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Old 12-14-2006, 01:49 PM
Fugitive Fugitive is offline
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Default Come To Jesus Before You Are Tortured For Eternity In Hell

My friends, I call on any of you that don't knowe Jesus to repent of your wickedness and come to the Lord!

Many of you think your good lives will get you to Heaven. They won't. you'll be a good person frying like bacon in a skillet in hell. Many of you do charitable work. Won't help either. You'll still become charcoal for the flames of hell. Others of you go to Church. Just going to Church won't help either. Plenty of Church people stacked like cordwood in the bonfire of damnation.

No, friend, only by confessing your vile sinfullness to Jesus and accepting His sacrafice for your pathetic life will save you. Jesus is your only hope to escape Satan's wrath as he tortures you for all eternity in the bottomless pits of hell, boiling over in flames, lava and fire. Jesus, and he alone, will save you from an endless eternity of screaming agony and indescribably suffering.

Why, you ask? Simple; you were born vile and wicked. Adam and Eve sinned and since your related, God blames it on you too. So unless you start getting on your knees and apologizing for you miserable lives, you can expect to be fried like a wenie over a campfire in Hell.

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Old 12-14-2006, 06:18 PM
Barbarien Barbarien is offline
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Default Re: Come To Jesus Before You Are Tortured For Eternity In Hell

ummmm, weenies are good.
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