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Old 02-21-2011, 10:23 PM
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Default Righthaven works with billionaire criminal banksters family

Source: Righthaven connected with billionaire family with influence on elections : Federal Jack

Ref # is the reference number of a valid source and quoted reference located below the article.

After my investigation of Righthaven, Stephens Media, and WEHCO Media, I now have certifiable proof and evidence to back up my suspicions that Righthaven is really a srtong-arm law firm by a super rich, political influential, and law breaking Stephens Family to target Freedom of Speech. I found out that Righthaven is in business partnership with a multi-billion dollar family that has ownership and influence over the nations weekly news papers (Ref 8, Ref 5, Ref 1), Cable TV systems (Ref 8), operated one of the countryís largest outdoor advertising businesses with 13,000 billboards (Ref 8), has also invested in Natural Gas and Oil companies (Ref 9), and also has power and influence over political including Federal elections over both political parties (Ref 2).

So the very people that are behind the law firm Righthavenís (LLC) frivolous lawsuits, mostly filed against political sites and bloggers (Ref 10), are connected with a very wealthy family, known as the Stephens Group, also working under Stephens Media (Ref 9), and they have the money and power to influence Politics on the Federal Level, and a 1993 Fed Inquiry reported by the NYTimes (Ref 2, Ref 3, Ref 4, Ref 11) brought out that they had influence in campaign money for Presidential Administrations.

Stephens Group (Ref 3, Ref 4) had also violatedthe Glass Stegall Act a 1933 Federal law, and the family members and family trusts that control the brokerage firm held about two third of stock in the Stuttgart bank. Stephens Media also had a joint venture with WEHCO Media (Ref 1) and a newspaper partnership with Medianews and Gannett. All three newspaper organizations WEHCO Media, Stephens Media, and WEHCO Media are all affiliated with Righthaven to sue bloggers and non profit entities such as care2 and others. So thereís no doubt that Stephens Group and Stephens Media are one of the most powerful, most influential in American politics, most rich in America (Mutli-billionaire wise), and violated laws and somehow are still working in America and possibly the world.

Also many bloggers believe that since that they have settled out of court, and rid their sites of infringing content that they are safe from a court trial and domain seizure by Righthaven but that is not the case because they may be future targets again under Righthaven since Stephens Media keeps buying more newspapers and may one day sue bloggers over Associated Press quotations and maybe even Reuters quotes.

So Righthaven may be the strong arm of Stephens Inc. under a guise to silence Free Speech and Free Press so that they can continue to influence and control politics and who gets elected as President of the United States of America and is a cause for concern. No super rich family should ever control who gets elected as President or even in the House of Representatives or even our Senate of these United States. Itís basically common sense that political elections needs to be a open field and not dictated by Billionaire families and bankers.

Goto source link to
Righthaven has to be a bilderberg organization. The information I am digging up is right up Alex Jones ally and is very concerning information. Check out my investigative work. Stephens Media that works with Righthaven has political influence over Presidential elections and has helped the Bushes, invests in oil, and own most of the nations weekly newspapers.

Can you say Righthaven are bilderbergers?

Even if Alex Jones did sign a condentiality statement regarding righthaven he could say Brian's being targeted by the bilderbergs which may even be true. I got into deep $#!t because of being a truth seeker and trying to bring out the truth. Looks like the corporate elite is after me.

Future the elites will bring:

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Obama Healthcare incites mass murder:

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Alt. H1N1 Swine/Novel Flu Killer:

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