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Old 11-04-2007, 08:29 AM
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Default Theory and Application

Theory and Application

Now, as you have come here, you have to be well disposed, to use all the conditions which Nature offers. The disposition of man is similar to the stream of the river – when one river passes through its boundaries, it is being useful. On the base of it and every good thought which passes through the mind of man, is also useful. Therefore the power of thought stays in the good thoughts, and not in much thinking. Man to think much, this understands to care, and the care bring nothing. When a man gets up in the morning, he starts to think what he will eat; afterwards, when he has had enough to eat, what will he think about? After man has his meal, he starts to think what he will do throughout the day, but when he becomes hungry, he starts to think about eating again. I ask what people have acquired from thousands years to now after they have thought only about eating. They have created the kitchen. After thinking a long time about eating, the animals have created their kitchen. The main point in the time of eating and after it is the work which the workers in the human organism do. If they don’t come, to put every element of the food in its place, man will fall ill by all means. In order to avoid illness, he has to be in agreement with all these workers.

I say: man has to be in agreement with the workers in his organism, this means for him to be in agreement with the Divine world. But sometimes man finds himself in contradiction with the Divine world, and from there – in contradiction with himself. To be in contradiction with the Divine world, this means to be in the position of a disciple who hears what his teacher teaches but his attention is deviated to the other side. Man is strong only when his mind and heart are in their place. If the mind and heart are not in their place, i.e. if they are stolen by somebody, he is compared to an empty car. If man comes to this state, his life stultifies – there is no man on the Earth who hasn’t felt such stultifying of Life. While the mind and heart of man are with him, he has a connection with the First Reason, with the whole Invisible world.

Often some of you say: “We don’t understand what sense our early rising has up here and our climbing on peaks. When the Sun rises, sleep is most sweet, and we have to get up early, to climb up on the mountain.” I say: when the Sun rises, exactly then sleep is not the sweetest as some of you say. If man sleeps after the Sunrise, it is the same as putting him under the pounding water of some waterfall, which beats down on him from above – the energy of the Sun has such an effect over the nervous system of man. Sleep has sense for man only as rest, and as rest it is a big blessing. If in time of sleep workers come, who work for man, to clean his body, to air it, in the morning he will fell calm and rested; if these workers don’t come to work in man, in the morning he will wake up again tired, not rested.

Therefore, if man wants to understand the deep sense of the holy books and to live a correct life, first of all he has to be in agreement with Divine laws – the power of man is in the application of these laws. Everyone may speak about God but this is still not application; application is one of the great sciences. It is not the same if somebody will speak about the theory of Love or will apply it. You say: “It is easy to apply Love.” For one who knows, it is easy, but for the one who doesn’t know, this is hard work. The difficulty is in the fact that between theory and application there is always a difference, a lack of coincidence. If man comes to the application of things, he always comes upon on some contradiction, which from its side gives rise to a number of doubts. In the application of Truth man turns obstinate, becomes so tenacious that it takes ten levers to move him from where he has become stuck. This doesn’t means that he doesn’t want to go out from this place, but he finds a contradiction with himself and somebody has to come to help him by all means. Besides himself, man may get in contradiction with the surroundings, and with God. In the application of the Truth, man has to guard not to get in contradiction with the great Truth. When the contradictions spring up alone by themselves, this is another question, but man alone hasn’t given rise to any sufferings, any contradictions.

Someone asks what the reason is for the contradictions of Life. I shall give you one example to explain the contradictions which you create by yourselves: imagine that you have one good friend or benefactor who always was good to you, and did all kinds of favours and goodness to you. One day he turns to you to serve him in something but you immediately refuse with the explanation that you have work. With this refusal you alone come upon contradiction – it will not long and he will act with you as you acted with him. In the same way people act with the Spirit from which they receive all the goods; as a result of it they come upon big contradictions. The Spirit comes in them, wants some favour but they immediately refuse with the explanation that they have got no time, or the conditions don’t allow this work, or they have got no disposition and etc. Many people think that they have to serve God only in good disposition of the spirit. No, man can serve God always. If he is indisposed but he decides to serve God, his indisposition disappears immediately – in this way man verifies that between the Divine and the physical world there is an uninterrupted connection. For example the smallest contradiction in the Divine world produces the biggest breach in the physical.

The Divine world is a world of perfection, a world of harmony; if man enters there, he has only to learn. If you want to reach this perfection, your thoughts and feelings have to be absolutely harmonious. After the harmony is in the Divine world, and in the physical world the consequences will be harmonious.
Contemporary people want to be strong, to be esteemed and respected, and want everybody to make way to them, to yield to them. I say: who has such desires, is not a strong man. Imagine that a man, who passes for a strong man, walks along and meets one little child; in the mind of this man passes the thought: “Step aside from your way, make way for this child to pass!” But he says: “Really I, the big, the strong man, have to yield to this little child to pass first – this child is little, let it step aside from its way!” If this man says that, he doesn’t understand the laws of the Divine world. The question is not in yielding to the little children but in the disobedience – this man didn’t listen and didn’t execute what was whispered to him from the Invisible world. And afterwards he wonders where the unhappiness over his head comes from. If somebody says to you to make way for some child, or some poor, prost man, don’t ask why you have to do this – step aside from the way, afterwards you will understand why you shouldn’t do this.

Now, when you meet some man on your way, you don’t know how to treat him, what to do. Every man, whom you meet, represents a task for you which you have to decide correctly. He is one good which you will acquire or will lose – it depends on you. If you act with him as God ordered, you will win by all means; if you don’t act like this, you will lose. In relations with people you have to apply the Divine measure as the soldier of the battle field serves with the sight of the rifle to fire accurately in his aim. If he directs the sight accurately, then the results will be good. But human thought defines the direction, the aim and the distance of the objects more precisely than the sight of the rifle. Therefore if man doesn’t act accordingly to the laws of Divine thought, he can’t reach anything. And after that this man will say like the soldier that his rifle doesn’t measure distance well, or his hands tremble and etc. No, it doesn’t have to be fired without sight – man has to direct his thought right on its place, as the soldier directs the bullet exactly at the target. If man doesn’t know where and how to direct his thought in order for it to work for him, he can’t do anything – the thought works for man. The same law is active in the plants: notice, the colours in the plants appear before the leaves – this shows that the colours represent the thoughts of the plants, which work for them. With its fragrance the colours attract the bees, the butterflies and the insects to help their fertilization. As thoughts and feelings, man directs his fragrance to the Sensible creatures, they attract this fragrance and work in his use.

If man wants to keep the fragrance of his thoughts and feelings, he has to devote his Life to serving God. Serving shouldn’t be under constraint, constraint is not the Divine method. Serving God is not by law, or violence, but voluntarily, from Love. There is not a more beautiful or better thing for man than to get up every morning early, to pray to God and to communicate with Him. Often people search for one another, want to meet, to speak. I ask who is the most important one that you have to meet every day? There is no more important moment in the Life of man than this, only to catch a glimpse of the face of God. But if you get up in the morning with the desire to meet God but you have doubt in this and say that God will not be interested in you, you really will not meet Him. How is it possible for God not to be interested in you, in your work, after He alone created you and ever since your creation He has been interested in you? Once He created you, He already cares about you but you don’t care about Him. Whoever doesn’t care for God, gradually loses his powers and remains backward in his development, he doesn’t progress. Not to be interested in God means the same as not to be interested in what the teachers teach you. A father sends his son to school but he doesn’t learn his lessons, shirks school and in the end remains ignoramus – such is the state of everyone who doesn’t care about God.

Therefore the contradictions in Life are due to the fact that man has deviated from the correct way. As a result of this people complain that they don’t understand many things. Actually, when they had to learn, they had shirked school that is why today many people don’t understand music, art and a number of branches of science. Many contemporary people don’t know how to eat correctly as a result their stomach doesn’t work well. People shirked in many works that is why they have become backwards in their development. For this purpose the Invisible world prepared a plan with which it wants to help humanity return to the right way, to continue its development.

I say: Till now God sent ambassadors from the Invisible world to work over people as He asked them if they want it or not. But today God sends ambassadors, from the Invisible world, who don’t ask anybody for anything – they take their hammers and start to work over the houses of people. It is already time to get out from their houses and be under the open sky, in clear air. This state people call unfavourable conditions. With the good weather which we have today, the Invisible world turns attention to all people that if they execute the Will of God, in the future the sky will be so clear as today, and the Sun will shine and be pleasantly warm as today. But if between people the smallest disharmony appears, the conditions change, and together with them – Nature. Living Nature is nothing else except a combination of the activity of countless Sensible creatures; that is why namely the sin has a harmful effect over people, and over Nature. Notice, if you do the smallest evil to some man, he already reacts against you, sends his bad feelings to you; if you do the smallest good, he start to love you and sends to you his good feelings and dispositions. Therefore, the good life of people is the first condition for improvement of humanity, for the correcting of the world.
And so, in order to avoid the bad conditions of Life, people have to be careful in the application of their knowledge. But they have to know that yesterday’s knowledge can’t help them – today people need new knowledge, new science.

You say: “Why can’t yesterday’s knowledge help us?” The past has already given its results, the present is important. Has the three which has grown one centimeter yesterday for example, to say today that it doesn’t need to grow more? Yesterday was for yesterday – today is demanding something new, one little appendage to the old. The little appendage namely I call new knowledge, new science. What you acquire today, it will benefit you. Someone says: “I got up early yesterday, climbed to the top, today I can rest a little, and sleep a while.” No, yesterday has passed, it has already entered in the building of your building, but do you have to stop this building? Every day it has to be built a little, every day something has to be added to the building. If man builds uninterrupted, he executes the Will of God and takes part in His work.

Now, if you want to build correctly, you have to keep in your mind only harmonious, correct thoughts. These thoughts will be delivered to the surroundings – the thought is a power which moves things. If man thinks a long time over one question, he will make wonders in this direction; if he thinks a long time over one object to move it in some direction, he may do this. When the thought of man is uninterrupted, it may change the whole situation, it may change the surroundings. But if man thinks one day in one way, and on another day thinks another way, or if he thinks for five years in one way, and another five years in another way, he will not reach anything. The thoughts of man over one given question, has to have a common connection, absolutely uninterrupted.

Contemporary people put a barrier between the physical and the spiritual life as they say that between the physical and the spiritual there is no connection. Since they think like that, they often say: “This man lives only a physical life, he is a big materialist”; for the other man they say that he is a spiritual man, that he is a big idealist. I say: the physical and the spiritual life are deeply connected – they are parts of one whole, of the complete, of the Divine world. The physical life is on the surface of the water, a life of the sea waves. When you observe the sea, its surface may be calm or rough. If the sea ruffles, the movement of the water gives a depth mostly from ten-fifteen metres; the life of water till this depth represents the physical life. The deeper one goes down in the sea, the quieter and calmer it becomes; this life represents the spiritual. I ask, in this situation of the things may appear a border of between the physical and the spiritual life and to be said that there is difference between materialism and idealism? In fact between materialism and idealism there is no difference. The matter is matter, the Spirit is Spirit, the thought is a thought, the feeling is a feeling, but matter without Spirit could be, or Spirit without matter; feeling without thought could be, or thought without feeling.

Many people think that materialists don’t believe in God, that they are unbelievers. This can’t be taken as a common rule because you will meet in your life materialists who are pious people, and idealists who don’t believe in God. You meet one materialist, looking at him from head to foot, you say: “This man doesn’t believe in God, he thinks only for his belly”, but exactly this man will invite you in his house and will treat you. You meet after that one idealist, a spiritual man who prays several times a day, reads prayers but in case of need will not give you either a piece of bread, or money. I ask what do you benefit from the faith of this man? The man who will serve you has real faith, and will help you in case of need. The power of man is in application, and not in theory. God is satisfied with us when we apply, and not when we just have theories. Application is demanded from contemporary people – the one who is not ready to apply, he doesn’t have to convict himself, but every day he has to add something new in his life.

Some think that the old people are more spiritual that the young; to think like this, is the wrong conclusion. The young man may be more spiritual than the old person, as the old person may be a bigger materialist than the young person. The young man is ready to do all kind of favours; the old man doesn’t love to serve. If you let the old man serve you with something, he immediately starts to draw back with the explanation that his legs don’t carry him, that he is indisposed and etc. The young people apply. Someone says: “I am tired already!” Yes, you are tired because you don’t apply. Tiredness is in connection with the law of application – who applies correctly, he rests; who applies incorrectly, he tires. Someone hammers the whole day but when he doesn’t know how to hammer, he becomes weak, tires and gives up working any farther; the one who knows how to hammer, he can complete his work in five minutes. The application wants ability, and not effort. Someone takes a nail, he wants to knock it in some board: he hits once – he can’t knock it in, he hits a second time – he doesn’t succeed again, he hits a third time but masterly – and the nail goes in the board. Therefore everything is in the ability to apply.

Some man wants to complete some work but when he doesn’t succeed, he starts to cry, to pray to God to help him. There is no need for this man to cry, he has to work, to persevere. When he works, he will attain the most correct way of application. Some man thinks that when he exhausts his body, when he eats little, he will become a spiritual man. I say: most important thing in eating is to eat with gratitude; the most important thing in trade is to sell and buy honestly. Every work which is done with Love is respectable – if you work in the physical or in the Spiritual world, it is important to work with Love.

And so, put in your mind the thought not to get old, but to become young eternally. The old man wants to be esteemed and respected but on what above. If he has Love in his heart, everybody will esteem and respect him. If he wants to be loved, let him takes on his back one bag with fruits and to go in some village to give away: to one child – one apple, to another – a pear, to a third – a nut. Won’t the children love him – all the children will run after him, will want to see him because he will give something to everybody. But if this old man comes in the village and instead of fruit gives to every child a slap, will they love him? No, all the children will avoid this old man and will point at him from far. Therefore the Divine Love manifests in the physical world with a bag full with fruits; the Divine Love manifests in the physical world in correct relations between the people. You meet some man discouraged, thoughtful; you will tell him some encouraging words, will invite him in your home, will treat him, you will walk with him and in this way his state will change. Whoever can understand the need of man and help him on time, he is a clever man.

I shall deliver one short example in order to see what a favour is, or timely help; one traveler goes with his cart but the cart stops at a point in time, it can’t go farther. The carter gets down from the cart, looks here and there – nothing can be seen, he doesn’t know where the damage is, he is thoughtful, he can’t continue on his way. One, two, three men pass near him, all of them ask him why he is thoughtful and leave. The fourth man passes, stops at the cart, looks on one side, on the other side and finds that on one of the wheels a nail has fallen out; he picks up a stick from the ground, puts it in the place of the nail and the cart start to move. The carter thanks him and goes on his way. I say: don’t ask the man why and what for he thinks and suffers but put one stick in his wheel and leave – this is the real application.

I say to all the people, one stick has fallen from their car and by all means somebody has to come to put it in its place. I meet some man who is thoughtful about something, I say: one stick has fallen from the cart of this man. Who is sharp-witted, after he sees one sister or one brother thoughtful, without speaking, he will take one stick, will put it in his cart and will leave. This is the correct way of application of the law of Love; if you act like this, your Life will develop correctly. In this way the Invisible world helps people.

Now, we will go to the Kidney, the fifth lake where we will do some gymnastic exercises and will warm ourselves in the Sun for a while. After that we will go down to the bivouac to have lunch and to give thanks for the beautiful day.

What will happen with us, don’t think about that, it is already defined from time immemorial. What will happen with you is what God defined and it is something very nice and unexpected for everybody.

Lecture held by Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on 20th July 1931, 5a.m.

Petar Deunov's (Beinsa Douno) website:

More lectures of Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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