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Old 10-23-2005, 04:57 PM
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Default U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines (See Previous Article)

U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines

WASHINGTON The federal government is getting ready to test a bird flu (search) vaccine and stockpiling both vaccine and antiviral drugs as the threat grows that a deadly strain of avian influenza will begin spreading from Asia.

Two million doses of vaccine are being stored in bulk form for possible emergency use and to test whether it maintains its potency, officials said Wednesday.

United Nations (search) officials warned that the Asian bird flu outbreak poses the "gravest possible danger" of becoming a global pandemic.

Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (search), told the National Press Club this week that "it is a worrisome situation," though she also said the United States "is not immediately on the brink of an avian flu epidemic."

The flu has affected poultry in eight Asian countries, with 45 human deaths among people who caught the illness, a strain of flu known as H5N1.

So far, humans appear to have caught this flu from chickens and other poultry, and the virus is not known to have spread from person to person.

What health authorities most fear is that the virus will mutate into a form that can pass easily from one human to another. That's when a global threat would be most likely.

The deadly flu of 1918, which killed from 20 million to 50 million people worldwide, didn't appear suddenly but mutated gradually into the deadlier form, Gerberding explained.

"That's why it's important to have flu vaccine and antivirals, to be ready to react when it starts to emerge," she said.

The first doses of an experimental vaccine are almost ready for testing, antiviral drugs are being stockpiled, and the government has increased disease surveillance and expanded research programs.

The new vaccine was prepared in two different concentrations 4,000 doses each and is nearly ready to be shipped to the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases for clinical trials, Len Lavenda, a spokesman for the pharmaceutical firm Sanofi Pasteur, said Wednesday.

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said the vaccine will be tested at centers in Rochester, N.Y., St. Louis and in Maryland and Texas to make sure it is safe and to determine the correct dosage in such groups as the elderly, children and healthy young people.

In addition to the vaccine scheduled for trials, Sanofi Pasteur has produced 2 million doses of bulk avian flu vaccine, Lavenda said. The vaccine is being monitored for potency to determine if such vaccines can be produced in advance and stored until needed, he said.

Lavenda said any decision on using it if avian flu spreads would be up to the government.

Fauci said that vaccine could be available for emergency use if needed.

The 8,000 trial doses were not made under full commercial conditions, he said, so at the same time the company geared up to make 2 million doses under commercial production processes, "so that if the need arises they could rapidly scale up to tens of millions of doses," Fauci explained.

In a normal year more than 100 million doses of influenza vaccine are prepared for use in the United States. The inability of one manufacturer to supply its planned 48 million doses caused a shortage this year, though about 58 million doses were produced.

Because the flu changes from year to year the vaccine has to be reformulated annually.

In Europe, a program called Flupan is under way with Sanofi, European Union agencies and the University of Reading in England working on a bird flu vaccine for clinical study.

CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said that agency has a stockpile of antiviral drugs that could be used in the event of a pandemic, depending on the virus that emerges.

CDC has also increased its surveillance of the flu, with staffers deployed to Asia to work with the World Health Organization to monitor the disease.

The disease has appeared in poultry in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

In an effort to catch any U.S. cases early, CDC has contacted state and local health departments, hospitals and doctors, urging them to ask about recent travel by people with flu symptoms.

It called for testing patients for the bird flu if they have been in an affected area within 10 days and have confirmed pneumonia or other severe respiratory problems.

In addition, CDC said, testing should be considered for patients with a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees who have visited such countries, visited a poultry farm and who have a cough, sore threat or shortness of breath.

Major flu pandemics over the past century, according to CDC, include:

_ Spanish flu that swept the world in 1918-1919 and killed an estimated 500,000 Americans. Nearly half were young, healthy adults.

_ Asian flu in 1957-1958 was first identified in China. It claimed 70,000 lives in the United States.

_ Hong Kong flu, 1968-1969 caused about 34,000 American deaths.

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Old 10-23-2005, 06:46 PM
Minuteman Minuteman is offline
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Default Re: U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines (See Previous Article)

Ya,but. Bird flu is not really about the flu. Its a psyop aimed at the fear of getting sick. So what do we do about it.
Senate bills S1880 S1873 S975 and HR 3627.
Ok big pharma multinational drug cartels get immunity from prosecution. Joe Schmoe citizen can no longer sue a drug company if a vaccine kills him.
And we get mandatory vaccinations, quarrantine procedures and maybe even blackwater private security goons to enforce it all.
In short I get sick of hearing about bird flu when all I really want to know is when the NWO assholes are going to release it. When assholes, when, otherwise shut up.
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Old 10-23-2005, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines (See Previous Article)

"When assholes, when? Otherwise, shut-up."

:lol: int: 8-) :-) :-D :cry: :-P
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Old 10-23-2005, 08:30 PM
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Default Re: U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines (See Previous Article)

By MICHAEL McDONOUGH, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 37 minutes ago

LONDON - The British government said Sunday that a strain of bird flu that killed a parrot in quarantine is the deadly H5N1 strain that has plagued Asia and recently spread to Europe.

Scientists determined that the parrot, imported from South America, died of the strain of avian flu that has devastated poultry stocks and killed 61 people in Asia the past two years, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The virus is spread by migrating wild birds and has recently been found in birds in Russia, Turkey and Romania, spurring efforts around the globe to contain its spread.

While H5N1 is easily transmitted between birds, it is hard for humans to contract. But experts fear it could mutate into a form of flu that is easily transmitted between humans and cause a pandemic that could kill millions.

Debby Reynolds, DEFRA's chief veterinarian, said the parrot was likely infected with the virus while it was housed in the country's quarantine system with birds from Taiwan. Tests conducted on the Taiwanese birds that had died were inconclusive, according to the department.

DEFRA said the virus was most closely matched to a strain found in ducks in China earlier this year but was not very similar to strains discovered in Romania and Turkey. The genetic makeup of the virus changes slightly as it spreads, and scientists use such tests to track its migration across the world.

It was Britain's first confirmed case of bird flu since 1992.

Elsewhere, the Croatian government on Sunday promised to compensate villagers and farmers whose birds were slaughtered to prevent the spread of bird flu. About 10,000 domestic birds have been killed in an area near a national park where six swans were found to have been infected with the virus.

Damage from the culling was estimated at about $160,000. However, international bans on Croatian poultry exports could hurt farmers more. The European Commission on Friday said it was preparing a ban on all poultry imports from the country, while some individual European nations have already done so.

Medical experts detected the H5 virus in the swans Friday. Samples from the contaminated birds were then sent to a laboratory in Britain to establish whether they had the deadly H5N1 strain. Tests were also being done on samples from five other swans found dead Saturday morning near the park.

In related developments Sunday:

_Sweden said four ducks found dead in an area west of Stockholm Friday were infected with bird flu, but not the deadly H5N1 strain.

_Montenegro began testing its poultry for bird flu as a precaution after the disease was confirmed in neighboring Croatia. Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina also ordered cars to be disinfected at the Croatian border, and banned poultry imports from the country.

_The European Union said its bird flu experts will discuss a possible ban on imports of wild birds into the 25-nation bloc on Tuesday. The EU has so far resisted calls to ban all pet bird imports, fearing it could create a black market that could increase the threat of infected birds being smuggled in.

_Jordan and Israel agreed to limited cooperation to combat the possible spread of bird flu by monitoring people traveling across their shared border, the official Petra news agency reported. Neither country has had any cases of the virus.

_North Korea has launched a nationwide campaign to prevent a fresh outbreak of bird flu, strengthening quarantine and reporting systems and enhancing education of poultry farmers, a media report said. Earlier this year, North Korea culled about 210,000 chickens and other poultry after acknowledging its first bird flu outbreak in March. No new cases have since been reported.

Colombia has decided to temporarily block imports of rice from Ecuador and Bolivia because of bird flu concerns, explaining that "migratory birds land in rice fields." Colombian authorities said on Oct. 10 they had detected three cases of bird flu, but not the deadly H5N1 strain. But Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela halted imports of poultry from Colombia in recent days.


So, I'm just trying to keep this straight in my mind.

There is the bird flu and then the "deadly" strain of the bird flu referred to as H5N1.

The following is an exerpt from the above article:

While H5N1 is easily transmitted between birds, it is hard for humans to contract. But experts fear it could mutate into a form of flu that is easily transmitted between humans and cause a pandemic that could kill millions.


Whenever I hear them say that EXPERTS fear, blah, blah, blah, it's like they're priming us for the pandemic.

The last few years Bush has been in office there was a shortage of flu shot, remember?

However, seems they're preparing for this pandemic and that, in itself, makes one wonder when they're going to release it.
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Old 10-23-2005, 08:52 PM
igwt igwt is offline
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Default caveat emptor

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Old 10-23-2005, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: caveat emptor

They seem to know something we don't. One day pandemic the next don't worry about it. Our media is anything but helpful.
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Old 11-10-2005, 06:59 PM
BvL BvL is offline
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Default Re: U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines (See Previous Article)

It's in the post.

Researchers said they believed it would help them develop defenses against the threat of a future pandemic evolving from bird flu, which was found to have similar characteristics as the 1918 virus.


Does sthat amaze you?

Mind you there will be no pandemic unless it is injected into us.
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