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Old 12-07-2013, 03:07 PM
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Default How the freemasons destroy your Church (part 1)

How the freemasons destroy your Church (part 1)

For the last 28 months, I have been frequenting a small Kirk that God the Father sent me to. Recently, during the main Sunday morning Service, Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) manipulated moving another Joseph to sit on my favourite seat within the Kirk. This guy "Joseph" (don't know if it is his real name) had a disability and was being placed the Eastern Star Masons (ESM) up front and on my left hand side (I sometimes sit there when the masons try to befriend me). They also had another woman with a disability up the back as a further distraction. They worked their plan slowly over a few weeks, using 2/3 eastern star mason-carers to eventually sit on my seat in the Kirk. My seat is nowhere where the masons think it is. None of these people (ditto Lilith's ESM sisters) came back after mission accomplished.

There is another ESM woman who recently comes in late and sits next to me. She always brings at least one of her children and is guaranteed to turn up 5-10 minutes after the service has started (SAHT need to make sure I am in position). When it is time to take the kids to Sunday School, she does not budge (kid has to go alone). I regularly drink some of my bottled water due to a long-term dehydration problem. Every time I drank some water she would do the same from her bottle. This is what masons do, they love to mimic what their target does. It is psychological terrorism. So the satanic puppets had me boxed in (Joseph on my left and the ESM woman on my right). This would have made the deranged masons very happy. More later.

You see, SAHT can coordinate all of this with the help of Candy from Painfield (neighbour of Lilith). When this grass snake arrived, he very quickly homed in on me asking lots of personal questions. He wanted to know if there was any progress on our Son's murder case (so that he can relay info to his pretend-brothers). I do not know this man and I had to remain humble. To keep God's peace, I just ignored him. I did not want to be a burden to the Kirk. Simple logic, is Candy being helped by his pretend brothers/sisters within the Kirk?. I am not here to divide you, I am here to teach the ways of SAHT. I can back up everything I say, but let's do it transparently and recorded. I have nothing to hide and much to reveal.

I will teach you how the Holy Spirit showed me how Candy was a pretend-Christian. This over friendly snake told me he was a (black hack) taxi driver (I have told you, all UK taxi drivers are masons, especially the black hacks). This serpent family have recently been swarming over every person in the Kirk. Even to prayer meetings midweek. Masons observe everything, then they take it all back to satan's Pit (the masonic police fusion-centre). SAHT plan their next moves via these puppets. The masonic Police Fusion Centres (police stations world-wide) use untraceable Radio Phones to coordinate their puppets (all paid for by you).

Then my Kirk Family unknowingly tell me that he is also an ex-cop (100% freemason), Candy never mentioned that to me. Then my family (this is how the Holy Spirit works) tells me that Candy was also a private detective (still is, for the masons). Can you now see how over-friendly and keen he is to be involved in everything within the Kirk. By their fruits ye shall know them. It is me that SAHT are worried about, so if I have to go for a walk in the desert, you will understand. Just remember that God lets the dumb masons (Candy and co) believe that they are in control.

God does not know these freekmasons, research "Ban Freekmasons" online. There is no place for bad seeds or rabid dogs in Heaven. As for Candy and the luci-lovers (in all Churches), treat them as coldly as they treat the One and only true God. Our Pastor done two recent sermons on deceit, do you think Candy (who was present) heard it?. I usually help to put the chairs away and collect the Hymn books after each Tuesday night Prayer meeting. Guess who recently started doing this, yes, Candy from painfield. Psychology is the criminal masons number one weapon (even on their own members). I tell ye the truth, the fools judge themselves.

To all Christians and the righteous, worry about nothing, I Am here to teach and to show you how SAHT are speeding towards the destruction of Christianity and all things good. I am also watching who wants Truth or who prefers satan's lies (the traditions of men). Woe to the Churches everywhere who house the masonic virus and support the gays. Woe to the lovers of man's perceived power who judge and reject good people from God's Kirk. I have no control over God's Wrath.

I stopped going to the Men's Ministry because a confused mason within the Kirk introduced me to his policeman friend after the lunch/speech. I could quickly intuitively see, feel and know what this ex-cop wanted. He wanted to know what I knew about our son's murder (same as Candy does). They know that we have incriminating evidence against the masonic police. Now you know why these satanic cops persist in becoming my best friend. Why do the taxpayers pay the mason's wages without question?. To my friends reading this, worry about nothing. The masons have lots of puppets and resources. I will not be a burden to you or the Kirk. I can walk and talk to God anywhere. I can Never leave you. My message to God's children is "I need you O' I need you, every hour I need you".

The twisted-dehumanised-conned masons have recently upped their persecution against me. They believe I was responsible for "Prince of the power of the Air" (google it) falling out of the sky in Glasgow (Luci was involved). Freemasons believe they have the power to torture and kill slowly forever. I can tell you that the masonic luci-lovers have been promised eternal life by the father of all lies. God the Father sees all, I do not have to talk. Jesus has no control over God's Wrath. With God, anything is possible. I tried to warn you, still ye will not listen. The Word tells ye so.

This battle is against the spiritual and the physical (SAHT). The masons love the misuse of the word "conspiracy". Their masonic media will always say he/she is one of these conspiracy theorists (tin foil hats) and try to make out they should be ignored, etc. What part of concrete evidence don't you understand?. Why did 6 promoted Policemen (separately) refuse to have a transparent - recorded meeting with our family about our Son's death?. One person gave the masonic Police a statement naming 10 people in the local masonic lodge as drug dealers, no action was taken.
Why do masons blatantly refuse to have an independent - filmed meeting of any kind? etc. Why do you think the masonic authorities discredit, ignore, kill or evade people with evidence?. Why do the masons in the police tell you "No crime has taken place" when the crime was done by the masons? Why are the masonic Police allowed to say "We cannot confirm or deny?" (absolutely ludicrous). Why do you believe their masonic media when they praise criminal freemasons Bush n' Blair and false jew politicians world-wide, etc. Why do the politicians refuse to investigate freemasonry?. The taxpayer/voter is being conned 24/7.

Open your eyes, set them up and record everything. They do the same to you every day, that's why freemasonry is a successful criminal organisation. The masonic Police, military and corrupt politicians have sworn their allegiance to the royal masons, not you. Fight to see a local masonic register. Do not fight them with violence, that's exactly what the masonic Police want. Fight them legally, expose them, record them and open their closed doors. Never forget, YOU pay their wages.

Yes, I want you to stop accepting oppression. I want you to find your spirituality. I want you to find out who you truly are, just like I found out. If you haven't got a clue, then that's exactly what the Bwankers (money-lenders) want. It's called social-engineering (human-programming). Stop being a jellyfish and bobbing up and down to mason's tune (including masons). You really can have eternal life (or the guaranteed second death). All you have to do is repent, God will forgive.

I tell ye the Truth, the freemasons are false jews. Everything about criminal freemasonry is designed by the false jews. Go to henrymakow dot com and research his archives for almost any topic regarding the evils in this world. This very talented man is a generous gift from God. In the flesh, I have become stronger, wiser and more informed to the real truth. Dr. Henry Makow has also taught me the craftiness and wiles of satan/luci.

I used to think that fighting corruption was a noble thing to do. The criminal elite want to seriously harm or kill people who want to make this world a better place to live. You live in a Bwankers (false jews) open prison, you are totally oppressed. You keep yourself trapped in THEIR illusion because you believe THEIR news and rich man's laws. We have gone past the 11th hour. Do you understand what I have just said?. It will not get any better and guaranteed to get worse because the NWO is a very real (false jew) agenda. If you do nothing about this today, that's exactly what will happen.

To all Christians and the righteous. I teach you so that you can spread the Word. You must read part 2 of this to fully understand what you are up against. I told you it was difficult to teach the blind who think they can see.

Love, peace and FR33DOM..... Joe Stirling Christie

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