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Old 01-16-2006, 06:50 PM
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Default Mahdi the islamic antichrist

This article presents an interesting coincedendce between Islam and Chritainity.

Are you ready for what is about to happen?
Posted: Saturday, January 14, 2006
- written by jerry golden Printer-friendly version

Every true Believer in Jesus the Messiah has
within his spirit a witness from the Holy Spirit
that there are some really terrible days coming. The question every
one is asking is when will these days begin, while many are labeling
them as Daniels Troubles, or the End Days, Days of Awe, Tribulations,
or the Great Tribulations, one thing is certain God is speaking to us
and telling us as His beloved to get into His Word and know that He
loves us, for it is God's strength we will need to survive what is

There is absolutely no way for the US, EU, UN or anyone else to stop
Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, in fact, I believe they have had
a few ready to go for some time now, or they wouldn't have been so
brave. Many are now saying the US and Israel will join together in a
strike against Iran sometime this spring. That remains to be seen,
but one thing is certain something none of us is going to like much
is about to happen.

What I find most interesting is the President of Iran Mahmoud's
Ahmadinejad's feels that he is the John the Baptist for the Mahdi.
For those who are not aware who the Mahdi is, he was the 12th Islamic
Imam, he disappeared as a child in the year 941. Moslems believe
that when he returns he will reign for 7 years and he will bring in
the final judgment and the end of the world. In the Moslem's eyes he
is a sort of Messiah and the Christian anti-Christ all rolled up in
one. A couple years ago I read a book written by Perry Stones jr.
called "Unleashing the Beast", great book that I highly recommend.
It will give you some very valuable information concerning the
Islamic belief concerning their Mahdi. You will be surprised of the
parallels between this Moslem Mahdi and the Christian anti-Christ.
In fact, some believe they will be one and the same.

There is however a really big problem confronting the US and Israel,
it's China and Russia. For one thing China will not allow the UN
Security Counsel to go to far on sanctions, not that sanctions would
do any good anyway. China has veto powers and will use it to stop
the US from going to far against Iran. The reason is two fold, one
China is the fastest growing economy in the world, and they have a
great thirst for oil, they need Iran and the oil that comes out of
the Persian Gulf. It is said that before the next 20 years China
will consume the total amount of oil being produced today. The
second reason is Iran is their largest buyer of arms, missiles and
nuclear tech. You can be certain that if the US attacks Iran, China
will come to their rescue.

The thing that they are over looking is while China, and the US are
both looking at this from a natural point of view, Iran and the
Islamic world are looking at it from a spiritual perspective. For
them this is a spiritual war and their two enemies are the USA (the
big Satan) and Israel whom they have hated since the days of Ishmael
and Isaac. But with Islam there is an evil truth that comes straight
from the pits of hell. Satan has prepared Islam for the past 1500
years as his end time weapon against the God of heaven and His chosen

Today the President of Iran Ahmadinejad is telling the Iranians to
prepare for the coming of the Mahdi. In Iran there is a new messiah
hotline that answers questions about the Mahdi and how and when he
will return. You need to understand that this Iranian President is
very serious about the Mahdi and believes it is his duty to be the
forerunner preparing the way for his soon return, that when he does
return he will bring about a global war against the corrupt west and
destroy Israel and kill the Jews. He believes he can do in a few
minutes with a nuclear bomb what Hitler couldn't accomplish in two
decades. I am not telling you anything new, you can get all this
from the local news, it will just not be so straight but you can read
between the lines. But the one thing I want you to recognize is the
goals of Islam and Iran are the very same goals of Satan

We have been hearing about some suitcase nuclear bombs that have been
spread around the US. There are also the constant rumors of Russian
nuclear subs always just off the Atlantic and Pacific coast of the
US. One thing is certain Russia and China will if not already make a
decision that the US can't win this war, and join in the war of
destroying the US. They certainly are not friends of the US and will
never be. It's easy to see when such an attack would take place it
would happen at the same time Iran unleashes it's nuclear missiles
towards Israel. They will completely stop any possibility of the US
helping Israel, for they may not even be able to help themselves.

Folks this is the most serious times that have ever confronted the
human race, and the United States has a President who has joined
forces against Israel in forcing it to give up its God given right to
its land. Only those who are founded in God's Word will know that
this is all about Satan and his struggle to prolong his reign on
planet earth. That he knows the importance of Jerusalem and the
returning of the Jews to the land God has promised them. The number
one item on Satan's list is to destroy Israel before the Jews can
return and in the process to kill all the Jews in Israel. The
Islamic satanic hatred for Jews cannot be seen in any other way. I
know that only the very elect can see and understand what I've been
called to do, but I ask those reading this to get on your knees and
pray for your part of this ministry it is so very important. We are
very close to the purchase price of the larger boat but hundreds of
thousands of dollars will be needed to accomplish all that has been
set before us. If we are not ready and have things in place when
this all comes down it will simply be too late. We still have time
but only God knows how much.

Israel will not be destroyed for my Bibles me that the Messiah will
plant His feet on the Mount of Olives and that a great earthquake
will take place, that water will run from the Temple Mount to the
east and to the west, that the dead sea will be healed. Yes we do
read that many will die that this isn't going to be easy but many
will survive and God will bring His chosen ones back to the land He
promised them, because God said so, and they will come saying Baruch
Ha Shem "Bless the name of God". The Ministry God has called us to
is not for the faint of heart, or the weak in spirit, but for those
who know who God is. I know as you do that many are playing church
or religion for whatever their reason, but I also know that God has
collected together a group of His chosen ones to receive these
reports and we will succeed, for God will finish what He has begun.
But we have very little time, possibly far less than we know. I will
be making several trips in the near future to Turkey and Cyprus, so
much has to be done, and I am believing God to arrange contacts as
the Ruach Ha Koddesh goes before us.

I just heard that in the US there are tornado warnings in Brooklyn
New York, in January, and the following day a possible snowstorm.
The west coast is flooding and the center of the country is burning.
The Democrats insisting on the Supreme Court making certain that they
keep murdering the unborn. I could go on and on but you know the
rest of the story of the pornography and corruption. Islam is moving
throughout the larger cities and has taken over the religious
activities in prisons. Yet the Church is still sleeping, Pastors
more concerned about their salaries and building projects than the
souls of the people. Denominations still selling their man made easy
believeism, pie in the sky and real estate programs. TV Multi
millionaire Evangelist buying their summer homes in Europe and Lear
jets wearing their diamond rings, living in million dollar homes, all
this on the widows mite. Surely God will tell many that He never
knew them. Sure I know many will not like what I am saying, but I'm
not called to tickle the ears of Churchgoers, but to preach the
truth. But the worse of all is a truth most Believer have not woken
up to yet, that they are an extension to God's chosen people and they
are being called by God in this day to love Israel and the Jewish
people. They are wild olive branches drafted into a Jewish root and
it is way past time for them to understand that. I am happy to
report that many have come to the knowledge that they are in fact now
part of God's plan through the salvation of a Jewish Messiah.

There are two things I do understand, the first is, we Jews are not
so easy to love, that it takes a supernatural move of the spirit of
God in ones life to accomplish that. The second is the mission God
has called us to will not be understood by many for a variety of
reasons. For I've known for a long time now that God will personally
pick those who He wants to bless. Gen. 12:3

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF
soldiers. Pray for all those who have come to fight the Islamic
enemy. Pray for this ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry

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Old 01-16-2006, 07:09 PM
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Default Re: Mahdi the islamic antichrist

AN ISLAMIC AGENDA?[img align=left]
IN 2006?
[img align=left]http://intergate.cccoe.k12.ca.us/abomb/images/cover_badger.jpg[/img]
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Old 01-16-2006, 07:16 PM
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Default Re: Mahdi the islamic antichrist

[img align=left]http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41220000/jpg/_41220692_isfahan_203_ap.jpg[/img]

This is now not in history, but today!!!

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Old 01-17-2006, 09:27 AM
Khopesh Khopesh is offline
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Default Re: Mahdi the islamic antichrist

Jesus Christ!

Man im assuming the dickhead that wrote that was an American for their the only people I know of so institutionally blind.

Religious idiots worldwide beliving in 2000 year old fairytails are in the main responsible for all the missory in the world.
About a hundred different arseholes all with vested interests changed the bloody thing/s to suit themselves in the 2000 years since the bloke/s originally said it all.

The abomination of Israel, its creation justified by jews (most of who are from the caucuses anyway) that claim the authors of their rascist idiotic farytail lived there thousands of years ago so the people that live there now (and always have) can get fucked and die in prison camps?
Christ no wonder the entire world is so pissed off with Israel, Jews, America and all its mostly moronic inhabitants!

The clown needs to open his eyes, common sense is what is required and people/nations held acountable for their actions especially America and Israel and the sooner they stop beliving all this religious bullshit the better and maybe we all might get to survive for a while.

Its starting to look like a lot more people in the world are praying for this antichrist to come and BBQ Israel and maybe America in the process.
It seems America (because of Israel) may have forever lost its moral high ground, the greatest assett it ever had, America is no longer seen as a bastion of freedom and therefore no longer admired and untouchable anymore.
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