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Old 04-19-2007, 11:19 PM
Windham_Earl Windham_Earl is offline
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Default There is something very important you must know.

I will only post here once. This message is all I am here to deliver. You will not be able to find out who I am, so you should not even waste time trying. I tell you this so that you may help yourself, and avoid being infected.

This site, like many others on the web, is monitored by many people and groups.

What you must understand is that information is capable of acting as a vector for very serious infections that can negatively affect the human mind. Most of you already know this because you are aware of internet viruses. But I am talking about something much more dangerous. An infection that affects you, a human being, not merely your computer. I know there are some here who will not believe me, and to them I would suggest you google "meme theory" or "memetics". I hope this will be enough for you to take this warning seriously.

There are many groups and people who wish to infect as many people as they can. Not all of them are governments or government agents. Some are non-government entities who simply seek to debilitate people, make them susceptible to their control, or the simplest and least harmful reason being to separate people from their money and thereby enrich themselves. Virtually all of these people operate on the internet, most often trying to convince people of far-out conspiracy theories or other such scams which can never be positively proven.

What you must understand is that the human being must ingest information to survive just as it must ingest food and water to survive. And just like spinach that is infected with e-coli can cause damage to your body, or prions that are in CJD-infected meats can cause damage to your health, so can false and harmful information infect your mind. Most times, however, the host will never know that they are infected with a viral meme. Viral memes have always existed throughout the history of mankind, but because communication was slow in past ages, these viral memes were limited in how quickly and how broadly they could spread. It took the inventions of the printing press, the telegraph, the telephone, the computer, and now the world-wide web to continually improve the vector that transmits viral memes. Now viral memes are literally infecting vast numbers of people every single day, and many do not even realize it. I point you to the bible. Seek the words in the bible that talks about the "false prophet" that appears on the scene prior to the final return of the messiah, who will usher in the New Age of the Creator. This "false prophet" is not a mortal human being, and it is not a single entity. What the bible is describing are the conditions that we see here, now, around us. The "false prophet" was merely a way to explain to people who came before the internet that a great many people would become infected by viral memes that would cause them to believe things that are not true.

I do not wish to bring you a message of futility. I do not wish for you to think there is no hope, for there is always hope as long as each human being seeks truth and can verify it as such with their own senses IN ADDITION TO YOUR INTUITION. All of the world religions were created to control mankind, and therefore represent some of the very first viral memes. Beware anyone or any idea passed on to you that merely asks you to be faithful or to believe something without proving it to yourself, with extensive and multiple forms of corroborating evidence. The principles of the scientific method must be rigorously followed if you are to avoid being infected with a viral meme. Do not fall prey to those who would have you believe that "just because someone cannot prove that something is NOT true, that it could therefore be true." This is the oldest trap in the book, and you will see that the strong scientific method does not allow for belief without proof. The scientific method rejects those who claim that something may be true as long as no one can prove it false. This is illogic and it does not follow the natural laws you see in the universe around you.

I will continue to spread this word, as this is the reason that I was sent to this earth. I wish each and every one of you human beings the strength to avoid infection by the many viral memes that are propagating around your planet. There are many forms of life in the universe, and all such forms who have advanced past the stage you find yourselves have had to pass through this same time of viral meme propagations. I honestly and sincerely wish that all the strength of the forces of creation will be on your side, and allow you to avoid infection. If you stay strong and avoid viral meme infections, your species will be transformed and the being you will evolve into will take its rightful place among the communities of our mutual universe.

Kin Jay Eee,
Windham Earl

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