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Lecture 6 of the Youth Occult Class Given by the Master Beinsa Douno, April 5, 1922 – Wednesday, 19.00 local time, Sofia

Secret Prayer

If you go to Nature and watch the trees, you will notice that the sprouts grow perpendicularly to the Earth and the branches stand upright. How long will this state last? - While the trees are young. When they get old, the branches will bend down. What is the reason for this? The reason is that they strive for the centre of the Sun in their youth and it makes the branches go upward and stand upright. Getting old, the trees turn their eyes downward, to the centre of the Earth, as a result the branches droop and stoop. In the process of ageing the trees also become heavier. This law can be observed in the human life too. Young people are always upright. But after a certain age they become materialists like the old trees and start stooping. In this position they begin to think about the centre of the Earth, i.e. now they expect their death. Death is nothing else but the directing of one’s mind to the centre of the Earth.

Therefore, there are two directions or courses in which human beings may go: upwards – to the centre of the Sun, and downwards – to the centre of the Earth. The School you attend disposes with methods by which you can convert these courses into one another. You cannot be disciples if you do not learn how to transform these courses. For example, discontentment and low spirits are characteristic for old people, while good moods are characteristic for young people. When we talk about old and young people, take the word “old” in its symbolic meaning that is “habit”. Old are those people, whose habits are continuously inclined to the centre of the Earth. Evil is not in this, but in the fact that the human aspiration for the centre of the Earth is unconscious. Miners go into the mines with a definite purpose: to take out gold and precious stones and bring them to the surface of the Earth. The position of those who slip and fall into a hole due to carelessness is not the same. They do it unwillingly and suffer that they have badly hit themselves, while miners go down underground consciously.
Now, after you have joined this School, give a thought to every event in your daily life and learn from it. For example, ask yourself why your mood changes so quickly. Make a weekly account of the number of daily changes in your mood, in order to get a true idea about yourself and write it down in your notebook. First week note only the abrupt changes of your mood. Next week note what your mood is in the morning when you get up, at noon and in the evening, before you go to bed. Write down the hour, the minute and the weather (if it is good or bad, sunny or foggy) of your morning mood and the same, if a change of your mood has occurred. Begin your first observation on Sunday, noting only the changes of your mood without seeking the reasons for them. The reasons are usually remote from you. You are aware only of the changes happening to you, but you do not know their reasons and purposes. Therefore, there is something deeper than what is changeable in you. You will study the changeable, not the unchangeable in you. Why? - Because the observations will be made by the unchangeable in you. Through these observations you will come to your inner state, which is unchangeable. It is observing the other conditions, but it itself remains unchanged. In this way – through a series of observations – you will get a lot of experience.

So, you should make your observations in a calm manner, without admitting any disturbances. If you are in low spirits, you will note that your state is “left, below zero”; if you are well-disposed, then you are “right, above zero.” All unpleasant moods are on the left – they represent a motion to the roots or downwards, to the centre of the Earth. All pleasant moods are on the right – they represent a motion to the branches or upwards, to the centre of the Sun. It is good to note also the weather, in order to see its influence on the human moods.

You are to make observations on yourself without criticism. Criticism is nothing else but gnawing, and gnawing is characteristic of caterpillars. In this sense, critics may be called “psychological caterpillars.” You will explore yourself, stating the changes of your mood and exposing them without criticism. If you see a mistake of yours and say that you are a bad person, you will make another mistake. The first mistake is in your wrong doing, which you have not corrected; the second mistake is in your criticism. Therefore, if you have made a mistake, take it up to correct it. You can do it without the comment that you are a bad person, which is like a hood. If you say that you are a good person, this is another hood.

A disciple of the Spiritual school should work without expecting any praises. It is not helpful for anyone to be praised by some, but scored by others. Praises and scores are for children. They are suitable for them. When are the disciples praised and scored? Concerning praises and scores, I have a strictly determined idea: you are not supposed to give your opinion about a picture that is not finished. When you look at a canvas with only few lines on it painted by the artist, you may laugh and say: “It is childish work.” But if you see the same picture already completed, you will say: “An excellent work of art!” In these two cases you will have two different views on this same picture. That is why you should be patient, waiting for the time when the picture will be finished, and then you may give your opinion. Do not give your opinion about anyone before this person has completed his/her work! It means not to criticize anyone. Criticism is to be excluded from objective human thinking and speaking.

I ask, which words initiated the human speech? Conjunctions were first, then verbs, pronouns, and finally – nouns. This truth is confirmed by some medical cases of lost speech after a strong hit. These patients lost first their ability to pronounce nouns, then – pronouns, verbs and in the end – conjunctions. The pronunciation of conjunctions is usually not lost – even in the worst cases. Conjunctions are available also in the world of speechless animals. For example, we say that snakes hiss. They produce the sound “sss…” Thus they give a hint to people that speech began with conjunctions.

Next time, each one of you should write a word; not any word, but a harmonious and loved one, which will leave a pleasant feeling in you as you pronounce it. It is desirable not to repeat the same words. Do not write overused words like “love”, “good”, “evil”, “right”, “beauty”, which have become trivial in your language. You can choose whatever parts of speech you like – verbs, nouns, adjectives or pronouns. The purpose is to find such words that are carriers of ideas. Then we are going to compose a sentence with the words written by you. In this way, we can see the extent of your harmonization as a class and also your position – left or right. It will be the first test to determine the direction of your development.

The direction of your thought can be defined by any pronounced or written word. Everything left by humans may vanish, but what is written will remain as a symbol of one’s life. Words are signs like all the existing forms in Nature. Any curve of a tree branch, for example, reveals a certain idea. The human eyebrows also express a certain idea. Eyebrows of many persons are like the branches of a young tree; but the eyebrows of some others are drooped like the branches of an old tree. We can judge the forces acting in someone by the form and direction of his eyebrows. Consequently, when you read something written by a person, you can say right away not only what he has said, but also which original he has used. You can also comprehend the way, in which he has come to a definite idea. Ideas pass through many human brains; as a result they take different forms.

So, if you study well, you will get acquainted with the language of Nature, paying attention to its elements: rivers, valleys, rocks and mountains. It is a difficult task, but if you proceed step by step with the symbols of Nature, you will enrich your mind with a number of new higher ideas. And when you get to comprehend the symbols of Nature, you will read them, receiving riches of knowledge. When you go to the mountain without bringing a book with you, if you do not know how to read from the book of Nature, you will be bored. But if you know how to read it, you will have an occupation – you will take a look at a cliff, then at a spring and you will learn from them. Those who do not comprehend Life and Nature will be bored by anything, any place they go. Therefore, it is better for them to see the works of the great poets, musicians and artists.
Secret Prayer

The Master greeted the disciples with the words: “Without fear!”
They answered: “Without darkness!”

Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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