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Old 06-17-2010, 09:14 AM
truthseeker12 truthseeker12 is offline
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Default Illuminati "New World Order" Exposed

This is the real meat and potatoes of the entire Illuminati agenda...

1.)First of all, the Illuminati are ALL Luciferian satanists who all subscribe to the notion that 'Satan' is the only one true leader on our planet. This secret society has now infiltrated every government on Earth at the top levels of political leadership. -In essence they control the world monetarily, militarily, and politically.
(G-20) Bilderberg/ CFR/ Trilateral Commission/ Royal Institute for international affairs/ Rand/ and the entire U.S. Government.
These groupings are all working towards a satanic dictatorship called the "New World Order"
AHM: March 2010

2.) In subscribing to Satan's leadership, the Illuminati are also fully aware of Biblical prophesy, which states the -real Messiah- Jesus Christ, is returning to Judge all those who worship Satan with harsh torment and Death. -So they have devised a survival strategy if you will.
http://rikijo.blogspot.com/2009/12/phas ... -kiss.html

3.) -In order to try to actually stop Jesus from returning, the Illuminati have been deceived into believing that if they turn everyone away from God and his Son, Christ Jesus, that Jesus will have no reason to return to Earth and will just go away, as He really would have nothing to return to. Incredible but true. These people are actually trying to thwart the actual return of the true Lord Christ Jesus.

4.) The Illuminati are working in overdrive to turn as many people away from the teachings Of Christ Jesus, so everyone will eventually end up serving Lucifer instead of the true Lord.

5.) In order to do this the Illuminati are using every vice known to man to accomplish these aims. (Satanic based music i.e Lady Gaga etc...Promotion of Homosexuality, drugs, gambling, violence in entertainment, promotion of 'New age religions, greed..everything that turns mankind away from the Lord is being promoted heavily as being GOOD for the masses.
http://rikijo.blogspot.com/2009/11/phas ... aking.html

6.) Once mankind is weakend by the continual bombardment of debauchery, wars, famines, strife etc, and even a possible fabricated third world war, then they will initiate a global re-organization of the political landscape of the world, in order to bring about a One World Government catering to the Beast System of biblical scripture (New World Order) under the Leadership of a false messiah which they call Maitreya (Anit-christ) -A figure which has been endorsed by the Unitied Nations satanic/occultic group.
http://rikijo.blogspot.com/2010/02/phas ... -kiss.html

7.) In order to enter into this 'New World Order' everyone on this Earth will be subjected to what the United Nations terms "The Luciferian Initiation (Mark of the Beast)
People will either submit ot this allegiance to Satan, or face extreme persecution and or death.
http://rikijo.blogspot.com/2010/04/phas ... cting.html

8.) Once this has been accomplished, the Illuminati will turn to their final phase which is to gather mankind physically to actually fight against the Lord Christ Jesus at his return, by deceiving the world into believing it is being invaded by an external UFO threat. -But this will be the actual coming of the true Lord Christ Jesus.
-This is Satan's ultimate plan, which is to turn everyone on this earth against the Return of the true Lord Christ Jesus, and His rightful leadership over this earth.
This is what they are setting up for. A fake UFO invasion being augmented by Illuminati films like Avatar' Splice' and all manner of extraterrestrial invasion scenario 'space movies for the last generation. -All to prepare people into believing in the premise of "Aliens"
http://rikijo.blogspot.com/2009/12/phas ... james.html

I hope you find this helpful...because this is happening whether or not you believe it.
It doesn't matter if people believe in Biblical prophesy or not, because these events are unfolding right before your eyes, and very rapidly.
Once again, this is a WARNING for you people. Wake up..and good luck.

God Bless

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Old 08-21-2010, 09:58 PM
j42smith j42smith is offline
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Default Re: Illuminati "New World Order" Exposed

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Old 08-23-2010, 05:26 AM
albie albie is offline
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Default Re: Illuminati "New World Order" Exposed

I've heard that the Illuminati follow Lucifer RATHER than Satan. This discredits any theory about them as there is no Luciferic devil. It's the planet venus.
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