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But in what lies the so special character of this order?„ The supreme leadership of the universal Freemasonry is held by the international Order B’nai B’rith26 headquartered in Chicago together with the ascending secret groups , B’nai Mosche, B’nai Israel, B’nai Zion, occultly ruled on their turn by those mysterious Wise Men of Sion”27, says Florin Becescu.

26 Some authors use the form«B’nai», the other ones prefer «B’nei». But, in any of the two ways I found it as being written: it is one and the same word.

27 Florin Becescu, Freemasonry. Crime-Espionage--Anarchy, The Publishing House of the Newspaper «Order of the Time», Bucharest, 1936, page13

Is it so?

Here the Jewish publication Israelite of America, regarding the entire Freemasonry not only strictly B’nai B’rith, mentions: „The Freemasonry is a Jewish organization whose history, grades, symbols and conventional passwords are Jewish from the beginning up to the end”28.

28 Israelite of America, August 3, 1866, apud Iron Guard Objective, Year II, no. 1(7), January 2004, page 14, [O.L. 1(7)]

And Jean Bidegain in a speech held before the Great Orient of France adds: „The Jewish people both remarkably by their instinct of domination and by their science to rule created the Freemasonry to enroll in it the people that not belonging to their nation bind themselves nevertheless to help them in their actions, to collaborate with them in order to establish the reign of Israel among people”29.

29 from the speech of Jean Bidegainbefore the Great Orient of France, 1905, în [O.L. 1(7)], page 14

And when you answer me that Hitler placed Masonry outside the law – trying by this to suggest me that even if he was perhaps Mason at a certain time he rose against Masonry –, I shall invite you to think over the following quotation from the Famous Freemasons: „In 1944, D. Ruggenborg noticed: «...I think that Mussolini and Hitler are two adequate examples for the fact that such characters, apparently against the Freemasonry, would have to be analyzed more carefully.»”30. Hitler, „was initiated in 1922, in a lodge in München. It was the creation of Freemasons from West(. Hitler defended the interests of Freemasonry and some of brothers that, subsequently, had influential positions within the German National-Socialist Parliament”31.

30 Emilian M. Dobrescu, Famous Freemasons, Nemira Publishing House, Bucharest, 1999, page 83
31 ibidem, page 79

„D. Ruggenborg says how Mussolini forbade not the Freemasonry to which some Fascists belonged but only the «Roman direction» of the Great Orient of Italy(, increasing, thus, the influence in Italy of the United Great Lodge of England”32.

32 ibidem, page 83

That’s right, but even so: The Masonry, an appendix to the Hebrew , Hitler Mason and, implicitly, subordinated to Hebrew power.
Nevertheless, how could have been, only for one moment, to some Jew people cross their mind the thought to order to be killed some members of their own ethnicity and even in a proportion of genocide?
Especially, considering the wonderful intra-ethnic solidarity specific maybe in the highest possible level just to the Jewish Nation.

The study Degeneration of the Jewish Race33 of Dr. Paulescu outlines a possible track:
„The word degenertion (from genus: gender), – when it is applied to a race of people – means an alteration of the character of the human gender.
But, often, the word Gender is replaced in the scientific language by word Species.
Under the influence of some morbid reasons – that cause lesions in the nervous system and especially in brain – the degenerated race changes the characetrs of the human species.
It refers to the field of Patology and it is deterorated more and more – by various malformations and by disturbances in the functions or organs – until it reaches, finally, to be made up of cripples, insane, epileptic , imbecile people or imbecile monsters...that are incapable to reproduce any more”34.

33 «Jewish is the term included in the title of the said research; and according to which, obviously, with the proper grammatical modulations there are named the Jews whenever Nicolae Paulescu mention them in its content.

34 Nicolae C. Paulescu, Degeneration of the Jewish Race, Bucharest, 1928, page 11

„The degeneration is the expression of some atrophic lesions or malformations located in certain territories of the brain cortex – and that are transmitted by heredity”35.

35 ibidem, page 17

„The atrophic lesions of the brain cortex – that are specific to degeneration give disturbances in sensibility, – in motility, – in instincts, – and in will”36.

36 ibidem, page 25

„The congenital anomalies of brain give disturbances in the development of the bones of the skull, body and limbs”37.

37 ibidem, page 20

„The degeneration of Jews( is due to the hereditary transmission of malformations of brain”38.

38 ibidem, page 14

„Talmud [«written expression of oral Tora », according to Alexandru Şafran, Israel and its roots, page 49] imposes the Jews, – that are degenerated by heredity, – a( cause of degeneration of the most efficient one,...and namely: Marriage only between those of the same blood.
This reason showed its tragical degenerative effects on the Noble people from various Countries that marry only between them”39.

39 ibidem, page 15

I confess that, at least, for me, it is credible that the perspective of being produced such an intra-ethnic catastrophe could not leave impassible any ethnic leader regardless of whose endangered nation. And that, in the end, if it was in his power, he would resort to the most dramatic remedy, although with the most severe heart pang: physical assassinations of the unrecoverable degenerated people40.

40 But what I cannot believe and I dare to say that any man with minimum judgement of common sense, not especially doctor or genetician, refuses also to believe, it is something else. And namely the saying of the same doctor Paulescu, according to whom the entire Jewish nation is degenerated: „The Jew form in Mankind a peculiar race that is degenerated”., ibidem, page 11
I have my entire respect for the qualities of researcher of the man of science Paulescu materialized in multiple and profound studies and scientifical discoveries but I consider that he proceeded entirely as not being honest when showing the photos of the mentally-retarded Jews (see pages 22 and 23 of the quoted study) he extrapolated the exception considering it as a rule and even an absolute one.

And the relative non-development of the thirties years of genetics cannot excuse him.
As those Jews about whom in the Hospital, the Coran, the Talmud, the Cahal, the Freemasonry he also tells that they are strategies that guide the World Freemasonry cannot be, in any case, some mentally-retarded people.
Moreover, so many and many common Jews with whom anybody intercrosses currently or even talk to, it is obviously that the are normally built.
And what to say more about a certain Lazăr Şăineanu (the chair assistant of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu and author of the pertinent folklore research The Fairy Tales of the Romanian), or a certain Moses Gaster (contemporary with Mihail Eminescu and a brilliant ethnologist)… Can they be really mentally-retarded?...

Furthermore, i have the feeling that Nicolae Paulescu operates with a false premise.
In my opinion, the example that is given by him as analogy (of some noble families from the Western Courts of Europe) regards only those marriages between blood kindred between I-IV degrees of kindred (i.e. starting with brother-sister and ending with german cousins).
But also the experience of genetics states that beyond this degree of kindred (i.e. above it) the crossbreeding between blood relatives does not bring any prejudice to descendants but, on the contrary, they are benefic to them offering them a surplus of psychic and physical vigour.
And it is impossible for me to think that an entire nation can crossbreed only brother-sister or, in the less worst case, he-german cousin – she-german cousin.
That the said destructive crossbreeding can be practised by a minority segment of nation, more possibly consistent from percentage viewpoint (considering the narrations in the Old Testament) – at the Jews than at other nations seems to me more near to the truth.

And in Stalin I consider not to see at all a «big case », an exception. Even his name – Djugaşvili – gives me a valuable indication about his „Georgian origin”. And I suppose that also to anyone that found out what means its translation ...
So I am not surprised at all to found out that „on September 27, 1944, at the request of the Soviet people, the American General Donovan put at their disposal the complete list with O.S.S. personnel from Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yougoslavia and from the regions occupied by the Red Army. But from that moment, all the partisans from the Eastern Europe and from the Balkans that had connections with O.S.S. officers were put on the black lists of K.V.D. The O.S.S. officers saw powerless how their colleagues from N.K.V.D. suppressed step by step the opposition to the communist domination in the regions that were set free by the Red Army”41.

41 Cristopher Andrew & Oleg Gordievski, K.G.B., All Publishing House, Bucharest, page 231, apud Nicolae Mitrică, Episodes from an Undeclared War, the Sixth Part, in Magazine Freemasonry. Terrible Revelations, no. 10/2003, page 22

And then the quotation from Jewish Banker – „It could say that the Marxism is the fiercest enemy of the Capitalism that for us is holy. For the simple fact that they are opposes poles, they give us the two poles of the Earth and they allow us to be the axis. These two opponents the Bolshevik System and we ourselves find to be identified in the International. These two opponents that are the doctrine of the two poles of the society are met in the unity of purpose that is the renewal of the upper society by the control of wealth and of the lower society by revolution.”42 – to be that really a naivety?...

42 Quoted from Jewish Banker, by Comte de Saint-Aulaire from Geneve contra la Paix, Librarie Plan, Paris, 1936, apud [O.L. 1(7)], page 10

The same with the next one, from The American Hebrew. It means: „The revolution in Russia was the product of the Jewish brains, of the discontent of the Jews, of their planning whose purpose is to create a new order in the world. What could be achieved so well in Russia due to the Jewish brains because of their discontents and by their planning, by the same intellectual and physical effort it will have to become also a reality internationally”43.

43 The American Hebrew, September 20, 1920, apud [O.L. 1(7)], page 8

Or perhaps even this quotation from he Jewish World...:„The great ideal of the Hebrew is that the entire world to be filled with the Hebrew learning and, then, in an Universal Brotherhood of the nations – in fact in a great Hebrew System – all the individual races and religions to disappear”44.

44 The Jewish World, February 9, 1883, apud [O.L. 1(7)], page 7

I add, more because of scrupulosity, that in the same biographical collection The Famous Freemasons you find again also Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (page 55) beside Roosevelt Franklin Delano (page 84), Washington George (page 85) or Truman Harry S. (also at page 85). That the logo of the United States of America (that you can see in great format on the wall of the Embassy of the United States of America) has above (significance clearly defined by heraldry) the head of eagle the star in six corners – of David – made up of small stars among which the hyphen must be mentally drawn ...

On all this background, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu45, no. 1 in the Iron Guard hierarchy, referring to Romania, said firmly: „The Jewish System is communist but not for «love for people», but only because of hate for the Romanian State that only by triumph of the Communism it could see as being fallen down and put under the total heel of the Jewish domination.

45 It means that the Romanian that still in 1922 made publicly the entire proof of his even military qualities of exception as well as of and, at the same time, of the self-assumed decision to have preferred to be he himself killed instead that Romania should be communist. Of course, I have in view the incredible victory that he had aginst the strike of those 5,0000 armed communists in the yard of Railway Workshops of Nicolina in Iasi. Victory that baffled the plan of invasion of Romania in that year by the troops of the Red Army.

The triumph of the Communism coincides with the dream of the Hebrew System to dominate and exploit the Christian peoples by virtue of the theory of the «chosen people», upon which it is relied the Jewish religion”46.

46 Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, For Iron-Guardists, vol. I, Publishing House Totul pentru Ţară, Sibiu, 1936, page 370

„The triumph of the communist movement in Romania would mean: (the abolition of the Church, the abolition of Family, the abolition of the individual property and the abolition of freedom. It means, in a word, our dispossession from what forms the moral patrimony of mankind and, at the same time, the dispossession from any material assets in favour of the profiteers in the shade of the communism that are the Jews”47. „The Hebrew System reached to dominate the world by Masonry and in Russia by communism48”49.

47 Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, The Little Book of the Head of the Nest. Manual of the Iron Guard, in Iron-Guard Objective, Year I, no. 4,October 2003, page 26

48 But N.B. neither Codreanu nor the Iron Guard hates the Jews. Neither as individual persons; and nor as collective living human being – the Jewish Nation. And also they did not hate any other nation.
Eh, as any normal living and biological body characterized, i.e., by sensitiveness and reactivity, they raise against those Jewish ATTITUDES that they considered to be detrimental to the legitime rights and vital interests of the Romanian Nation.
„It is worth mentioning the fact – says Roxana Simionescu – that as against the other nationalist organizations in the inter-war Europe (Croatian, Belgian, Hungarian, Slovak) the Iron Guard Movement was not incriminated by the Court of Justice in Nürenberg”., Roxana Simionescu, Introductive Note to the compendium the Iron Guard Doctrine. Concise Review, Lucman Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003, page 17
And it was incriminated not so „due to being imprisoned in Auschwitz the Iron Guardists that retreated in Germany”(Nicolae Mitrică, Episodes from an Undeclared War, the Third Part , in Magazine Freemasonry. Terrible Revelations, no. 7/2003, page 9), but, as specified by Ion Varlam, especially „because the Iron Guard stated clearly in its doctrine that people are bot different by colour or blood, hence it could not be accused of raciism. It was against the Jews as representing a distinct religion with a distinct moral and with a distinct mentality, hence a foreign body with «modifying» influence within the national commnity. But the Iron Guardists had not them at target for racial reasons saying that they are genetically inferior and so on and so forth”., Ion Varlam, Conspiration of De-Conspirationi, page 333
Edifying in this respect is that „at the Congress of NSDAP (The National-Socialist Party of Workers in Germany) in 1935( the leader of the Romanian delegation was Ion Moţa, that had a doctor’s title in philosophy got, asa a matter of fact, in Germany. As regards the racial theses about which it was talked much at this reunion, Moţa replied from the tribune with Hitler being present and enthusiastically speaking (what caused very much anger to the German chancellor that required not to be invited in Germany any more), saying(: «The racism is the most vulgar form of materialism. The poeople are not different by flesh, blood or colour of skin. They are different by their spirit, i.e. by their creation, culture and religion». This idea that was mentioned in many articles of Moţa did not enable the co-existence between the Iron Guardists and the Nazis. That is why there are speculations that Ion Moţa would have been killed...”(ibidem, pages 336, 337)

Not at all lower as revealing value: „Story with the Jewish corpses hung in hooks at the Slaughter House”.(Răzvan Codrescu, In Search of the Lost Iron Guard, page. 15) About it, Răzvan Codrescu reveals: „There is a denying note signed by almost the entire personnel of that time of the Slaughter House in Bucharest sent to newspapers Universul and Dreptatea, but the publication of which was forbidden by the censorship of Antonescu. Prof. Dr. Radu Iftimovici explained clearly the facts using quotations, testimonies and photocopies in Expres Magazin no.87, March 25, 1992, under the title Dissipation of a Legend. Progrom from the Slaughter House (material published also under the form of brochure). There is also in this respect a testimony (testimony n.n.) made in jail by Petre Pandrea (attested by Petre Ţuţea, Dumitru Funda and Simion Ghinea), that ( investigated the fact on the spot because of anti-Iron Guard zeal(«At that time I was – he used to say – a imbecile companion of goal» of the Communists). It is uselessly to add that it was never spoken about the identity of the said victims or about what happened with them (with corpses n.n.)...( Eugen Cristescu himself( told Petre Pandrea about the counterfeit of the photo with the corpses from the Slaughter House in the offices of the State Security”. (ibidem, pages 15, 16) See also Radu Theodoru, Was It or Not HOLOCAUST?, Lucman Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003 – Chapter The Iron Guard Rebellion. The Lie of the Progrom in Bucharest. The Outrageous Lie of the Corpses from the Slaughter House, pages 198-212.

49 ditto, For Iron Guardists, page 73

How much desirable could be he – Codreanu – and, implicitly, the Iron Guard Movement to the powerful men of the world? Communists, masons, it does not matter.
By the way, as regards the potential possibility to allow the existence of the Christianity in Masonry, you find in work The Romanian Masonic Order the specification:
- „April 1929: gr. 30, Octavian Goga militates for foundation of the Freemasonic Christian Block.
- «Mr. Octavian Goga, that although is Mason, has no idea of the role of Freemasonry as he dared to speal in the lodge about Christianity– mistake for which the Masons will never forgive him. Mr. Goga went so far with his naivety as he proposed that the National Lodge to be called the Christia-National Lodge.»(V.Trifu, 1932)”50.

50 Horia Nestorescu Bălceşti, The Romanian Masonic Order, page 344

And Nichifor Crainic, in Orthodoxism and Masonry, saying about the reason of being present the Bible as ritual object in certain lodges, he comments:
„The Romanian Freemasons of Scottish rite ( say: «We are not against the Orthodoxism as they are those from the Great Orient. We admit the Bible. We swear on Bible».
What is it true from all these?
The Masonry, either Scottish or the other one, is a kind of upside-down religion. It has a temple, a cult organized with various rituals and some symbolic objects. Among these symbolic objects the Scottish Masonry accepts also the Bible. What does this mean? That the Masonry accepts the doctrine comprised in Bible? In this case, it would be only a religious sect as many sects emerged from Christianity. But no! The Bible in Masonry has another meaning. Let’s consult the book of Mr. Eugen Lannhoff. «The Bible, the protractor and the compasses» – he says – «are the three great lights of Masonry».
«Bible, the light above us, NOT AS A DOGMATIC AUTHORITY but as an expression of faith in an universal moral order!»
It means a common symbol, as the protractor, «light within us» and as the compasses, «light around us». Consequently, in Masonry the Bible plays a role of precise symbol as any other object, for instance the compasses and the protractor. Instead of it, even a bowl could also mean the same symbol as the symbolic meaning is not linked to the dogmatic authority of Bible ! But what does the Bible also mean if you take out the dogmatic authority of the revealed doctrine? Is it not here about a supreme mockery that is brought to the divine book reducing it to the meaning that may have an apron, a trowel or the compasses?”(Nichifor Crainic, Orthodoxism and Masonry, in Ioan M. Mareş, Freemasonry in the movie «Ecaterina Teodoroiu», 1933, pages 54, 55)

As to the self-presentation as being deist of some lodges, the same Nichifor Crainic says:
„There is no separation between the two Masonries: the Scottish one and that of the Great Orient. They work hand in hand. Only that the Scottish one is said to be deist. This does not mean in any case that it accepts the Christianity. The Deism is a philosophical conception that accepts at the origin of the world an abstract, creative and impersonal principle but with which the world has nothing in common any more. In fact, this learning is only a nuance of the Atheism, a hidden Atheism. The symbolic formula from the Scottish rite «in the name of the great architect of all the worlds» according to the interpretation that is given by Mr. Eugen Lannhoff does not mean a formula of faith in a personal God. It is maintained as a purely symbolic expression to bring together those that reach the Masonry with the religious beliefs of the Church ”., ibidem, page 54
„All my sayings have an objective character. They are based on a monumental book Die Freimaurer by Mr. Eugen Lannhoff, convinced Mason, published in 1929 in Vienna. The book was given to me as a gift by my distinguished friend dr. Heinrich Studer, the owner of Amaltheea Publishing House where it was published the work. Die Freimaurer, i.e. the Feemasons, is a book of narrating and defending an occult institution made up according to the documents that were put at the author’s disposal by the Mason lodges. Hence, an absolutely Masonic book ”., ibidem, page 53

In 1937 Corneliu Zelea Codreanu makes in mass-media, as it is well known, the „statement51 that in case of coming to ruling in 48 hours( he will complete the traditional alliance with France through the efficient alliance with Germany52”53.

51 Further to which „on May 27, 1938 The Military Court of Justice in Bucharest accomplishing the order of dictator Charles the Second sentenced him ( to 10 years of imprisonment for «treason»”., Şerban Milcoveanu, Attempt on September 21, 1939 against Armand Călinescu and Epoch 1930-1950, Publishing House TCM Print, Bucharest, 2004, page 118

52 Alliance owing to which if it had been concluded „Germany: a) could start the anti-Sovietic war before the massive arming of the USSR begun in 1939-1940 and b) needed in no way a useless and fratricide war with France and England”.(ibidem, page 119) This as „with the chain of the Carpathians and with the oil from Valea Prahovei (Prahova Valley) Romania is the key of Europe continent”., ibidem

53 ibidem, pag. 118

But, „at the meeting in Berchtesgaden on November 24,1938, Adolf Hitler did not say a single word concerning Corneliu Z. Codreanu and the project unanimously known in Europe of his assassination in jail. To this abstention, the king Charles the Second understood the possibility of a consent and he asked: «Does it mean that I have free hand in internal policy?»”54

54 ibidem

„The great Führer Adolf Hitler replied: «Yes, you have free hand in internal policy».
They shacked hands”55.

55 ibidem

And, further on, „in the night of 21/22 I 1941 Adolf Hitler rings Ion Antonescu up: «Why did you stop? Penetrate with tanks into their headquarters and throw them out»”56.

56 Şerban Milcoveanu, Corneliu Z. Codreanu something else than Horia Sima, vol.II, Crater Publishing House, Bucharest, 1996, page 79

And when on the Iron Guardists that „after the so-called Iron Guard rebellion retreat to Germany in February 1941, ( instead of being ensured their freedom and immunity ( it was acted with constrained measures”57: „the Nazi authorities applied the political doctrine of Alfred Rosenberg, that specified the weakening and even the destroying of nationalist elites in the occupied or allied countries(”58.

57 Carol Papanace, Preface to the volume Constantin Papanace Various Styles of Political Struggle, INFCON S.A.Printing House, Constanţa, 2005, page 9
58 ibidem

But the communist power did not aim at the destroying of the same elites?...
Here is what is written black on white in the report of the conference that was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Romania, on May 18,1948 referring to position to the Iron Guard Movement: „The meeting is opened by Mr. Teohari Georgescu, Minister, that shows the « Position to the Iron Guard Movement». The Minister showed that after March 6, 1945 before us there was the problem to defeat all the enemies of the people.
The Iron Guardists were, are and will be among the most dangerous enemies”59.

59 1948 May 18. Report of the Conference that was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs referring to the Iron Guard Movement, The Archive of the National Council for Studying the Archives of Security, documentary fund, file no. 45, f.1-4 – in volume: National Council for Studying the Archives of Security, Gangs, Bandits and Heroes”. The Groups of Resistance and the Security (1948-1968). Documents, Encyclopedic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003, page 43

But the most severe of the conditions of the political imprisonment after ’45, that of dissolution of personality by permanent torture that the prisoners were forced to apply to EACH OTHER over whom was it used60?61...

60 And who conducted them?

Makarenko, the Soviet specialist in practising the most terrible techniques of torture, from whose order did he supervise and guide the preparations of starting «Piteşti morbus » with maximum scrupulousness ? See , in detail, Reeducation by Torture (exact denomination: Gheorghe Boldur Lăţescu and Filip-Lucian Iorga, The Communist Genocide in Romania, vol. IV, Reeducation by Torture, Albatros Printing House, Bucharest, 2003).

Ana Pauker („Hana Rabinsohn”(Teşu Solomovici, The Security and the Jews, vol. II Terror. Crimes. Informers. Collaborators, Teşu Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004, page 11)) what kind of ethnic origin had she ? „From Tatiana Pauker-Brătescu, daughter of Ana Pauker and Marcel Pauker it comes an exact biographical note”(ibidem, page 12). I quote from it: „«She was fond of oe of her brothers, Zalman Rabinsohn; as a matter of fact, this one was going to come back to Romania from Israel where he left for before August, 23 1944, he was a teacher of Hebrew and poet ”(ibidem); „«he followed the grammer school and as far as I knew from Bella’s stories, my aunt he was also at Heider, the religious school for boys in Bucharest where by an exception she was alo accepted ”., ibidem

But what about Alexandru Nicolschi? See Section Alexandru Nicolschi, or how becomes a Jew a general of security – the third chapter from Teşu Solomovici, The Security and the Jews, vol.I, About Executioners and Victims, Preface by Răzvan Theodorescu, Foreword by Sorin Roşca Stănescu, Ziua Publishing Houser, Bucharest, 2003, pages 125-136.
And found out even from his own words the story of his name: „«Initially, my name was Boris Grunberg, but in May 1941 I went from the USSR with a missionm to Romania, when I was caught and to be able to hide my past and the mission I changed my name into Nicolschi Alexandru Sergheevici; under this name I was subject to investigations by the Authorities of the Office II Bucharest and under this name I recommend myself up the present days»”., Alexandru Nicolschi, Autobiografy-Summary, in Teşu Solomovici, The Security and the Jews, vol.I, About Executioners and Victims, page 127

61 Study Gheorghe Boldur Lăţescu and Filip-Lucian Iorga, The Communist Genocide in Romania, vol. IV, Reeducation by Torture, Albatros Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003, or Article Ionuţ Băiaş, Who and Why Leads Romania, Magazine Permanences, Year VIII, no. 8, August 2005, page 20 – let’s give only two examples – are extremely eloquent in this respect.

And, at the same time, I cannot see either how could the Iron Guardists be interested in elimination of Nicolae Iorga. In other words, that who from the tribune of the Parliament, in public meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, accused with arguments the Jews of attempt of assassination that is made against us as prevailing nation by those who take the most foxy forms in order to show the wish to be our good brothers”62.

62 Nicolae Iorga, In Question of the Student Manifestations, Speech held in the meeting of December 17, 1909 of the Chamber of Deputies, in Nicolae Iorga, Parliamentarian Speeches, vol. I, Part I, Bucovina Publishing House, I.E. Torouţiu, Buharest, 1939, page 362, [D.P.V.I.P.I]

And that, from the same tribune, make a dissertation about „that natural connection ( between the socialist agitation and the Jewish inclination to have at us more than the whole our fortune, than all our credit, than all the influence over our political life”63.

63 Nicolae Iorga, Question of Jewish Agitations, Speech held in the meeting of February 11, 1910 of the Chamber of Deputies, in [D.P.V.I.P.I], page 392

But I can think that if the Jews had become the rulers of the Soviet State and N.K.D.V. (K.G.B.) is the State Body, thesis according to which Traian Boieru (chief of the physical criminals of the great Romanian scholar) was, in fact Soviet agent infiltrated in the Movement as a member with purpose to compromise, this is not at all a phantasy.

.................................................. .................................................
---------------- * * ---------------
================================================== ================================
THE MAIN PART OF THIS BOOK (pages 1-37 to 72 of Romanian original edition) IS ENDING HERE.
THE ANOTHER IS WAITING FOR YOU, IN ROMANIAN, ON http://www.esnips.com/web/RaduMihaiCrisan.
================================================== ================================

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