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Old 01-15-2011, 09:43 PM
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Default psychiatry

i believe psychiatry was manufactured by the power elites,in order to further dominate us,the slaves.its primary focus is the mind of the masses,which i believe in the upcoming years psychiatric illness will become more and more common,rather then a rarity.this is becoming more apparent when you look at the increased depression,bipolar and ADHD rates progressing year after year.these disorders are generated from negative environmental bombardment rather then genetic influences which psychiatrist claim with absolutely no concrete proof.drugs with absolutely no curative value to treat imaginary chemical imbalances inside the brain,unseen by science is pseudoscience and is not a solution but rather a a band aid to treat a bullet wound ,even though the bullet is still inside, you don't bleed to death because the band aid has you covered.these drugs suck the life,and intellectual perception out of the recipient and makes them into a mindless zombie.parents are made to believe there child has ADHD and given part of a methamphetamine recipe to treat unstable focus that is a result from variety of unhealthy habits, causes for an individual may vary, whether problems physically or mentally or both.sometimes the individual is perfectly sane but wont coordinate with this insane culture so he/she is drugged and labeled mentally ill.the subject is treated with drugs for one issue but then another issue sometimes arises so the subject is treated with more drugs to negate the ill effects of the first drug and on and on the cycle continues.i could go on for days with this.here is some quotes found from different website:

"The mental health establishment has snowed the American people: it launches the most unimaginable brutal psychological and physical assault on human beings in distress, calls this 'medical treatment', and then blames the outcome on 'mental illness'."

"...In numbers unmatched in any part of the world, U.S. school children are diagnosed and drugged in a quid pro quo association between education and for-profit psychiatry and psychology. Labeled "brain-diseased", the schools have an excuse for the rampant illiteracy and unpreparedness, cause enough for the mounting unhappiness and failure of the children, while psychiatry/psychology gains lifetime patients. "

"Psychoactive substances provide at best, temporary relief, but always make things worse in the long run. They make things worse directly (chemically) and indirectly by distracting from the real issues. "

"All biopsychiatric treatments share a common mode of action -- the disruption of normal brain function"

"In Australia, the elderly are prescribed psychoactive drugs in nursing homes for being “noisy,” “wanting to leave the nursing home” or “pacing.”
"There is no "lab test" that measures some chemical only bipolar people have."
-Jim Phelps, M.D.

I do not believe in mental illness. Depression is no more "the same as diabetes" than heartbreak is the same as a heart attack. I do not believe in hypothetical diseases of the mind but there is no mistaking damage to the brain. Psychiatric drugs and electroshock inflict real injury in the name of treating fictive maladies... My opinions are based on my years of experience with patients and review of records from all over the country as an expert witness in electroshock malpractice cases. They are based on ECT statistics from the six states which mandate reporting; and of necessity, my opinions are based on a lifetime following publications and statements issuing from the small but vocal minority of psychiatrists who believe in ECT and usually nothing but. Fortunately for me, the believers don’t always believe each other; their data frequently belie their conclusions; and what they actually do contradicts what they say they do. The truth slips out.
-John Friedberg, Board Certified Neurologist

"There is no "test" for bipolar disorder... no blood test, imaging or other medical assessment process is available to definitively determine the presence or absence of the condition, unlike medical illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, etc."
-Peggy Elam - licensed psychologist and past president of the Nashville Area Psychological Association


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Old 01-22-2011, 10:34 AM
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Default Re: psychiatry

Psychiatry is not manufactured by anyone. It holds nothing and can't really be used on anyone. Psychiatry is just the study of mental illnesses. And the mental illnesses in the field are not manufactured. There are quite a few mental illnesses that can be found on the structure of ones brain alone. From this we know by studying skulls that for as long as man has been around mental illnesses have existed. Then there's DNA tests that can determine if a brain is missing certain key elements that throw it out of wack. If you don't trust history or science, then there's the fact that even something as simple as a fever can throw someones brain into illness. How would they manufacture these? Fevers have been around for as long as we can tell so when did it happen.

1. When did they begin manufacturing these?
2. How do they manufacture these? Depression and addiction possibly, but how? It's on the person to choose their addiction and depression can be set off by anything so it isn't really man made.
3. You use found brain chemicals to measure bi-polar disorders as proof of manipulation, yet thoughts cannot be measure in a physical realm. The same could be said for bipolar. However if you did a small bit of research you would find that there are physical differences in the average brain compared to someone who suffers from bipolar disease.

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