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Old 09-07-2006, 08:07 AM
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Default Imagine if Iran was the US and the US Iran

Imagine if Iran was the US and the US Iran

reposted from By Jupiter

In 1953 a group of Iranians overthrew the democratic American government via a coup orchestrated from the Iranian embassy in Washington. Using covert methods, propaganda broadcasts, bribery, coercion and hired agents to facilitate violence the Iranians were able to install an Iranian friendly American Emperor who then allowed them to extract half the oil in Texas.

This state of affairs continued until a group of radical American baptists overthrew the Emperor in 1979. The radicals later imprisoned the staff at the Iranian embassy in Washington for over a year accusing them of being a "den of spies". An attempt at releasing the hostages by the Iranian military ended in failure after invading aircraft collided.

Mexico's President Senor Saddam took advantage of the turmoil in the US and launched a full scale invasion of the US in 1980. Iran imposed military sanctions on the US for the duration of this war whilst providing, financial and intelligence support for the Mexicans. US casualties during the 8 year war were between 500,000 and 1 million, including 100,000 from chemical weapons. Iranian intelligence agencies assisted in the use of chemical weapons.

The Iranian Navy were engaged in some direct actions against the US Navy during the Mexican US War and in 1988, whilst sailing in US waters, an Iranian Naval vessel shot down an US civilian aircraft with the loss of 290 passengers.

After the end of the Mexican-US War in 1990, the Mexicans invaded Guatemala, though possibly as a result of a feint by Iranian politicians. The Iranians formed an Islamic coalition to repel their former Mexican ally and after defeating the Mexicans imposed economic and military sanctions on Mexico.

In 2001 a baptist terror organisation previously sponsored by the Iranian secret service attacked Iran itself with hijacked civilian aircraft. The attack allowed Iran to galvanise public opinion and thereafter they rapidly invaded Canada with an Islamic coalition establishing a military presence on the US northern border. In 2003 the Iranians invaded Mexico establishing a presence on the US southern border. The US was described by the Iranians as part of the 'axis of evil' which included the UK and Germany.

The US is now ringed by nuclear armed Iranian forces whilst it tries to operate a fledgling nuclear program of its own, surprisingly many components were formerly supplied by Iran. The Iranians have threatened economic sanctions against the US should they continue with their nuclear program and the Iranian military have devised a plan for an overwhelming nuclear and conventional strike against the US in the case that the baptist terror organisation should attack Iran again.

Texas still sits on the other half of the oil which the Iranians want to feed their energy hungry lifestyles.


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