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Old 06-02-2018, 11:15 PM
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Smile Here is a method for dealing with evil

"Because human beings have come to consider the forces of evil as invincible adversaries, they are constantly torn in different directions and unable to re-establish the inner unity which gives them the strength and ability to master every situation. You will say: ‘But what can we do? Here we are, caught between the forces of good and evil.'

First of all, realize that you will have this problem to contend with as long as you live on earth. Here is a method for dealing with it: you must learn to respond to the forces of evil, to those entities who want to trap you in their nets, but you must never respond with violence because this only makes them stronger. So when you feel them approaching, in the form of temptation, or negative thoughts or feelings, do not attack them. Tell them you are delighted they have come, welcome them, turn on the lights, lighting all your inner lamps. The visitors will flee because they are ugly, badly dressed, and do not want to be seen. Yes, it is only by means of the light within that you can respond to the spirits of evil. Do not fight them, just carry the light, and thanks to this light you will make steady progress every day along the road to inner unity."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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