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Old 12-02-2005, 10:30 PM
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Default Microwave Weaponry Used on Montana Carpenter

I was haveing the same problems getting into the Arctic Beacon site earlie as I was haveing here yesterday so I wonder if it has anything to do with this new article he put up yesterday?


Microwave Weaponry Used on Montana Carpenter and 9/11 Researcher for 'Getting Too Close to Who Knows What'
Dan Nelson says he's not sure exactly what piece 9/11 evidence he uncovered triggered the government assaults, but says once he tried to go public, 'all hell broke loose.'
1 Dec 2005

By Greg Szymanski

Dan Nelson has lost faith in his country, lost faith in most everything.

Disillusioned, he’s had a bitter taste of what it’s like to buck city hall, a bitter taste of getting pushed around by government thugs.

For most of his life, Nelson, 45, lived peacefully as a carpenter in Livingston, Montana, a place where the biggest excitement comes from inside the bowling alley and bingo parlor

Then six months ago, “all hell broke loose” after he stumbled across some sensitive 9/11 evidence.

And, looking back, he should have stuck to bowling or bingo because ever since taking on 9/11, his life has turned into nothing but “a living hell,” including death threats as well as being zapped by high-powered microwave weaponry.

Simple Montana Carpenter Targeted by Microwave Weaponry

Although it sounds clandestine and complicated, Nelson’s misadventures unraveled in a relatively straightforward manner. All he did was peruse 9/11information from every source on the planet and then take a magnifying glass to the video tapes, a technique not used by many people but one that ingenuously turned up some rather unusual results.

Whatever Nelson uncovered, it definitely “struck a government nerve” as only hours after he tried to publicize his information on radio and television, government helicopters and agents were swarming down on Livingston, something Nelson admits never happened before in his small hometown.

In order to finally go public and protect his life, Nelson recently appeared on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, on the Republic Broadcast Network at www.rbnlive.com (see archives), telling this incredible story about the treatment he received after trying to go public about 9/11.

In his own words, he recalls what sounds like a Hollywood CIA spook movie:

“Ever since I tried to let people know about what I found out about 9/11, I have had many things happen. Within 12 hours of leaving a message on the phone of a popular radio host, I had a light green helicopter follow me where ever I went. The next day, after it first appeared, it showed up again at my friend’s house and he will verify the incident. Two days after the helicopter incident, two men in a car tried very hard to run me and my daughter off the road while we were on my motorcycle.

“Then the next week another man was killed one evening on that same corner where I was driving, his body not uncovered till the next morning. What was strange that he was riding a bike the same color as mine and we have the only two like it in town. Since that first incident, three more times cars have tried to force me into wreck within miles of the same spot, one of the times again with my daughter on back of the motorcycle, forcing me to speed away at 120 miles per hour just to save our lives.

“Further, I’ve even had the sheriff’s car try to hit me in town, and then just drove off. I also had a semi try to rear end us. My daughter was also run off the road once when she was driving my car alone and there is a police report of this one.

“And the harassment just never seemed to stop after I saw that first helicopter. For example, I had a man come up to me when I was trying to get into my house and, for no good reason, poke me in the stomach with something which made me very sick, later causing a staph infection. He ran away before I could catch him and as a result I had to take heavy duty drugs. But the most painful was when I felt my insides bubbling, and I was getting very hot as I was washing dishes. The next thing I know I can hear the fluid in my head bubbling and got a massive head ache.

“I was so disoriented I did not know how to wash dishes any more. I ran out of my home and there were two guys by a pick-up parked right next to my house. One man was holding an antenna right against my window. The other guy saw me and yelled at him. They threw the antenna in back of the truck along with some other piece of equipment and covered it up very fast and left. I tried to remember the plate number, but I am losing my memory each day that passes and my insides are still so raw I cannot work.

“My legs give out sometimes and my back is killing me. Because of what happen to me I started checking into microwave weapons. Its amazing what they can do to people, I just didn’t know they were portable but I know I would have been fried if I didn’t run out of my house.

“The thing is all of us have been getting smaller doses to where you don’t notice it. But it slowly causes cancer in many different parts of the body as well as memory loss and loss of bodily control. Although I am not religious I believe God’s hand is around me and I have to do this for the future of all good people. Our whole American history is a lie and I now understand how they keep us in check. It’s a huge realization to swallow but my own opinion is we are in very deep trouble.”

This type of retaliation is usually not associated with a simple carpenter from a small Montana town, but sometimes those who dig too deeply “know not what they find.” In Nelson’s case, he amassed numerous videos, research documents, seismic studies and other 9/11 facts, many of which may have contained messages or information the government wants hidden away.

FOX Employee on 9/11 Says He Clearly Saw Cargo Plane With No Windows Hit the Tower. What happened to this video clip?

Although Nelson couldn’t pinpoint the exact 9/11 discovery that triggered the life-threatening retaliation, he tried to make some sense out of what had happened by putting the entire ugly experience into perspective.

“About three years ago, I started spending hours upon hours dissecting the 9/11 video tapes and other information,” said Nelson this week in a telephone conversation from his Montana home. “I slowed down the videos frame by frame and used a magnifying glass and what I saw was incredible. I’ve kept a copy of everything, but I know they have gotten into my computer after I tried to send everything to the media with my explanation.”

One of the videos Nelson wanted to emphasize, which has somehow been forgotten, is the FOX News clip on the morning of 9/11, where eye-witness Marc Bernbach, a FOX employee, told reporters he was positive what hit the tower was not a commercial airliner, saying it positively looked like a military cargo plane without windows.

Also, in the background of the news clip, people are screaming and one lady repeatedly is yelling, “That’s not an American Airlines plane! That’s not an American Airlines plane!

(See a copy of this video clip on the new Arctic Beacon web site coming soon.)

Further, the question remains what happened to Bernbach, what happened to his testimony, what happened to the FOX news clip and why has it been hushed up for all these years, except for a brief mention on a 9/11 truth website and now Nelson’s revival of the video clip.

However, Nelson wasn’t content with the on-air version, so he slowed it down frame by frame while using a magnifying glass to uncover other strange things in the background of the clip. This is what Nelson thinks he saw when he slowed things down:

“In this one frame it looks like someone with and Arab headdress. In the first couple of frames, the lady moves towards the right. There is some kind of stand to the right of her. As she starts to the left you can make out an extended arm with a pistol in it. One frame shows it well. I think the 200 zoom shows it best.

“I am sure she is shot then starts to fall. At the same time a construction worker on the left walks towards the camera. He looks like he is shot in the chest and then in the last frames he is shot in the head and blood sprays red blood sprays every where. It also seems like there are frames missing. I also don’t think the audio fits what people are doing. Everybody nearby might have been shot therefore no real witnesses. Remember at least1000 people were never found.”

Another picture uncovered, which gets no coverage, is one with the tower burning and a black object flying near the right side of the tower. When Nelson blew this picture up, it clearly show what looks like a stealth fighter plane.

“It looks like a stealth, that’s for sure,” said Nelson, adding he uncovered other video oddities too numerous mention. However, regarding the video which shows a “pod” on the lower portion of one of the jetliners heading into the tower, Nelson said:

“In this one video, the plane does shoot something out from underneath just before it hits the towers and everybody sees that. What they miss, however, is the pod shoots three times before it comes in contact with the tower. You have to go frame by frame and put a magnifying glass up to the pod. You will then see two other dim flashes before the bright one which proves it is shooting missiles to open up the building. There are also things flying past the jet as if it were being shot at which the second video I will send will prove this. It is important to look at it over and over with the magnifying glass then sit back a ways

“I definitely think I have struck a nerve because they have come at me real hard. These people are going to get me someday, but hopefully I can get a lot of my work out to the public before it is too late.”

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Old 12-03-2005, 05:05 AM
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Default Re: Microwave Weaponry Used on Montana Carpenter

Very interesting story.

I’ve noticed how the people investigating the truth about 9/11 are always harassed. If the truth gets out, the public will revolt and probably overthrow the government.
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Old 12-03-2005, 06:22 AM
neenafoof neenafoof is offline
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Default Re: Microwave Weaponry Used on Montana Carpenter

If the government wants things hidden away, why do they leave them out in the open?

That's like going to a bar and leaving your purse on the bar and going to the restroom without it.
Why do they do that? Some other agenda? Why?????

Poor dude. That sucks.
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