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Old 12-15-2006, 03:18 PM
Barbarien Barbarien is offline
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Default A Very Serious Comment

We will give this its own thread for it is serious for your society and the future. IT IS AN INDICTMENT AND NOTIFICATION.

The HUMAN SPECIES(collectively)is a threat to everything that is.


Evil is the name given by humans to anything that shows complete hatred and loathing of the collective humankind. In 2007 you as a group will learn more of what does not like you. Humankind as a group can be seen as a virus of hideous proportions on the beautiful planet earth. As a group you are responsible for the death of not only yourselves (which is no loss) but the death of other creatures and forms of life. You as a group can not and will not share your world with the life that has the same rights as you except for dominion. You are the most complete murderers within your realm, vicious and truly evil is the human species. There is no excuse for you and what little you have achieved on your own has been achieved on the corpses of your own kind and many, many others. Your greed is without end, you are manipulated at every turn by your on wicked desires. Your species is so immature and perverse that from childhood can not get over your need to expel waste and engage in extremes of intercourse to reproduce and feel wanted. The human species is far from the ultimate achievements of the GOD of all things. You are given a chance and a chance only to become more that what you are. You are not animals because animals are without sin and are accepted back to GOD with no judgment. They were give Nephesh before you and in their completeness they are your superiors. Your species is given the chance to become something else which animals to not have or need. The very plants have purer souls than the vast majority of humans. You are not alone in this vast place of habitation, but your species is despised and known and watched and prepared against. Death and corruption is the motto of your society and greed and insanity its nourishment. The very ground and air and water and nature of your Earth turns against you and you turn a blind eye in hopes that you can escape what comes. If you do not believe us, read your holy books or THE HOLY BOOK and put us to the test. Look every day at what surrounds you and see in it us looking back.


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