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Old 03-06-2005, 01:32 AM
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Default World's richest man and the illuminati??

These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. The majority of computers in use today use Microsoft system software, and those that do not often run applications from Microsoft. However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company.

In the Object Linking and Embedding 2.0 Programmer's Reference there is a very curious term. On page 78, the second paragraph starts with the sentence

In the aggregation model, this internal communication is achieved through coordination with a special instance of IUnknown interface known as the controlling unknown of the aggregate.

The term controlling unknown is a very interesting choice of words. It is not the most intuitively obvious term for what it is describing (a base class used for implementing an object-oriented data exchange/embedding system).

A term strikingly similar to controlling unknown was the term unknown superiors, used by many occult secret societies. These included the Strict Observance Masonic lodge, whose members were sometimes referred to as illuminati, and which had some connection with Adam Weishaupt's order. Unknown superiors is a term that refers to non-corporeal or superhuman agencies in command of secret societies or mystery cults. Such an agency is frequently known as the inner head of an order of organisation, as opposed to the outer head, who is human.

Organisations that claimed or were claimed to be commanded by such unknown superiors include the Ordo Templi Orientis of Aleister Crowley and the Knights Templar, whose Inner Head was apparently a being named Baphomet.

Apart from the term controlling unknown, another hint at the secrets behind Microsoft is the fact that Microsoft Windows has a limit of five window device contexts. Five is a decidedly odd number for such an application, being neither a power of two nor one less than a power of two, but let us not forget Adam Weishaupt's discovery of the Law of Fives in the Necronomicon [1].

Few people for sure how many buildings there are on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. No maps of the entire facility are known to exist. Some Microsoft employees put the estimate at six or three. An article in an Australian newspaper has claimed that there are 22 buildings. That is partly true; however, there is another building, hidden from the public and even from most Microsoft employees. The twenty-third building, or Building 7, is pentagonal in shape; its exact location is known only to five people (of whom Bill Gates may be one); however, it is believed that the building is accessible from elsewhere in the Microsoft campus by a secret passage.

What is in the five sided building is not known. However, it is believed that the contents of Building 7 are of a supernatural nature. Apart from the Pentagon, there was a similar five-sided building in Nazi Germany. This has been carefully kept hidden from the public. One hypothesis is that Building 7 is inhabited by, or used to communicate with, the Inner Head, or controlling unknown. The identity of the Outer Head is unknown. Bill Gates may be the Outer Head, a high initiate of the conspiracy or just a figurehead whose purpose it is to divert attention.

It has been already speculated that the name of the founder, Bill Gates, is a code much as "Adam Weishaupt" was a code. Apart from being the name of a magician in Aleister Crowley's novel, Moonchild, Gates is a reference to the Unknown Superior and the gateway between ordinary reality and the Invisible World; Lovecraft himself referred to Yog-Sothoth as "the Gateless Gate". By the same token, IBM can be said to stand not for "International Business Machines" but rather for "Iacobus Burgundus Molensis", or Jacques de Molay, the last overt Grand Master of the Knights Templar, whose name was borrowed by the Bavarian Illuminati for one of their ciphers. One must also not forget that a Microsoft network administration tool currently under development is named Hermes, after the god of alchemy, and that a line in Umberto Eco's novel, Foucault's Pendulum reads, quite clearly, "Microsoft-Hermes".
Click here to read the full article
Most of you know about the link between world leaders and the occult. We focus so much on politicians that we forget that many if not most these days are controlled by demonic entities, they are only puppets in a sinister conspiracy that breaks the boundaries of what we know as reality. Is it really surprising that the heartless, greedy global corporations maybe be controlled by 'controlling unknowns/inner heads'??

William Cooper's site talks about occult symbology linked to many of the worlds top corporations

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Old 03-06-2005, 09:28 AM
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Default Re: World's richest man and the illuminati??


They'll pit Hillary against some withering wimp and guess who'll win? Super-bitch. I bet she studies maggie thatcher and expect absolutely everything to be privatised - sold off!

A service industry country America/Canada shall be. Can we live on minimum wage + tips?
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Old 03-15-2005, 05:22 AM
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Default Re: World's richest man and the illuminati??

The one thing I can add is that Gates in one of the leading Iluminatti families, according to Fritz Springmeyer.
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Old 03-15-2005, 05:07 PM
nomad nomad is offline
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Default Re: World's richest man and the illuminati??

I will add that Bill Gates is far from being

the world's richest man ... the family dynasties

that controlled the credit system of nations

for centuries are estimated to be worth TRILLIONS.
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