was often on paper only and never materialised, or it was of poor quality and in the hands of those who jumped on the delivery bandwagon in order to claim the cash, but were not actually up to the task, and the claimant never got the training they had enrolled for.

So , if you think you are being watched / monitored or played upon , how do you prevent it or at least minimise the damage .

some steps can be taken to confuse and throw off cours these sick people .

1 ) always be careful of what you say on the phone as all uk phones are tapped !
im not saying shut up , im saying , be careful how you say it .

2 ) make a note on how long you spend on sites .
maybe the next day turn your computer on and click into different types of sites .
this mix and match will confuse the big brother , maybe .
the next day , try a new thing like catalogues or Indian news etc . anything to appear random . you might even have to do it for a couple of days .
common masses subjects you can click into , but not take part are as follows .
page 3 girls / not porn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever ! beware of porn !
online games
seeing sites on flood defence
electric prices
B&Q prices
meditation master , coffee prices
anything that is random !
a look at bingo sites now thats a masses mentality thing to do and that's really it . the masses are completely brain dead and don't really do much else , but don't forget , spend time on them . get involved if you feel like it , but do it for a while as the character profiling machine will not be able to make a spot on reference .

3 ) . make as small amount of phone calls as possible !
and don't talk about anything too much and keep the language down .
as bad language indicates anger and character instability . ( you never know , you could end up with quacks at your door )

4 ) texts . make as small amount as possible same as phone calls .

5 ) turn off your mobile as much as possible .
they constantly communicated to satellites , and mobiles are untrustworthy anyway as it is quite possible to use new age machines to listen into people even when the phone is not in use , which is why , when you turn it off , take the battery out !

6 ) . only take the mobile with you on important trips .
say like , when you are taking the kids etc as you might need a break down service , but remember , just because you might have forgotten yours , other members of public have them too . better to make a phone call from their phone i suppose the choice is yours .

7 ) very important ! when you walk around your local town start making a note on where cameras are put .
this helps for number

8 ) . take car journeys on routes with the minimum surveillance equipment possible .

9 ) randomise your routine of driving and travelling .
randomising your routine makes you unpredictable . its a good tactic . but this also means randomise your routes of going into town etc .
its not easy to remember , but it is a good tactic .

10 ) .learn to misdirect others .
no im not talking about fraud .
im saying , don't always tell people you have meetings or are going out that night to meet a friend etc . by the way people , if any of you are under 21 , don't lie to your parents please . im not talking about being a complete idiot .
im just saying , you could be in an interview or a chat with a person who works in a council department .
if you have been to the library and was looking at the conspiracy section .
if you were still switched on and spent some time in the food section too ( to throw off 24 hr surveillance systems of what you read ) then you could say during conversation .
"yes the libraries great Ive just been there to look up a beginners guide to cooking Italian etc "
its not quite a lie , but that doesn't mean your telling all the truth .
sometimes , other people don't need to know exactly what you are doing .
its not a lie , so there for , your conscience can also rest .

11 ) don't just suddenly change everything .
do it slowly over a period of time . we have already been watched .
all they are doing is bringing in the law that publicly admits what they've been doing for ages .
this way they can do it openly , that's all .
so don't go changing too quick now , otherwise they will be on your case as to find out what you are hiding .

times are getting close guys and girls , its soon time . we must think carefully .
the time is near !

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