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Old 10-11-2007, 02:32 PM
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Default The Golden Age & The End of the World. Emergence of Homo Luminous?

The Golden Age & The End of the World. Emergence of Homo Luminous?

By Jay Weidner

And so my friends, be not afraid,
We are so lightly here.
It is in love that we are made,
And in love, we disappear.
- Leonard Cohen

Space is a dangerous place. Witness the number of crater hits on the many hard-surfaced planets in our solar system. Through telescopes, NASA cameras, or even with our own eyes, it is easy to see that every hard surfaced planet in our solar system is pock marked with crater hits. Mars, Mercury, the Moon, Venus, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, all bear the traces of a long history of celestial bombardment.

Of course there are many other catastrophes and disasters that can occur that have their origins in outer space. Galactic explosions, gamma ray bursts, coronal mass ejections and various other scenarios, that could spell disaster for our fragile planet. However the greatest threat - again using our own eyes as witnesses - is the threat of a big rock slamming into the earth and upsetting life and possibly causing the mass extinction of many species. The fact that there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter with literally millions of rocks bouncing around like billiard balls also gives one pause as to how really dangerous it is in outer space.

But there is one place in our solar system that seems to have been spared, to a very large degree, the number of hits that appear to have struck other worlds. There is a place where visible evidence suggests that it has been incredibly lucky in not getting struck by these massive rocks with greater frequency. The fact that this place is relatively close to the asteroid belt and that its nearest neighbor, that lies less than 200,000 miles away from it, is severely pock-marked would suggest that this place is an anomaly in solar system physics. The place that I am referring to is our own little blue planet - the Earth.
There are craters on Earth, and yes it is true that the forces of wind, rain and erosion would quickly soften the edges of any impact. It is also true that three-fourths of the world is covered by water. This would hide many impacts. These facts are all true and beyond dispute. But even if one takes into account all of these facts, there is still very few traces of craters on the land masses of the Earth. Our neighbor, Mars, with its hundred mile-an-hour winds and sandstorms also suffers from the erosive effects of weather. Yet a quick glance at close up pictures of the red planet reveals that it has been hit many, many times in its past. Yet no trace of that kind of bombardment can be found on the hard surface areas of planet Earth. In fact, the craters here on Earth are such a rarity that they are usually tourist attractions as witnessed by the famous crater in Arizona. Some of the round lakes in northern Canada may qualify as ancient craters and we know that the Puerto Rican trench was made by a huge hit that occurred some 60 million years ago. But again the question must be asked - where are the large number of old crater hits on our planet?

That was the question I asked myself some years ago as my investigation into alchemy, Fulcanelli and all things celestial began. I realized that there were a number of strange coincidences that seems to surround our little planet. The fact that we have a Van Allen belt that stops dangerous radiation from penetrating our atmosphere is certainly a lucky break for us and for life. The fact that from our point of view here on Earth, the diameter of the moon covers the same degree of the sky is another one of these weird coincidences that has always bothered me. Why are the sun and moon the same size from our point of view? Just another coincidence, science tells us. Then, there is the strange orbit of the moon, which keeps over 40% of its surface hidden from our view forever. And finally, there is the fact that moon and the earth are nearly the same size. There is no other planet moon combination in the solar system where the two bodies are so close in size in relation to each other.

As my book, Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy at the End of Time (with Vincent Bridges) reveals, our ancient ancestors had a much more sophisticated view of the stars and planets than our modern scientists and historians acknowledge. Based upon my years of research into the myth, history and sacred science of ancient civilizations, it is evident to me that our ancestors knew the location of the center of the galaxy and they had successfully mapped our planet's place in the surrounding universe. It is also very likely that they knew that Sirius was a binary star and that there is a periodic explosion from the galaxy's center.

Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye investigates a mysterious cross in a churchyard in Hendaye, France which is located in the southwest corner of France, right on the border with Spain. On one level, this book is a commentary upon The Mysteries of the Cathedrals written by the elusive, enigmatic and anonymous alchemist named Fulcanelli. However, it takes his alchemical thesis concerning the Earth?s periodic catastrophes and places it in the context of our present day experience.

Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye points out that there is every reason to believe that a spiritual/evolutionary leap in the human experience is about to occur. It discusses how the teachings and prophesies of the western and many eastern spiritual traditions are deeply concerned with our present time period. Even Nostredamus spoke about this time as the most important time period of all. Investigation into the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye revealed that the crucial period of time from 1992 to 2012 marks the end of time itself. Alchemy, as revealed in the book, is nothing less than a science watching the countdown to the final moments when the next species of humanity will emerge.

As the investigation continued other marvels were also discovered. The ancients knew about the hidden chemistry that resides in the endocrine system of every human. As the diverse threads of the research began to be woven together it became apparent that there were certain secretions that come directly from the human brain. These secretions apparently have the power to transform matter, grant a near immortal status to the seeker, and possibly assist in us becoming the seeds for stars. They are, in a sense, an evolutionary dynamic that has remained dormant for thousands of years.

But there was another aspect of this investigation that kept haunting me. It seemed that underneath the surface of history there were two forces at war with each other. And these two forces had their origins in ancient mythic Egypt. The first of these forces was centered on the Egyptian god Osiris and the other was centered on the Egyptian god Set. Set was the god of materialism and earthly desires. Portrayed as a reptile, Set killed his brother Osiris one day in a fit of jealousy. For this crime he was doomed to spend his days as a disembodied spirit. Although he was immortal, he could never actually occupy a body. But, according to legend, Set could enter into men's minds and control them through the forces of greed, lust and power.

As time went on, this power, this Setian force, eventually grew into a powerful secret society called the Illuminati. The fact that they were anything but illumined didn't seem to matter to this group. They sought total and complete dominion over the people and powers of this planet.

Realizing that humans had a deep inner power (the inner secretions of the brain) that eventually could overthrow them, the Setians, or the Illuminati, began putting controls and laws into effect that would eventually turn our race into a slavish, greedy and selfish lot. Any human that attempted to understand and realize what was really going on was quickly arrested, tortured and murdered. Afraid that they will perish in a celestial catastrophe, the Setians have created wars, terrorism, underground safety shelters, civil strife and corruption. All of this was done to keep the secret of our real human heritage away from us and to protect them from the future. A mere glance at the television or newspapers makes it abundantly clear that these forces are now in control of our planet. They have been in total control since 1948.

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