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Old 04-15-2006, 05:37 AM
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"People ask me if I have been to the world beyond. I do not visit the world beyond; I live in it. They ask, 'Have you been to see God?' I have not been to see God; I abide in God. And I study God in everything: in the stones, in the plants, in the animals, the water, the air and the light. God is in everything that lives. In the least as well as the greatest, I can see God. I am glad and rejoice when I hear God's small still Voice.

"You expect to see God when you die. If you live in worldliness, even after you die, you will still remain on earth. Some people say that they want to see God. Are you not seeing the manifested Light of God? It is the Manifestation of the Angels, of God. From now on work continuously at feeling God's Presence at all times and in all things. In the morning when you climb to the mountain peak, see God there.

"Everything which is external and internal - everything which surrounds us - represents a form through which the Great Intelligent Cause manifests. Behind me, above me, around me is God. As long as you think of God, God is before you. As soon as you stop thinking about God, God is behind you. Truly it is better when God is before you. In times of man's greatest trials, suffering and hardship, God is made manifest to him in one form or another and will help him. To commune with the rocks, the plants, the animals, the wind, the whole of nature - this is a privilege for man. Why? Because all things originate from God. When man lives within the Divine Orb, he sees God everywhere and in everything. Once he departs from this Orb, he becomes confused.

"When I speak about God, I refer to the Sacred - the One Reality - which can be experienced everywhere.

"If you search for Him, you will experience Him within man, the animals, the plants, the air and the water, as well. Let everyone to whom you speak understand that the God of whom you speak has not been inherited from your grandmother or your grandfather, but that you have had a great experience and your illumination is a result of this experience.

"To live for God and to see His Life in all beings - even to enter into the consciousness of an ant - is truly great. While on the earth, you cannot understand or relate to this, but when you are in the sublime world - the world of mindfulness, you will understand.

"To see God means to strive toward that Supreme Eternal Law which rejuvenates, revivifies and brings Light and warmth to man. If people consider it to be a privilege to meet and converse with a great poet or philosopher, how much greater a privilege it is to have the opportunity to see God. Do you know what it means to see God? This is the meaning of life. It is truly a great thing to connect with this Supreme Intelligence.

"You will first find God in the least of things - in a crystal, in a wellspring, in a flower - and only then in the greater things.

"There are people who do not like it when one speaks to them about God. Yet when you meet a person like that, you will see that he is in need of God. Tell him, 'You never go out into the light, and for this reason, you are frail and anemic.' Do not speak to him about God. After that tell him, 'You need fresh air. Breathe deeply, because otherwise, you will become ill.' On another occasion tell him, 'Your blood is impure. You need to improve the food you eat, otherwise you will become ill.'

"People perceive God as an abstraction; and yet, God is the One Reality. The air and the light are the means through which you can have immediate and unlimited access to God."


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