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Old 01-13-2008, 12:15 PM
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“Remain in me, and I will remain in you." John 15:4

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you.” While living in an air space, man should know how to cope with the air. In order to use the opportunities that the air provides, he should have an attitude towards it. Only in this condition can man receive from the air the elements that are needed. In order to make use of the lessons and lectures of his teacher, the disciple should be concentrated; he should understand what is being taught to him. If his mind is distracted, if he deals with side thoughts, the disciple cannot make use of the knowledge transferred to him, and as a result he visits the school in vain. What will the deaf man gain, if he goes to listen to some singer, or some musician? The singer sings, the musician plays, but he hears nothing.

Likewise, now I am also talking, but few of you listen and perceive. Why? Because many of you are occupied with various problems: you have to pay some bill, or your apartment, or you are not satisfied with the conditions in which you live. As long as the thought of the human is distracted, nothing can reach his mind. He thinks about anything but what is being spoken about. Consequently, only the one who has opened his mind and heart can remain in Christ. Therefore, Christ says to His disciples: “Remain in me, so that I remain in you.”

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you.” It is the greatest thing in the world for a person to remain in God. It is said in the Scriptures: “God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” To worship Him in Spirit” means to worship Him for Love. “In Truth” means “in strength”. The one, who does not love Truth, cannot be strong. Whoever worships God in Spirit and in Truth is strong. Love is a creation of Spirit, while the strength is a creation of Truth.

Now, as you look at the sunrise you begin to think about the presence of the Divine power in the world. From afar the Sun looks small, but in fact it is much bigger. The space within which the Sun moves is so vast, that there is room for millions of Suns and billions of stars just like ours. Besides, in space there is a place for many more universes that are to be created in the future. The process of creation is limitless – it has neither beginning, nor end. The matter from which suns and planets are created is also limitless. Many people want to know where the end of the world is. The concepts “beginning” and “end” are relative. As he begins to think, the human is at the beginning of the things; as he stops thinking – he is at their end. As long as he loves God, as long as he serves Him, as long as he remains in Him in Spirit and in Truth, the human is at the beginning of the things. As he stops loving and serving Him, he is at the end of the things, where everything disappears.

Someone might like to know what the meaning of the world is and how it was created, etc. This desire is untimely; he is not ready for it. Is the disciple ready to be like his master? If he wants to be a scientist like his master, it is okay, but together with the positive sides of his master, he will adopt his weaknesses as well. Is he ready to cope with the weaknesses that he has adopted from his master? It is not easy to cope with the weaknesses and the shortcomings of others.

A pious, religious man, decided to reform the world by burning incense like the priests do in churches. He decided to take an incense-burner and go from the one end of the town to the other to see what he will attain. I advised him not to do this, because if the world could be reformed by incense burning, then it would have been reformed by now. Millions of priests' burn incense today, but the world is still not reformed. It is worthwhile to burn incense, but you should do it with your thought. The human thought should smell sweet and should disperse Light. If a man, having such a thought, starts from the one end of the town to the other, from one village to another, he may soon be able to reform the world. For millions of years the Sun shines and burns, but the world is still not reformed. For millions of years the wind blows and talks to the people, but his words did not reform the world.

The world is settled – it does not need to be reformed -– however, the human world is not settled, but this world is being reformed bit by bit. The world, in which the Advanced Beings live – those that have completed their evolution, and that serve God in Spirit and Truth, is settled. These beings have been assigned to the task of controlling the physical world. The land, on which the humans live, is like a large ship with which they make their excursions, without knowing where they go. They do not know when they arrived on this ship, and they also do not know where they are going. People talk about the creation of the world, about the creation of the human being in Paradise, but they are unable to recall the creation of the world or the creation of the human being in Paradise. God created the human, but the human does not remember anything, because his consciousness was not awake. God had to awaken the human for a long time, before He succeeded. As soon as he awoke from his deep sleep, the human began to cry and demand food. Up to this day he continues to cry and demand food from God. Up to this day God takes care of him and provides for him the necessary food. Man gets everything that he demands. Everything is given to the human – just like parents who give everything to their children while they are at school. As soon as they finish school, they apply as candidates for teachers at primary or secondary schools – according to the education they received.

Contemporary people think that they are strong, learned and good. In order to understand what they are, they should make trials, so that they can get thoroughly acquainted with themselves. As far as strength goes, let the one who has a strong thought, try to stop the blowing of the wind, or the rain, or let him try to dissipate the clouds with the power of his thought. It is possible to talk to the wind - we have an example for this: When He was in the boat with His disciples, Christ fell asleep, but during this time a storm developed at sea. The disciples were frightened and awoke Christ. Do not fear – said Christ. He concentrated His thought and stopped the wind. Christ understood the language of the wind and spoke with it. The wind listens only to the one who loves him, who serves God in Spirit and in Truth, and who is a strong and loving person. If the human talks to Nature in the name of the Truth – it listens to him. It was said in the Scriptures: “You have fallen in love with the truth in man.” The one, who lives in Truth, is the only one, who can obtain his wishes. Outside of the Truth things are unobtainable.

“Remain in me and I will remain in you.” It is great and beautiful to remain in God. When a person obtains this, he does not need the praises of people anymore. What is the use of praising people? Whatever opinion you might have of the human, keep it – you do not need to say it. Whether he does good or not – do not comment on that - he is still at the beginning of the good. The good in him is not yet completed. He is an artist, who has just begun to paint. He is still learning how to lay the paint and you praise him. Praising him, though, you distract his attention from his work instead of helping him. Do not say anything before he finishes his picture. As the picture comes to life and starts to talk, then you can express your opinion.

One of the talking pictures is the human. All that God has made is alive. All that has been created by God is immortal. All that has been made by the human is mortal. And when we say, that man dies, we mean, that only what is not divine within him dies.
When someone dies, people say, that everything is finished with him. Why? This is because they cannot see him. Indeed, when man cannot see things, he stumbles. Then what will you say about affection? Affection is invisible too, but you say, that this man or that man loves you. So, in some way you can determine if someone loves you. In order to establish this, you first have to see his Love; then you have to hear that he loves you and finally, you have to smell the fragrance that comes from him. The processes of seeing, hearing and smelling are internal ones. The one, who loves, emits a special fragrance - like the fragrant flowers and fruits do. Consequently, after you smell the fruit, you taste it. You do the same with those whom you love. Through your senses you can tell what his properties are.

What is the reason for the fragrance of fruits? The reason is the beautiful thoughts that function within the very fruits. These beautiful thoughts are caused by rational beings that aim for the development of the fruits. As you eat fruits, the rational beings examine you in order to see in what degree you have recognized the Divine ways. Whether you believe in this, or not, is another thing. Even though you do not believe, you use the fruits as healing agents. For instance, the cherry and the peach are healing agents. The cherry is recommended against anaemia and neurasthenia. In spring you can eat as many cherries as you like, but you should do it with Love. In order for you to benefit from the fruits of the cherry tree, it has to be grown by a good man. If you eat from the fruits of such a cherry tree, the state of your nervous system will improve.

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you.” Why should a man remain in God? - So that his wishes might be obtained. If he does not remain in God, his wishes will not be obtained. When a king gives an order for some good to be done, his order is obeyed at once. But if a poor man issues the same order his voice will not be heard. So, if you would like your word to be heard as well, remain in God. If you do not remain in God, then your word will not be accepted. Christ says: “If you remain in me, whatever you ask from my Father will be”.

Now, I wish for all of you here to remain in God. If you remain in God, you may even be able to speak to the stones and they will listen. Is this possible? For God everything is possible. You are ready to believe, but only after you see that something has already happened. However, until it happens you do not believe. After the ship sets out, you believe. But once she sets out, she follows her way, no matter whether you believe or not. You might say, that the stones of the mountain are scattered, but this only appears to be a mess. In fact, all things in Nature are settled according to special laws that add external beauty. Few people are able to see and understand this beauty. For instance, you tell someone that he is good and wise. You can see this, but yet you do not see his shortcomings. He is beautiful, but he is not rational or patient. He is observant, well dressed, but he does not appreciate his clothes and he does not enjoy them. He dresses for the sake of people - not for his own sake. It is much better when the human dresses for the sake of God and is constantly ready to appear before His face, to show his heart and mind, so that He can see how he has lived.

Whatever mistakes God sees in man, He keeps silent and does not judge anyone. God is long-suffering and benevolent. In spite of this, man dares to complain that people were bad and unjust. As a person, is not he the same, though? The human is bad when he does not remain in God, when he does not serve him in Spirit and Truth, then he does not use the Divine goods rationally. Besides, the human is bad because he does not use his heart, will, soul and Spirit properly. Having this in mind, do you think that everything you like might happen? The wickedness you have is not of today. You brought it from your past when you had many masters. All that you experienced then is now written on your faces. It is enough for one to just look at you in order to understand that in the past you were disobedient, and as a result you have scars on your head, legs and hands, which are visible even today. As a result you have reached the present and you are now characterized by a vigilant consciousness and you say: today we will live as God likes.

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you.” Why should you remain in God? - So that you can correct your past. If you decide to correct your past and to live well, then the rational beings will begin to cooperate with you and help you. However, at the slightest hesitation in you, they will withdraw at once. If you decide to live well, they will start helping you again. Knowing this, do not hesitate in your good decision. You might say that you are not ready yet for a pure and bright life, but in order to get ready, you have to work. The small child that should begin first grade cannot study at a secondary school. This does not mean, though, that he should not study at all. First the child begins first grade and he does well at school. Then he gets older and several years later he will be a student at the secondary school. After seven years of studying at primary school and junior high school, this child will be ready for the secondary school where more work will be required of him. After that, the child will enter university. As he works and studies diligently*, he will be ready for a higher life and will then be able to serve God. Whatever position you might find yourself in you should work, you should put into practice one method after another method, until you can reach a certain status.

“Remain in God.” Why you should remain in God? - So that you can have a clear notion about Him. He does not live in contradictions. Since people do not know this, as soon as they come across some contradiction that they cannot solve, they get angry with God and say: "We will not study!" Getting angry with his master, the disciple says: "I will not study!" Getting angry with her mother, the daughter says: "I will not work!" One or two days later she leaves the home of her parents and runs away from her mother. Wherever she goes though, she will be made to work in something.

An ox decided to run away from his master and went to a forest, so that he could live more freely and more independently. His master did not look for him – he let the ox be as free he wanted. Two years passed, but the ox did not return. Then a cold winter came. The ox wandered around in the forest, but one day he was attacked by a pack of wolves. He put his back against a tree and desperately fought against the wolves. After some time the ox managed to get free and ran until it reached the home of its master and hid there without his master noticing him. His master only saw him in the morning. The ox thought: it is bad here with you, but without you it is even worse. It is bad with God, but without God it is much worse.

Nothing is greater for the human than serving God! The reason for our inner delight and joy is due to this - we have made what God wanted from us. If we do not fulfil His laws we feel sorry and suffer. As He sees us in this state, He says: Do not do that. Be mindful and do not make mistakes – making mistakes is not for your good. What does the teacher of drawing do when he sees that the picture of some student is not good – he takes a pencil and erases it. When he checks the picture of this student again and finds out that his picture is still not well drawn, he erases it again. By this he draws the attention of the student to the mistakes and makes him correct them. If the student cannot correct his mistakes by himself, the teacher takes the brush and the paints and shows the student how to draw. By drawing his attention to the eyes of the portrait, the teacher wants to tell the student to like the truth. As he draws his attention to the ears of the portrait, he wants to tell him to love and value the Word. If he draws his attention to the nose, this means that the student should develop his sense of smell, to perceive the smells properly and to know people. If he draws his attention to the mouth, this means to learn how to eat wisely.

Remain in God, so that you can get acquainted with one another in the name of the great Love. Remain in God, so that you can serve Him in Spirit and Truth, so that you can be brave and decisive, be strong and loving, and ready for great sacrifices.

So, when you meet someone who loves you, say: It is Him! When you meet a man who is ready to make all kind of sacrifices for you, say: It is Him! A religious man fell into great contradictions and lost his faith. One day he came out of his home and went for a walk in the town, in order to think more freely. Lost in his thoughts and his grief, he did not notice how several hours passed, and at one point in time he got hungry. He noticed that at a distance of ten meters there was a pear tree. He came near to the pear tree and began to examine it, but he did not see any fruit there. Again a failure! I have no luck at all, said the young man sadly. He moved just two or three steps away when a feeble wind started to blow. The wind swung the branches of the pear tree and he heard something falling to the ground. He bent down quickly and noticed that several nice pears had fallen down. He ate the first pear with appreciation and said to himself: It is Him! Then he ate all five pears and after each pear he thanked God with the words: It is Him! After that he said: I never ate with such relish and appreciation as today.

It is Him who makes people love us.
It is Him who makes the wind blow.
It is Him who gives the great goods in life.
It is Him who brings light thoughts into our minds, noble feelings into our hearts and who makes us behave boldly and decisively.
It is Him who gives us food to support our organism.
“Remain in God, Spirit and Truth!”

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on July 26, 5 a.m.


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