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Old 01-24-2006, 02:21 PM
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One brother asked, "Master, how would you explain this increase in the activity of the material existence?"

The Master said:

"A person will become depleted and exhausted if he uses too much of his energy for the outer life. The contemporary era is very active outwardly. Here time is money. Man must allot his time in such a way that one-third is set aside for activity in the worldly life; and the rest -for satisfying the needs of the mind, the heart and the soul."

"How can we rid ourselves of our negative states?"

"The third Hermetic Law states, 'Everything in the Cosmos has its own vibration.' One needs to understand that good, sublime thoughts have a higher vibration than the low, negative ones. This is a Law that you can make use of. For example: should you find yourself in a negative state, increase your vibrations and you will eliminate it, because the stronger vibrations of the sublime thoughts will prevail over and eliminate the negative state.

"Should someone desire to be virtuous, he must connect with those who are virtuous. In order that one might become man of science, one must connect with erudite people. This is the Law. Anyone who believes that this can be accomplished in any other way is deluded. If you were to situate a herdsman that he could dwell among those with intelligence, he would begin to be like them. Conversely, should you situate a sage that he could dwell - over the course of many years - among criminals, nothing would become of him."

"How can one learn from the past?"

"Everything in the physical world is recorded. Should a Being from the Invisible World aspire to learn about something in the physical world, about certain epoch, he views the recorded visual image. In the future, man will be able to study the past in this manner."

"Is it possible to increase the capabilities of one's mind?"

"For this hard work is required. Man must subdue his lower nature that he may be capable of receiving Nature's delicate and refined vibrations."

"When an atom passes through the human body does it experience any change?"

"The hydrogen atom which has passed through an animal or human being differs from that which has not."

"What is the relationship of the Invisible World with the material one?"

"There is a Law that relates to the descent of the worlds. Symbolically, the astral world is water and so is named 'the watery world'. The astral world will be brought down and become like water, vapid."

"Why does the mind become weak?"

"This is the result of the accumulation of old ideas in the mind. For example, people are over-concerned with how they will manage their lives. These are old ideas which come from their ancestors. When the balance between thought and emotion is disrupted, this weakens the mind.

"When someone seeks to express himself, do not hinder him in this. Instead, direct his attention towards something else - to that which is sublime. Should you hinder him, those forces which are seeking expression would pass on to you. Conduct the following experiment: should you attempt to hinder someone's jealousy by trying to change him, the jealousy will find expression in you."

"Why are Caucasians anxious today?"

"Because of the transgressions which they have committed. Man becomes anxious when he does not live rightly."

"How do man's actions affect the life of all humankind?"

"The Law states: that which occurs to the greatest will occur to the least as well; and conversely, that which occurs to the least will occur to the greatest as well. For example, when you give a person one lev, another person should give someone else ten leva; a third one in turn, should give one hundred leva to someone else, a fourth one - one million leva and so on.

"Everything which you do has an effect on the entire world. That which we have done with the wellsprings will affect the events in the world. That which you do, thousands of people will do as well. When you turn a key, how can you be certain that thousands will not follow you. And if thousands turn their keys, millions will follow them.

"Human beings are like interconnected vessels; therefore, whenever someone works to improve himself, he works to improve others as well. This Law has another application: whatever one does in his worldly existence effects his inner life as well. For example, when we work to clean up a wellspring or a path or the countryside - this will produce a corresponding effect upon the state of our thoughts and emotions. In accordance with this Law, man is held culpable before humankind for all of his actions. The severity of his transgression is of no significance. The least transgression can result in dire consequences because man is interconnected with a multitude of people. When you transgress,. you provoke others to transgress as well. You are the 'fire-starter' in a box of matches; and when you ignite, the remainder of the matches will start to bum as well."

"Does a person leave his influence upon the place which he departed from?"

"There are times when you pass through a place and experience elation. This is because a person who had been in an elated state has departed from here. You pass through another place and now you experience sorrow: a person in a sorrowful state has departed from here. Certain places exist where crimes have been committed. These leave behind a lasting influence which is left many years to come.

"Every object which has passed through your hands has received a certain influence from you: your nature has become imprinted upon it. Should a person who is receptive touch this object, he will be able to describe - with imagery - your nature and your existence as well. You lead a virtuous life. Should an object which you have used pass into the hands of another, the impulse will arise in him - whether it be strong or weak - to live as you do.

"A consequence of the above Law is the following rule: never discard the water in which you have washed your hands and face into an impure place. If you abide by this rule, you will experience a slight improvement in your existence."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Old 01-24-2006, 02:27 PM
redrat11 redrat11 is offline
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One wonders at what kind of world people would be like following your New-Age beliefs, mindless drones agreeing with everybody's thoughts.
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Old 01-24-2006, 04:48 PM
redrat11 redrat11 is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 2,399

I apologize for that remark Sec, it's just that I just happened to be reading a book about New Age Lies in the New World Order at the time of that posting, Continue on...
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